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  • History of character is unknown.
  • Kon-El is a superhero that is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor that was created by Project Cadmus.
  • Superboy is a clone of Superman who was made by Cadmus and now works with his new friends and allies, Young Justice. As a civilian, he goes by the name, Conner Kent. He also recieved the name Kon-El for his Kryptonian ancestry.
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  • *Conner's Favorite Movie is the terminator *Conner does not have most of the kryptonian and amazon weaknesses *Conner is in love and in a relationship with Starfire.
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  • Kryptonian/Amazon Hybrid
  • History of character is unknown.
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  • Kon-El
  • *Vulnerability to Magic: Superboy's biomatrix is his most powerful asset, but the strength of this field is also its greatest weakness. Its permeability to certain wavelengths makes him vulnerable to certain radiations, particularly magical energies whose chaotic electromagnetic or extra dimensional signatures disrupt this force field. Superboy's vulnerability to magic varies depending upon the special effects of the magic. No magic seems to be able to directly destroy him unless it comes from a semi-divine or divine source. He can be injured and worn down by magical entities. Magic can have powerful and unpredictable effects on Superboy and his magical enemies have often proven to be the most dangerous.
  • *Kryptonian/Amazon Hybrid: Superboy's cellular structure is much more dense, resilient, and biologically more effective than human tissue. his physical capabilities are identical to a human of his height and weight who engages in regular physical activity. As an alien Hybrid, he possesses several organs whose functions are not yet disclosed or understood, but are believed to be part of or the source of his bio-matrix force field and reclamation aura. Superboy's body also stores energy actively within his bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to his body's electromagnetic field. This energy powers most of his electromagnetic capabilities such as flight, heat vision and other "sight"-based abilities while supplementing his physical abilities to superhuman levels. *Superhuman Strength: The exact limits of Superman's strength is unknown, but he is capable lifting far in excess of 100,000,000 tons. Different periods and intensities of exposure to Earth's solar radiation can cause his strength to fluctuate over time. Superman's known feats include lifting an enormous pyramid and flying it to Mars without any strain, defeating Darkseid in combat, moving Earth away from the Sun while Starbreaker was pushing it toward the Sun, and having the strength necessary to shatter entire planets *Invulnerability: His body is nigh-invulnerable due to his superhumanly dense cellular and anatomical structure as well as his radiating bio-electrical aura. Superboy is under some circumstances resistant or immune to different forms and levels of lacerations, blunt force trauma, energy-based assaults, falls from great heights, explosions, the cold void of space, toxins and all known diseases on Earth. His supercharged bio-electric "aura" acts as an invisible "force field" radiating within a few millimeters from his skin. He can willfully utilize his aura strengthening it's power to a greater degree to provide an additional defense against certain levels of physical and energy attacks for a considerably short period of time, but doing so can endanger him should the attempted feat prove inefficient for any reason. Superboy utilizes his aura by expanding it around a person or object to enable their structural stability when lifting or traveling with them. Superboy's invulnerability has been in constant flux over the years. He has been shown surviving the blast of nuclear warheads, *Longevity: Superboy can live almost indefinitely *Superhuman Stamina: He has the ability to maintain continuous physical actions for an undefined period. Conner is shown to have unlimited stamina if he is consistently exposed to Earth sunlight. *Flight: Superboy is capable of flying at supersonic speeds in a planetary atmosphere and at faster-than-light speeds while in space. *Superhuman Speed: He is capable of moving, reacting, running and flying at superhuman speeds. While not as fast as the Flash on a planet, Superboy can fly at speeds faster than light and is considered one of the fastest beings in the universe. He can use this power to disarm opponents, catch bullets or shrapnel and cross vast distances in seconds. *Superhuman Hearing: Superboy has incredible hearing at extreme variances of sound and pitch frequency, allowing him to pick up noises from across the globe. He has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency. *Super Smell: On various occasions, Superboy has demonstrated that his sense of smell is significantly enhanced to the point he can smell odors across the entire planet. *Self-Sustenance: He does not need to eat or sleep and doesn't require oxygen to breathe enabling him to travel in space and underwater unprotected. *Healing Factor: Superboy has been shown to have an accelerated "healing factor" enabling him to heal almost instantaneously from most wounds. *Super-Breath: Superboy can create hurricane force winds by blowing, and also chill his breath to freeze a target. He can also breathe in large amounts of air to dispel clouds of gas by exhaling it. *Heat Vision: Superboy can fire beams of intense heat from his eyes. These beams can be made invisible, allowing him to work undetected, and can be adjusted to affect matter on a microscopic level. Feats include powering up the giant ion planet moving engines, annihilating an army of Doomsday clones in one blast, potentially rivaling the heat of a Star and bypassing a target's outer shell, avoiding damage to a person's skull for surgical purposes. *Super Vision: Superman also possesses a superior sensory arrangement of visual capabilities. *Electro-magnetic Spectrum Vision: He can see into all of the EM Spectrum. Superboy can see and identify radio/television and any and all broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection through radar or satellite monitoring methods. *Telescopic Vision: The ability to focus his vision to see something at a great distance, without violating the laws of physics. *Microscopic Vision: The ability to see extremely small objects and images down to the sub atomic level. *X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through anything except lead. Since it is passive, this ability would not generate harmful radiation in the same manner as a focused projection of hard X-rays. *Empathy: "The Sight of Athena" apparently grants him increased insight. For example, Conner can often detects others' emotions, and is so fully immune to Doctor Psycho's illusions that he usually is not even aware of what illusions he is attempting to project. *Dimensional Teleportation: On occasion, Superboy can literally leave the planet through meditation. He did this to rescue Robin when he was in hell, *Animal Empathy: Ability to communicate with all forms of animals and his presence alone can bring a raging beast to a calm standstill. He is also able to directly command wild animals when needed. He used bald eagles to distract Bizaro after defeating him in battle once. *Kryptonite Immunity: Superboy, unlike All kryptionians, is immune to all kinds of Kryptonite. *Resurrection: He can raise the dead. This ability also allows him to raise himself from death. *Recreation: Superboy can create an entire Solar System, including populations, the planets, etc. in every detail.
  • Conner is a kryptonian amazon hybrid
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  • History of character is unknown.
  • Kon-El is a superhero that is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor that was created by Project Cadmus.
  • Superboy is a clone of Superman who was made by Cadmus and now works with his new friends and allies, Young Justice. As a civilian, he goes by the name, Conner Kent. He also recieved the name Kon-El for his Kryptonian ancestry.