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  • Вуки (англ. Wookiee), в буквальном переводе — «народ деревьев», были расой волосатых двуногих гуманоидов, которые жили на планете Кашиик. Один из самых известных представителей расы — Чубакка, друг Хана Соло и второй пилот «Тысячелетнего сокола», который сыграл важную роль в гражданской войне и после неё. Среди вуки встречались и джедаи, хотя такие случаи были крайне редки.
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  • *Шириивук *Зачик *Тикаранн
  • *Аттичиткук *Чубакка *Грозник *Ханхарр *Лоубакка *Лумпавару *Тарффул *Тивокка *Иаруа *Заалбар *Чуундар *Фрейир *Боудаар *Далборра *Чалмун *Энакка *Раштах *Гунги *Тойджеввук *Ралррачин *Риик
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  • Считается Кашиик; настоящая родина неизвестна
  • 2.100000
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Solo at Stars' End comic *Han Solo's Revenge *Han Solo and the Lost Legacy * * * *Death Star *Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire *Star Wars: X-wing *The Farlander Papers *Star Wars Adventures Volume 1: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya * *Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika *Death Troopers *Star Wars: Empire at War *Way of the Wookiee *We Don't Do Weddings: The Band's Tale *Star Wars: Empire: Darklighter *Star Wars: Empire 13: What Sin Loyalty? *Star Wars Journal: The Fight for Justice *Hammertong: The Tale of the "Tonnika Sisters" *Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope novel *Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope *Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope junior novel *Star Wars 2: Six Against the Galaxy *Swap Meet: The Jawa's Tale *The Sand Tender: The Hammerhead's Tale *Nightlily: The Lovers' Tale *Star Wars 3: Death Star *Star Wars 4: In Battle with Darth Vader *Star Wars 5: Lo, The Moons of Yavin *Star Wars: Trench Run *Star Wars 6: Is This the Final Chapter? *Star Wars: Empire 14: The Savage Heart *Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike *Star Wars: Rebellion *Star Wars Missions 1: Assault on Yavin Four *Star Wars Missions 2: Escape from Thyferra *Star Wars Missions 3: Attack on Delrakkin *Star Wars Missions 4: Destroy the Liquidator * *Rebel Force: Renegade *Star Wars 7: New Planets, New Perils *Star Wars 8: Eight for Aduba-3 *Star Wars 9: Showdown on a Wasteland World *Star Wars 10: Behemoth from the World Below *Star Wars 11: Star Search *Star Wars 12: Doomworld *Star Wars 13: Day of the Dragon Lords *Star Wars 14: The Sound of Armageddon *Star Wars 15: Star Duel *Star Wars 24: Silent Drifting *Star Wars 16: The Hunter *Star Wars 17: Crucible *Star Wars 18: The Empire Strikes *Star Wars 19: The Ultimate Gamble *Star Wars 20: Deathgame *Star Wars 21: Shadow of a Dark Lord *Star Wars 22: To the Last Gladiator *Star Wars 23: Flight Into Fury *Star Wars 28: What Ever Happened to Jabba the Hut? *Star Wars 31: Return to Tatooine *Star Wars 32: The Jawa Express *Star Wars 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Ord Mantell *Darth Vader Strikes *The Serpent Masters *Deadly Reunion *Traitor's Gambit *The Night Beast *The Return of Ben Kenobi *The Power Gem *Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron *Iceworld *Revenge of the Jedi *Doom Mission *Race for Survival *Death Star Pirates * * *Being Boba Fett *Galaxy of Fear: Eaten Alive *Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead *Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague *Star Wars: Empire: A Little Piece of Home *Star Wars: Empire 22: Alone Together *Galaxy of Fear: The Nightmare Machine *Galaxy of Fear: Ghost of the Jedi *Star Wars: Empire: Idiot's Array *Star Wars: Empire: "General" Skywalker *Star Wars Rebellion 0: Crossroads *Star Wars Rebellion: The Ahakista Gambit *Star Wars Rebellion 14: Small Victories, Part 4 *Star Wars Rebellion: Vector * *Walking the Path That's Given *The Star Wars Holiday Special *The Wookiee Storybook *Planet of the Dead * *Tatooine Sojourn *Princess Leia, Imperial Servant *The Second Kessel Run *Bring Me the Children *As Long As We Live... 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novel *Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 1: In the Hands of Jabba the Hutt *Taster's Choice: The Tale of Jabba's Chef *Sleight of Hand: The Tale of Mara Jade *A Free Quarren in the Palace: Tessek's Tale *Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 2: The Emperor Commands *Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 3: Mission to Endor *Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 4: The Final Duel *Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand *Mara Jade: A Night on the Town *The Mandalorian Armor *Slave Ship *Hard Merchandise *The Truce at Bakura *Star Wars 81: Jawas of Doom *Star Wars 82: Diplomacy *Star Wars 84: Seoul Searching *Star Wars 85: The Hero *Star Tours *The Vandelhelm Mission *Shadows of the Empire: Evolution * *X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition *X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair *X-wing Rogue Squadron: Apple Jacks Special Bonus Story *X-wing Rogue Squadron: In the Empire's Service *The Glove of Darth Vader *The Lost City of the Jedi *Zorba the Hutt's Revenge *Mission from Mount Yoda *Queen of the Empire *Prophets of the Dark Side *Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor *X-wing: Rogue Squadron *X-wing: Wedge's Gamble *X-wing: The Krytos Trap * *X-wing: The Bacta War *X-wing: Wraith Squadron *X-wing: Iron Fist *X-wing: Solo Command *Hutt and Seek *The Courtship of Princess Leia *A Forest Apart *Tatooine Ghost * *Star Wars: The Mixed-Up Droid *Star Wars: The Mixed-Up Droid comic *Heir to the Empire *Dark Force Rising *The Last Command *Chewbacca and the Life-Debt *X-wing: Isard's Revenge *Dark Empire *Dark Empire II *Empire's End *Jedi Search *Firestorm *Dark Apprentice *Champions of the Force *I, Jedi *Children of the Jedi *Darksaber *Planet of Twilight *The Crystal Star *Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *Before the Storm *Shield of Lies *Tyrant's Test * *The New Rebellion *Ambush at Corellia *Assault at Selonia *Showdown at Centerpoint *Specter of the Past *Vision of the Future *Star Wars: Union *Junior Jedi Knights: Vader's Fortress *Survivor's Quest *Young Jedi Knights: Heirs of the Force *Young Jedi Knights: Shadow Academy *Young Jedi Knights: The Lost Ones *Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers *Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knight *Young Jedi Knights: Jedi Under Siege *Young Jedi Knights: Shards of Alderaan *Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance *Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur *Young Jedi Knights: Jedi Bounty *Young Jedi Knights: The Emperor's Plague *Young Jedi Knights: Return to Ord Mantell *Young Jedi Knights: Trouble on Cloud City *Young Jedi Knights: Crisis at Crystal Reef *The Crystal *Vector Prime *Star Wars: Chewbacca *Star Wars: Invasion 2: Refugees, Part 2 *Star Wars: Invasion 4: Refugees, Part 4 *Star Wars: Invasion 5: Refugees, Part 5 *Revenants *Dark Tide I: Onslaught *Dark Tide II: Ruin *Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial *Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse *Balance Point *Recovery *Edge of Victory I: Conquest *Edge of Victory II: Rebirth *Emissary of the Void *Star by Star *Dark Journey *The Apprentice *Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream *Traitor 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  • высокие, полностью покрытые волосами, когти для лазания по деревьям, долгожители
  • Wookieet
  • ウーキー
  • Wookiee
  • черный, коричневый и белый в разнообразных комбинациях
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  • ffffff
  • Wookiee
  • Вуки (англ. Wookiee), в буквальном переводе — «народ деревьев», были расой волосатых двуногих гуманоидов, которые жили на планете Кашиик. Один из самых известных представителей расы — Чубакка, друг Хана Соло и второй пилот «Тысячелетнего сокола», который сыграл важную роль в гражданской войне и после неё. Среди вуки встречались и джедаи, хотя такие случаи были крайне редки.
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