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Wight is a type of monster in ADOM. It is an undead monster that has a chance to decrease the PC's Toughness upon damaging attacks. The PC should thus make sure to take them out quickly, and/or from a distance. Wights are commonly found in both graveyards, and some are usually found in lesser vaults of lesser undead.

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  • Wight is a type of monster in ADOM. It is an undead monster that has a chance to decrease the PC's Toughness upon damaging attacks. The PC should thus make sure to take them out quickly, and/or from a distance. Wights are commonly found in both graveyards, and some are usually found in lesser vaults of lesser undead.
  • Wights are undead enemies summoned by Sliske encountered during the Missing, Presumed Death quest and Dishonour among Thieves quest.
  • Does not include Ascension & Kingdom bonuses * Visit Ascending & Leveling Troops for more information
  • Wight were responsible for the construction of many tower blocks. Many of them were for the Scottish Special Housing Association.
  • Comes form the Old English word wiht, and it is used to describe a creature or living sentient being. Originally is was used to describe a living human being. Recently the word has been used within the fantasy genre of literature to describe undead or wraith-like creatures. They are described as corpses with a part of their decayed soul still in residence, often draining life from their victims.
  • Wight are undead creatures reanimated by any number of Thuamaturgic means. The name Wight comes from the ancient word meaning man, due to the fact that that's all they are, little more then walking meat.
  • Wight is one of two branching paths from Wraith, the other being Death. Wights have all the same advantages and disadvantages that Wraiths do. However, they also have the unique ability to drain levels on successful hits. Draining levels can not only remove levels from hero units, but it can actually demote regular units, aka turn a Knight back into a Squire.
  • A Wight is a vampire whose Humanity or Path of Enlightenment has fallen to the rating of 0. They are, for all intents and purposes, the Beast within themselves. A character who has fallen to Wassail can never be saved or again played.
  • <default>Wight</default> Lokalizacja Rok powstania Właściciel Mieszkańcy Rola Przynależność Wight — wyspa położona pięć mil od południowego wybrzeża Wielkiej Brytanii. W lecie 1991 roku wakacje spędzała tam Marjorie Dursley i wysłała stamtąd pocztówkę do brata, Vernona. Widokówka przyszła pocztą w ten sam dzień, co pierwszy list z Hogwartu do Harry'ego Pottera.
  • Wight was a Raccoon City citizen who was caught up in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.
  • A wight is an undead creature given a semblance of life through sheer violence and hatred. They can drain the life energy out of victims by touch, turning them into new wights upon death. Wights appear as a weird and twisted reflection of the form it had in life.
  • A wight is an undead creature
  • "Wight" (ワイト Waito) or "Skull Servant" (limited TCG usage) is a series of Zombie monsters. The most famous "Wight" monster is "Skull Servant", a Normal Monster with low ATK and DEF that appears in several card artworks. Some "Wight" monsters appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
  • A Wight is an ethereal creature formed from the spirit of a long-dead Human. Wights crave life and wealth and are often said to have great treasures buried with them. They are unable to leave the precincts of their tombs and will defend these and their possessions from robbers and defilers. As they slay living creatures, they gain the power that enables them to remain in the living world.
  • Equipping a Sliske insignia makes them non aggressive.
  • A wight is a more powerful counterpart to the barrow wight in SLASH'EM. With two drain life attacks, it can be deadly to a character without high magic cancellation or drain resistance. Luckily, they tend not to appear before the player has MC 3, and thus are not a huge threat, as MC 3 more or less renders their drain life attacks harmless.
  • A wight was an undead creature given a semblance of life through sheer violence and hatred. They could drain the life energy out of victims by touch, turning them into new wights upon death. Wights appeared as a weird and twisted reflections of the forms they had in life.
  • The Wight (ヘルボーン Herubōn, lit. Hellbone in the Japanese version) is an enemy-only Monster class that first debuts in Fire Emblem Gaiden. Reanimated skeletal corpses driven by terrible magic, Wights, like their unpromoted counterparts, are capable of wielding a variety of weapons, including Swords, Lances and Bows. Wights are designed with a few ripped and tattered pieces of cloth draped over their skeletal bodies, most likely relics from their time as members of the living realm.
  • Race: undead Alignment: lawful evil Armor class: 15 Hit points: 26 Attack bonus: +3 Damage: 1d4+1 bludgeoning damage (critical: 20/x2) Hit dice (level): 4 Challenge rating: 4 Size: medium Trained skills:(‡) hide (9), listen (9), move silently (17), search (7), spot (9) Feats: darkvision, weapon proficiency (creature)
  • A Wight is an Old English word for a human. In the modern fantasy genre, the word was re-appropriated to refer to corpses that retain their soul (presumably originating from the fact wight is an obscure, now archaic term, for a human).
  • Barrow-wights were beings of darkness that could enter the eye, heart and mind and crush the will. They were sent by the Witch-King of Angmar to haunt the Barrow-downs after the fall of Cardolan in Arnor, and they are encountered only in the first volume of the Lord of the Rings (and in the Appendices).
  • Судя по всему самый популярный 4* герой, потому как урон от его навыка очень высок и с каждым ходом нарастает. На одно существо эффект может накладываться несколько раз.
  • Undead warrior. Combat: 6 Hits: 70 Speed: 6 Damage: 12 Slashing Armor:15 Resistance: 15 Resistant vs: Piercing Vulnerable vs: Crushing Cost: 50 Metal Build Time: 1 Build Skill: Setup Points: 2 Army Points: 1 Ability:
  • Wights look like corpses, except they have vivid, bright blue eyes.
  • Wight is an undead-type enemy in the original Final Fantasy. It can be encountered in the Cavern of Earth and the Cavern of Ice. It is a weak opponent which can be easily disposed of by the means of Fire or Dia line of spells. Since the GBA release, Wight's regular attack may inflict Paralysis.
  • Wights are not boss monsters, but are significantly stronger than monsters of similar level.
  • Wights (English: animals) are one of the main kinds of life on Earth. They gainstand worts, for they can shift their bodies at will, and are not tied to one stead. There are many kinds of wights, one is which is milchwights, another is birds. The lore of wights is known as Wightlore. This leaf is a stub. You can help the Anglish Moot by swelling it.
  • A wight is an undead creature, a twisted reflection of its form in life. In Dungeons & Dragons, a wight is one of the corporeal undead. In Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, barrow-wights are powerful grave haunts.
  • Wight or the Isle of Wight is a territory of the Kingdom of England, just off the coast at Portsmouth.
  • A Wight, also known as Draugr, is an undead creature that collects magical weapons. The place where a Wight lives is called a barrow.
  • Wight is a Fakegee who loves the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom. He was so obsessed with it that inside his own universe, he tried killing many innocent Fakegees and Fakalleos to make him a recreation of the place, meaning that he was imprisoned for a short time after fighting a civil war against his allies, Hampsh, Dorste and Esuss in what became the War of the Wight. His main enemy is Blunk Cuontray.
  • 300px|right Isle of Wight – wyspa należąca do archipelagu Wysp Brytyjskich, oddzielona od brytyjskiego wybrzeża cieśniną Solent. Kształtem przypomina romb o wymiarach 26 na 39 kilometrów i powierzchni 381 km². Również hrabstwo niemetropolitarne Anglii ze stolicą w Newport. Główne miasta to Ryde, Shanklin, Cowes i Newport. W sensie administracyjnym wyspa stanowi samodzielną jednolitą jednostkę administracyjną i jednocześnie hrabstwo ceremonialne z Newport jako ośrodkiem administracyjnym. Wyspa zamieszkała jest przez 140 tys. osób.
  • They are mostly employed in places of importance: Magistrate Barthilas protects the key to the city of Stratholme, while two other wights (Feugen and Stalagg) act as the bodyguards of the flesh titan Thaddius. In addition, The Ravenian is one of the six bosses that must be defeated to summon Darkmaster Gandling in The Scholomance.
  • Undead raised from the corpses of a few superior individuals such as royalty and heroes. They are high-rank undead that control numerous other undead, and those powerful wights that rule over an especially great number of undead sometimes create demon realms of everlasting night known as “undead kingdoms,” and reign as monarchs of the undead. They have decadent, alluring beauty and high intelligence, and they behave with elegance and dignity, as they believe they should. However their bodies are full of lust, and they look at human men with raw passion in their eyes. They don’t randomly attack men that they like, but most who are tempted by them will have their hearts stolen by their devilish nature. They will desire to win their favor, and try to become theirs on their own. Most of them r
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  • Dishonour among Thieves
  • Missing, Presumed Death
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