• Haruhi Suzumiya/Awesome Music
  • For all the songs in Haruhi Suzumiya. Or the numerous OST, since epic moments deserve epic music, and a show about aliens, time travelers, ESPers, and Badass Normal preventing a Tsundere from ending the world would have epic parts everywhere.
  • For all the songs in Haruhi Suzumiya. Or the numerous OST, since epic moments deserve epic music, and a show about aliens, time travelers, ESPers, and Badass Normal preventing a Tsundere from ending the world would have epic parts everywhere. * "God Knows". * Featuring the Badass Bookworm as a technically gifted guitarist pretty much for the hell of it. Most awesome thing in the history of anime? Quite possibly. * The version from the English dub is also really cool. Basically, they just translated the lyrics and left it at that rather than trying to write a new song. * Masaaki Endoh, you have new rivals. Their names are Marco and ShowZ. * The Genderbend version also this, and is dripping with sexiness (as if the original wasn't). * Lost My Music as well. * Cristina Vee's fandub is so good, this troper thought it was official! * Also, Tchaikovsky's Symphony #4 Movement 4 from the climax of "Day of Sagittarius III" and Mahler's Symphony #8 Part 1 from the climax of the first season. Both of them are also awesome outside of this context, naturally, but this is where they accompanied Crowning Moments of Awesome. * What about the song that played during the battle? Shostakovich Symphony No. 7 'Leningrad', The Invasion? * Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite. Obviously Yuki's Image Song, this can be very surprising if you didn't already know that Minori Chihara's a solo artist. * If you love Yuki's Image Song, then THIS will blow you away. * If you count the image songs in, you can add Kyon's Hare Hare Yukai, COOL EDITION from Asakura and SELECT from Nagato. * Okay, it's official from the season 2 songs -- anything Yuki or Kyon sings will always be awesome. * How dare you to forget Tsuruya-san! * Or Haruhi? That's the death penalty for you! * Mikuru's Image Song, Toki no Puzzle, probably should be under Crowning Music of Heartwarming/TearJerker territory. She sings about how her mission sadly keeps her from fulfilling her desire to be with Kyon. This Troper sometimes tears up thinking about/listening to this song. Of course, Mikuru could just be a Manipulative Bitch who's trying to get on Kyon's good side so Alternate Character Interpretation... * Mikuru finally gets a chance to rock out like her fellow Brigade girls with Etto Returns Shite Revenge. * Mikuru might be singing about Haruhi. Les Yay FTW. Where's the evidence either way, she does recall the maid outfit fondly when she's older. * This troper's convinced it's Yuki. Especially with the line; "Even if only a little, I want you to smile" * "Koi No Mikuru Densetsu" from the first (0th) episode is made of win. * ...and here's what it sounds like in Haruhi's head. * One of the best songs in the soundtrack is also one of the simplest: Itsumo no Fuukei, which translates to "Everyday's View". It's known for being that piece of music heard when Kyon talks about no longer believing in aliens, time travelers, and espers in the first episode (in chronological order; it's the second episode in the other order). * This one gets remixed Book Ends for Vanishment. * And then we have The Movie version of Itsumo no Fuukei * What about Oi Oi? It's the "What has Haruhi got us into this time?" music. * Let's make a quick mention of the Nagato Vs. Asakura music, which is absolutely fucking badass AWESOME as background track. * Another awesome battle soundtrack: Kamadouma (the Cave Cricket battle music). * The new opening of the second season, "Super Driver". Fuck yeah. * The OP and ED are the OP and ED for a reason. You cannot deny the opening bells of Bouken Desho Desho? nor have you not sprained something trying to dance to Hare Hare Yukai. * Understandably overshadowed by those two songs, but Tomare!, the second season's ending, is awesome in its own right as well. * Hare Hare Yukai - Kyon + Kyonko Duet! Given, Fans can be quite stupid sometimes and then there are things like this... * Nanika ga okashii. It's the "Nothing can go wrong" music. * The movie, of course, has a Crowning Soundtrack Of Awesome. * The movie's theme-song Tender Oblivion. Granted, it's not so much "awesome" as it is "extremely touching", but a song this good needs to be aknowledged, dammit! * And then there is this: Rekishi no Tenkanten or, how This Troper calls it, "The Song you usually would associates with a Final Fantasy One-Winged Angel Boss Fight, right before you get beaten to the ground". * Personally, the 'Sonority' version of Gentle Oblivion is far more powerful. The song is an absolute Tear Jerker of a song, but this rendition just cranks that Up to Eleven. It's the least busy out of the renditions, and all that is left is the beautiful singing itself. If this doesn't move you in some way, you have no soul. * And of course not to mention one particularly memorable track, there's Ready, the song that plays while Kyon decides if he wants to try and restore the old timeline or not. * Guess who's back... * First Good-Bye. Originally from the last episode of the radio drama but re-released as part of the "Imaginary ENOZ" LP. In This Troper's opinion, easily keeps up with God Knows and Lost My Music. * When I Was in Love from the ENOZ album just kills everything else. * Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou is essentially a concert of songs from the anime turned into classical music (and also very, very awesome). A few songs have already been mentioned on this page, but listen to the version of Lost My Music to be completely blown away. * Itsuki Koizumi's version of Hare Hare Yukai was so good, this troper covered it! * The Russian versions of the first season's songs are quite amazing too.