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  • :[Peter walks to the stairs and falls down screaming] :Peter: Ah! Ow! Ow! Ow! Fuck! Fuck! Fucking cock! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! ---- :Peter: This is driving me nuts. Was one of the dwarves named Snappy? Kind of well-dressed, or am I just making that up? [Peter falls down the stairs again] Ah! Ah! Ow! Fuck! Fucking cock! Fuck! Cock! Cock! ---- :[Brian talks to Stewie while Peter, all padded up with pillows, attempts to walk down the stairs again in the background] :Brian: I'm supposed to have dinner with her tomorrow night and her parents are going to see that I'm a dog! :[Peter falls in the background] Yah! Ow! Ow! Ow! Fuck! Fuck! Fucking cock! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! ---- :Stewie: Of course, the most important part of any workout is a proper cool-down and stretch. [pushes on the stair and gets a splinter] Aaaggh! :Brian: What? What is it? :Stewie: I've got a splinter! [starts crying] :Lois: [picks him up] Oh my God! Stewie, what is it? :Brian: Oh, he just got a splinter. :Lois: Oh, my poor baby. It's 'cause these old stairs are just falling apart. :Brian: It's not just the stairs. Meg has spent two days pinned under a roof beam. :[Meg is under a roof beam, depressed] :Lois: Let's just focus on the stairs, Brian. ---- :Japanese guy 1: Hey, you wanna see a movie? :Japanese guy 2: Nah we're Japanese, let's go watch a school girl bang an octopus! :Both: [While high fiving] Yeah! :[An anime octopus slides onto the screen] :Octopus: Oide dakishimete´╗┐ ageruyo, suction cup feel goooood! :[An anime school girl slides onto the screen while the octopus goes after her] :School girl: [high-pitched] Hiiiiiiiiii ! :Octopus: Hmmmm Ha ha haayy...
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