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  • The Blarg Industries was owned by Chairman Drek. They created robots, weapons, gadgets, ships and vehicles. At some point during his rule, an idea to make loads of bolts formed in Drek's mind, a very promising idea indeed.First, Drek slowly began to purposely pollute his homeworld, which already suffered from overpopulation. Drek later hired famed galactic "hero" Qwark to be the new spokesman for the world he was building, as well as function as his muscle. Drek; however, moved onward, continuing his plans at building his new world. T
  • The Blarg Industries was owned by Chairman Drek. They created robots, weapons, gadgets, ships and vehicles. At some point during his rule, an idea to make loads of bolts formed in Drek's mind, a very promising idea indeed.First, Drek slowly began to purposely pollute his homeworld, which already suffered from overpopulation. Orxon eventually became inhospitable for his kind, and his people were put in a desperate situation. Drek informed his citizens that he had a solution to their problems… they would simply build a new homeworld for their kind to reside on. Desperate for relief, the Blarg diligently did whatever was asked by Drek, building the ships necessary to extract portions of worlds, enlisting in his military and giving boatloads of cash to their leader. They were unaware that Drek was only using them to make money, and that he planned to pollute the newly constructed world when it was complete as well, starting the whole process over and over again. The company built a Robot Factoryon Quartu that produced Sentry-bots and, later, Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds, courtesy of the Ultra-Mech Scientist. One night, the Zoni caused themain computer to create a defect, Clank. The robot, aware of Drek's plan, escaped to find help, but was shot down by a team of Electrobots. Drek later hired famed galactic "hero" Qwark to be the new spokesman for the world he was building, as well as function as his muscle. Aboard his flagship, the Chairman gave a televised speech to the citizens of planet Novalis, the first world chosen to have sections of its surface to be removed to create Drek's new world. Drek informed the citizens of Novalis that his kind the Blarg had been forced to abandon their own homeworld thereafter had become polluted and overpopulated. He insisted he had found a solution to this problem, claiming the Blarg would build a new world using key planetary components. Drek then explained to the citizens of Novalis why this affected them. He informed them the Blarg were to use "highly sophisticated technology", which the Novalians "couldn't possibly understand," to extract a large portion of Novalis and add it to Drek's new world. Drek noted sadly that this change in mass would cause the planet to spin out control and drift into its sun, causing it to explode into a flaming ball of gas. Drek; however, dismissed this loss, claiming sacrifices had to made, and thanked the citizens of Novalis for their cooperation (which they had not agreed to). The cameraman then yelled for cut; however, in reality it was still running. Drek, who had been calm and friendly during the broadcast, began to angrily rant to himself that if the "whiny, sniveling, snot-nosed" citizens of Novalis did not like what he had in store for them, they could form a line behind him and kiss his behind. He cut himself off before he could say the last word, realising that the camera was still rolling. Drek angrily shouted at the camera operator to turn it off, which he promptly did. During his reign, it occurred to Drek that someone could fight back. So, he began to construct robots, military vehicles, and weapons. The Blargian Military's soldiers included Blargians who held different ranks, regular soldiers included Blarg Troopers, Blarg Bombthrowers, and Blarg Space Commandos, higher ups were the Blarg Commanders andBlarg Gas Mask Commanders, and their most elite forces were the Blarg Elite Guards. The military was; however, primarily compromised of robots built for combat, combat robots included: Electroids(and the upgraded PlasmaBot), Peckbots (and the upgraded Robosquawker), Birdbots, Giant Robots,Robomutts (and the upgraded Robomutt v2.0), Mine Layers, Blarg Paratroopers, Scoutbots, Chompers,Seekers, Sentry-bots, Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds, and rarely Dark Gadgebots. They also would utilize the likes of stationary auto Machine Gun Turrets to mow down enemies, and Blarg Generators to quickly create and send in basic robots to combat foes. Spiderbots who fired lasers from their back were used to defend underwater areas. After gaining what they needed from Novalis, they left the planet. Meanwhile, Drek noticed that Ratchet and Clank could be a problem. So, he put up wanted posters all over the Solana Galaxy. Following their operations on Novalis, Drek and his forces continued to forcefully extracted more pieces of other worlds to create Drek's new planet. Eventually they reached planet Eudora, and Drek sent down the Robot Lieutenant to command the logging team at the newly built Blarg Logging Site. Drek wanted a large number of trees from Eudora for his new world, not at all concerned that the residents of Eudora had no say in the matter. Drek later contacted the Robot Lieutenant via the camera system (Drek Cam and Planet Cam respectively), as Drek had heard his Robot Lieutenant was falling behind schedule. The Robot Lieutenant assured that everything was moving along smoothly, and he even panned the camera around to show their progress (which happened to show an Axe Bot killing another Axe Bot). Drek remarked that he expected the Robot Lieutenant to keep his word, warning the Lieutenant that he would meet the same fate as his former commanding officer. The Robot Lieutenant grew afraid from the remark, and he promised Drek that he would not fail like his former commander. While robotic loggers continued to shop trees and ship them to Drek's artificial world, Drek observed their progress via space aboard his flagship. Deciding he had enough trees for his new world, and he pressed the comm button to inform a Commander that they had enough trees and ordered him to move their artificial world. He then pressed the comm button again and shouted for the Lieutenant, who had been relaxing on the job. The Lieutenant quickly focused his attention on Drek, and Drek told the Lieutenant that he had fulfilled his tree quota, albeit barely. The Lieutenant informed Drek his forces were ready to return to base, but Drek dismissed this idea. Drek stated that while they had enough trees, that didn't mean the locals of Eudora should have any. Drek then ordered the Robot Lieutenant to destroy everything, chuckling evilly. Drek; however, moved onward, continuing his plans at building his new world. T he military also began to utilize several vehicles: ground vehicles included Cannonball Tanks and their superior Rocket Tank variant. Flying vehicles included: bomber aircraft, machine gun helicopters, missile launcher helicopters,one man attack ships, mind-controlled jet fighters, search vehicles, armed transports, destroyers, and warships. The greatest vessels of the Blargian Army were in Drek's Fleet, the primary fleet of the Navy. An elite starfighter and an incredibly powerful mech were also developed for usage by the Government's leader. While it could have already been deduced from the earliest stages ofRatchet & Clank that Drek had an immense army of Blarg Troopers and such at his side, led by the Robot Lieutenant, it was only until Ratchet and Clank reached the end of Qwark's gauntlet on planet Umbris that they realized that Drek had rallied the so-called superhero at his side. On this planet, Qwark revealed his alliance with the Chairman, explaining that the latter had promised him the role of "official spokesperson" for the new Blargian planet - a promise that, beyond Qwark's realization, could never be kept. However, Captain Qwark's worth in Drek's eye lessened when the former's Blargian Snagglebeast was not able to defeat Ratchet and Clank. Nevertheless, the Chairman offered Qwark another chance to be his spokesman, but warned him to give better results. He ordered Qwark to intercept and shoot down the duo at the Gemlik Moonbase by using his personal starfighter, claiming that the Captain was "too washed up for ground combat" and placing more trust in his aerial combat skills. If he failed, Drek would cancel their endorsement deal, which would ruin Qwark. The Captain enticed Ratchet and Clank into a dogfight around the Moonbase, but was eventually shot down and crashed on the surface of planet Oltanis, marking the end of his allegiance to Drek. Once Drek's new planet was completed, he declared that the final step necessitated before commencing its inhabitation was to place it in the ideal orbit. At the Bomb Factory at planet Hoven, he organized the construction of the PlanetBuster Maximus, which had for purpose to obliterate the planet that already occupied that ideal orbit. Unfortunately for the Chairman, Ratchet and Clank once again managed to stifle his efforts by destroying the PlanetBuster while it was leaving the planet. Despite this, Drek then led the creation of the Deplanetizer, and announced through HoloVision that it would be used to destroy the planet that occupied the chosen orbit for his new Blargian planet - Veldin. Ratchet and Clank tracked the location of Drek and the Deplanetizer to Kyzil Plateau, fighting their way through heavy Blargian forces before encountering Drek, who had donned a giant mech-suit. After Giant Clank did considerable damage to the mech, Drek remarked that the two might have been useful to him after all, but it was too bad they had chosen the wrong side. Drek then shot a beam at the duo, causing Clank to revert to normal size. Ratchet and Clank chased down Drek on foot, eventually stopping on the Deplanetizer's platform. Drek gloated to the duo that the destruction of Veldin was imminent, but Clank believed that there must be a better way to make a home for his people. The evil chairman informed them it was never about helping his race, revealing he was the one who polluted Orxon in the first place, and was only interested in the enormous amount of money he was being paid for his new world. He further proclaimed that he would begin polluting the new world as soon as the inhabitants had moved in, starting the cycle again. Drek then activated the Deplanetizer's countdown, prompting Ratchet and Clank to stop the timer and continue fighting. After a grueling battle, Chairman Drek was ultimately defeated. His mech slammed onto the platform hard enough to become stuck, and cause the Deplanetizer's laser to slowly rotate towards the sky. Desperately fiddling with the control sticks to avoid being crushed, the mech's rocket activated, propelling the screaming Drek across space and crashing into his own planet. With the Deplanetizer now aimed squarely at the artificial planet, Ratchet and Clank activated the superweapon, annihilating the planet. Whether or not Drek was killed upon impact with the planet is unknown, though the destruction of the planet would have certainly done so. The Blarg, having lost their chairman and artificial homeworld, were (presumably) either forced to stay on their original homeworld, planet Orxon, or move to different planets. It is unknown what exactly became of the Blarg after the destruction of their artificial planet. Either way, Ratchet and Clank had ended the reign of Drek and saved the Solana Galaxy. In Deadlocked, Orxon was re-visited, and it was still polluted, but not to the extent of the original game. Factory workers are mentioned, so the Blarg probably still inhabited the planet. They also secured a deal with Vox Industries for a DreadZone battlecourse to be made weekly on their planet. Four years later, Doctor Nefarious formed an alliance with the Blargian Industries to participate in the takeover of the Great Clock. However, Nefarious was defeated before the Blarg could properly get involved.
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