• Rezo
  • Tier: 7-B | At least 5-B, likely 3-C Name: Rezo the Red Priest Gender: Male Age: Over a century Classification: Human/Priest/Mazoku Lord Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation, Flight, teleportation, Shapeshifting, Matter Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Dimensional Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Telepathy, Reality Warping, expert magician, Disease Manipulation, Summoning, Mind Manipulation, Regeneration (Low-Godly), Immortality (Type 4), abstract Speed: At least Subsonic+ | At least Massively Hypersonic+ Lifting Strength: At least Class 5
  • Tier: 7-B | At least 5-B, likely 3-C Name: Rezo the Red Priest Gender: Male Age: Over a century Classification: Human/Priest/Mazoku Lord Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation, Flight, teleportation, Shapeshifting, Matter Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Dimensional Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Telepathy, Reality Warping, expert magician, Disease Manipulation, Summoning, Mind Manipulation, Regeneration (Low-Godly), Immortality (Type 4), abstract Attack Potency: City level | At least Planet level, likely Galaxy level (He is a piece of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu and therefore far stronger than Garv) Speed: At least Subsonic+ | At least Massively Hypersonic+ Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 Striking Strength: At least Street Class to Wall Class | At least Multi-City Block Class to Large Town Class Durability: City level | Galaxy level Stamina: Large | Infinite Range: Citywide+ | Multi-Galactic Standard Equipment: His staff, Zanaffar Armor Intelligence: Considered one of the 5 great sages of Slayers, mastery over all styles of magic. Weaknesses: Obsession over his blindness * Zannafar Armor: The armor appears as a silver breastplate. It renders the wearer entirely impervious to black and astral shamanistic magic. The armor acts by creating a barrier between the physical and astral bodies of the wearer. Astral magic is unable to reach the wearer's astral body and is therefore entirely ineffective. However, the wearer also loses the ability draw energy from their astral form. * Time control: Rezo is shown capable of reverse time in a zone but incapable of affecting people, this is unnamed spell. * Petrification: Rezo can petrify all people in a city without making contact, this is a unnamed spell. * Barriers: While not named he can produce barriers strong enough to block all attack from a high-class mazoku (Xellos), this means blocking mental, magical, physical, soul attacks. * He can practically cast any spell in the slayers universe (Ragna Blade and Giga Slave are exceptions) with greater effect and destructive force, for example Rezo's Megabrand can city bust +, while Lina can building bust with the same spell. -Bōgyo Kekkai (Japanese: 防御結界 translated as Protection Barrier): is basically a more powerful white magic version of the Windy Shield. This spell can protect the caster from almost any kind of attack, even the Blast Bomb, for instance. -Dicleary (Japanese: 麗和浄, Kanji translation: Lovely Harmony Purify, Romaji: dikuriarī): It removes all kinds of poisons from the body of the target, even if several types of poison are present at the same time. -Extball (Japanese: 消火弾, Kanji translation: Extinguish Fire Bullet, Romaji: ekusuto bōru): The spell extinguishes flames. It puts out fire very quickly, but the area of effect is small, making the spell useless against larger fires, such as a burning building. - Flow Break (Japanese: 崩魔陣, Kanji translation: Crumble Demon Ranks, Romaji: furou bureiku): The spell negates the effects of all spells within the area, except for white magic, as all other spells take their strength from the energy created by altering the natural flow of energy; this spell negates them by returning the flow of energy to normal. It can be also used to break magic barriers. -Holy Bless (Japanese: 浄化結界, Kanji translation: Purify Change Bind World, Romaji: hōrī buresu): The spell banishes undead spirits. The area of effect is huge: One spell can affect even a small city. Holy Bless has no effect on living beings and drains the caster's pool capacity greatly. -Lafas Seed (Japanese: 霊縛符, Kanji translation: Spirit Bind Token, Romaji: rafasu shīdo, also known as Lafas Seed Shield): The spell can completely prevent a target from moving by entangling it with magical ropes. It is superior to Shadow Snap, as no specific counterspell exists, and the target cannot even use magic while affected. This spell requires no concentration to maintain and its effects last for a little less than an hour. -Lighting (Japanese: 明り, Kanji translation: Light, Romaji: raitingu): The spell creates a ball of light which is about as bright as a street lamp. Normally the duration of this spell is 2-3 hours, but by shortening the duration the spell can be made brighter. A blinding flash of light, for example, can be made by decreasing the duration to a split-second. -Megiddo Flare (Japanese: 浄化炎, Kanji translation: Purify Influence Flame, Romaji: megido furea): The spell purifies the target area; all undead within it take damage. It affects living beings as well, but differently: Megiddo Flare calms the subjects' mind, depleting their anger and hatred. -Moth Varim (Japanese: 誘蛾弾, Kanji translation: Tempt Moth Bullet, Romaji: mosu varimu): A stronger version of Extball, this spell produces several balls of light which draw fire into themselves, extinguishing them in the process. It can be also used as a counterspell against fire shamanistic magic, as it puts out magical flames as well. -Neteiru Hito wo Okosu (Translates to Waking a Sleeping Person): This spell is usually used to wake up those who cannot be woken up by normal means, such as the targets of a Sleeping spell. -Recovery (Japanese: 治癒, Kanji translation: Be at peace Healing, Romaji: rikabarī): The spell actually does not heal the target directly, but rather hastens his or her natural healing rate, which makes wounds close and disappear in a matter of minutes or seconds, depending on the seriousness of the injury. However, such a process is exhausting for the human body, and therefore casting Recovery on someone who is already weak because of injury or illness will do more harm than good; the recipient may very well die. Furthermore, the spell also affects any bacteria or viruses inside the target's body, so casting it on a diseased person may actually worsen the disease. -Resurrection (Japanese: 復活, Kanji translation: Restore Living, Romaji: rizarekushon): This spell heals the wound(s) of a target by using energy drawn from nearby life forms. Resurrection doesn't have the drawback of Recovery, where only the recipient's own energy is utilized, creating a chance that a seriously wounded target might die from exhaustion. Someone who needs this spell will have to be healed with all possible speed. However, the spell is more complex and the casting time is longer, as compared to Recovery. White magic experts are known to be able to use this spell to restore lost limbs. -Reversed Recovery: Those with regeneration lose their constitutions and disintegrate. -Rune Breaker (Japanese: 破邪封呪, Romaji: rūn bureikā): By creating a ward in the shape of a pentagram, all magic within the pentagram is weakened. The strength of the spell does not depend on the skill of the caster, but instead depends on the size of the pentagram. The larger the ward, the weaker spells and other supernatural abilities become. Interestingly, if the ward is not strong enough to affect all spells, it affects the stronger ones first, while weaker magic remains unfazed. -Sleeping (Japanese: 眠り, Kanji translation: Sleep, Romaji: surīpingu): As its name suggests, it makes creatures withing a certain area fall asleep. Those affected by this spell will stay asleep for about half a day, even if a dragon roars or a banshee screams nearby. -Unlock (Japanese: 推測, Kanji translation: Guess Plan, Romaji: anrokku): The spell can be used to open mechanically locked doors or windows. Even objects sealed magically with Lock can be opened. The spell itself is incredibly simple because anyone who can memorize the incantation is able to cast it. -Vas Grood (Japanese: 霊光壁, Kanji translation: Soul Light Wall, Romaji: vasu gurūdo): The spell creates a very small magical barrier which can be used just like a buckler. Aside of giving some protection against physical attacks, the shield is effective against most offensive magic as well. The incantation is rather short, which makes Vas Grood a valuable spell in battle. -Assher Dist (Japanese: 塵化滅, Kanji translation: Dust Change Destroy, Romaji: asshā disuto): This single-target spell is designed to attack undead. Most undead creatures such as vampires will disintegrate on contact, leaving only a small quantity of black dust behind. -Balus Rod (Japanese: 破砕鞭, Kanji translation: Rend Smash Whip, Romaji: barusu roddo): It makes a whip of light appear in the caster's palm which can be used to attack. Unlike spells which are shot like projectiles, the movement of the whip can be more tightly controlled by the caster, improving the chances of hitting the target. The primary weakness of the spell is its short range. -Blast Ash (Japanese: 黒妖陣, Kanji translation: Black Bewitching Ranks, Romaji: burasuto asshu): The caster makes a black void appear in a certain area, and anything alive or possessing an astral body is turned into ash. Inanimate objects such as the ground, buildings, and equipment are not affected; the spell has an effect of a relatively large area, making this one of the few black magic spells which can be used in cramped alleys and town squares. -Blast Wave (Japanese: 黒魔波動, Kanji translation: Black Demon Waves Motion, Romaji: burasuto ueibu): By putting both of his hands on the target, the caster creates a hole in it which is big enough for an adult to walk through. Although most often used on inanimate objects such as walls, the spell also has some offensive potential. -Dark Claw (Japanese: 黒狼刃, Kanji translation: Black Wolf Blade, Romaji: dāku kurou): The spell releases several magical energy balls, which tend to resemble winged insects, although the contours are somewhat unclear. These balls disintegrate matter on contact. The area of effect is small, so the target might "merely" lose an arm or leg when hit. -Disfang (Japanese: 餓竜咬, Kanji translation: Hungry Dragon Bite, Romaji: disufangu): The spell animates the caster's shadow, which roughly takes the form of several dragons and proceeds to attack the shadows of the designated opponents. The shadow-creatues are able to bite out parts of the target's shadow, and damage taken by the shadow is immediately reflected on the target's physical body as well. Methods which make one's shadow disappear (such as the Lighting spell) can be used as a defensive measure. -Dolph Strash (Japanese: 海王槍破撃, Kanji translation: Sea King Spear Rend Defeat, Romaji: darufu sutorasshu):The spell creates a spear-like shockwave, which advances quickly towards the target. Unlike Dolph Zoke, this spell does not need a nearby body of water to function. -Dolph Zoke (Japanese: 海王滅殺斬, Kanji translation: Sea King Destroy Murder Kill, Romaji: darufu zōku): The spell turns water into a single sharp blade which cuts through practically anything material. However, it needs a large body of water to be present nearby in order to function. -Dragon Slave/Dragu Slave/Drag Slave: A spell that takes the power of the resident demon lord Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, the spell takes the form of a red blast with destruction capability of Citybuster+, this spell affects both the material plane and the astral plane, which means the damage it does to the material plane it also does to a spiritual level, capable of damaging noncorporeal creatures and souls (The strongest version of the spell can destroy a mountain and further boosted with the demon blood talismans). -Dynast Brass (Japanese: 覇王雷撃陣, Kanji translation: Supremacy King Lightning Attack Ranks, Romaji: dainasuto burasu): This spell creates lightning to fall in the form of a pentagram and then rush to the center where the target is. -Dynast Breath (Japanese: 覇王氷河烈, Kanji translation: Supremacy King Ice River Violent, Romaji: dainasuto buresu): It will freeze a target in ice of magical origin, capable of immobilizing even a mazoku. Then the ice can be shattered along with the target. -Ferrous Bleed (Japanese: 小鳥召喚, Kanji translation: Small Bird Summon Romaji: feriasu burīdo; also translated as Ferious Breed or Furious Breed) is a summoning spell. -Gaia Graze (Japanese: 魔骸降来, Kanji translation: Demon Body Descend Come, Romaji: gaia guraizu): The spell calls forth a brass demon, which obeys the commands of the cast -Garv Flare (Japanese: 魔竜烈火咆, Kanji translation: Demon Dragon Violent Fire Roar, Romaji: gāvu furea, also known as Demon Dragon Inferno Howl): The caster releases a beam of red flame, which has a limited homing ability. While it is a single target spell, Garv Flare is powerful enough to pierce through most opponents and damage anyone who might be standing behind it. -Gu Ru Diva (Japanese: 獣魔吠, Kanji translation: Beast Demon Howl, Romaji: gu ru dība): When casting the spell, the user draws several circles of light on the floor. Upon speaking the Power Words, a lesser demon is summoned into each circle, and obeys the commands of the caster. -Hell Blast (Japanese: 冥魔槍, Kanji translation: Dark Demon Spear, Romaji: heru burasuto): This spell creates a spear of darkness which steals the life force of the target. It is effective against all types of life-sustaining energy, making it possible to even destroy undead with it. -Necro Vood (Japanese: 群霊覚醒呪, Kanji translation: Group Spirit Remember Awake Spell, Romaji: nekuro vūdo): The spell animates corpses, producing skeletons and zombies. They obey the commands of the caster, but the complexity of the orders they can understand depends greatly on the caster's skill. An expert of the spell can even make the creatures respond to jokes. -Ragna Blast (Japanese: 冥王降魔陣, Kanji translation: Dark King Descend Demon Ranks, Romaji: raguna burasuto, also translated as Laguna Blast): The spell creates an inverted pentagram of light, with the target in the center. Then a pillar of light shoots upwards, followed by black plasma which spills out of the pillar and envelops the victim. -Ragna Drive (Japanese: 冥王幻朧呪, Kanji translation: Dark King Phantasm Gloom Spell, Romaji: raguna doraibu, also translated as Laguna Drive): This spell can create a zombie with exceptional qualities. While obeying the commands of the caster, the creature can think, speak or move just like a living person. It can carry out complicated tasks, and may also act independently of orders to further the goals of its master. -Zelas Brid (Japanese: 獣王牙操弾, Kanji translation: Beast King Fang Maneuver Bullet, Romanji: zerasu buriddo, also known as Zelas Bleed): A ribbon of light emerges from the caster's index finger after saying the Power Words. Its destructive power is equal to those of Dynast Brass or Ragna Blast, but unlike those spells, its direction can be changed by the caster at will, making it almost impossible to dodge. This advantage also comes with a price, as the spell requires great bucket capacity. -Zelas Phalanx (Japanese: ゼラス・ファランクス Romaji: zerasu farankusu): It is an amplified version of the Zelas Brid that can affect several targets at once. -Air Valm (Japanese: 空断壁, Kanji translation: Empty Severance Wall, Romaji: ea varumu): The spell creates a wall of wind in front of the caster, which can be used to deflect attacks. The strength of the wind barrier is similar to that of Windy Shield, but this spell does not offer circular protection, the caster can still be attacked from the sides or from behind. The incantation is shorter, however, so Air Valm is still quite useful in situations where timing is critical. -Bomb Di Wind (Japanese: 風魔咆裂弾, Kanji translation: Wind Demon Roar Rend Bullet, Romaji: bomu di uin): By casting this spell, the caster first greatly increases air pressure in an area, then releases it. The resulting wind blows away anything directly in front of the caster. Even a thick log cannot stand against it. Although mainly an offensive spell, Bomb Di Wind has several other uses, such as propelling a ship. -Bram Gash (Japanese: 爆風弾, Kanji translation: Bomb Wind Bullet, Romaji: buramu gasshu): The spell is basicly a stronger version of Bram Fang. It creates several "arrows" of compressed air, which are able to affect a reasonably large area. Bram Gash is strong enough to produce lethal wounds or break through a brick wall. -Dam Brass (Japanese: 振動弾, Kanji translation: Shake Move Bullet, Romaji: damu burasu, also translated as Damu Bras): The spell produces a red ball of light which self-destructs upon contact with the target structure. The explosion sends high-speed vibrations through the target, destroying it. The spell is like a small, concentrated earthquake. Since the effects of the spell do not spread out, it is meant for opening holes in ceilings and walls. -Dig Volt (Japanese: 雷撃破, Kanji translation: Lightning Defeat Rend, Romaji: digu voruto): The spell shoots out a blast of lightning from the caster's palm. It is a stronger version of Mono Volt, and a direct hit by this spell most likely means death. There is also a small chance that targets struck by it will catch on fire. -Levitation (Japanese: 浮遊/浮揚, Kanji translation: Float Play Float Hoist, Romaji: rebitēshon): The caster may move in any direction or even stop and hover in mid-air, unlike Raywing, although at a slower speed. The spell manipulates the winds around the caster to achieve the desired effect. Maintaining the spell requires little concentration, making it possible to cast another spell while flying, although casting more difficult spells may still be risky. -Raywing (Japanese: 翔封界, Kanji translation: Fly Seal World, Romaji: rei uingu): It gives the caster the ability to fly by creating a spherical shield of wind around him. The caster can carry other people, but since the speed, diameter, and the maximum altitude or weight that can be carried all depend on the caster's skill, more weight means less speed. Unlike Levitation, the spell is difficult to control and requires a lot of concentration, so other spells cannot be used at the same time; the caster can continue flying only as long as he concentrates. Still, Raywing allows faster travel than Levitation, and the wind barrier can also serve as a defensive shield against weaker attacks. -Windy Shield (Japanese: 封気結界呪, Kanji translation: Seal Spirit Bind World Spell, Romaji: uindi shīrudo): It surrounds the caster with a (usually spherical, unlike Air Valm) barrier of wind which is much stronger than the one created by Raywing and defends the caster from all attacks. If the caster is standing on solid ground, the spell does not extend into it and he can still be attacked from below. -Astral Break (Japanese: 呪霊四王縛, Kanji translation: Spell Soul Four King Restrain, Romaji: asutoraru bureiku): A generic but powerful attack spell, Astral Break is one step above Elmekia Flame in power, being able to destroy a brass demon with one hit. Its incantation is also rather short, making the spell even more useful. -Astral Vine (Japanese: 魔皇霊斬, Kanji translation: Demon Emperor Soul Kill, Romaji: asutoraru vain): This spell temporarily gives a mundane weapon magical properties, allowing it to harm beings such as mazoku or deflect minor spells. When it is cast, the target weapon's blade or tip is evenloped in a faint crimson glow. The caster does not need to concentrate to maintain the spell, and the enchantment does not end when the weapon leaves the caster's hands, so a sorcerer can use Astral Vine to boost the offensive capability of the entire party. -Blam Blazer (Japanese: 青魔烈弾波, Kanji translation: Blue Demon Violent Bullet Waves, Romaji: buramu bureizā): Like most offensive astral magic, this spell manifests itself as a blue beam which heads towards the intended target. Blam Blazer's unique quality however, is that unlike most astral spells, it can harm the target physically as well as mentally. If the shot strikes true, there is a chance that the beam might pierce through the target and also harm those who stand behind it. -Dislash (Japanese: 烈閃牙条, Kanji translation: Violent Flash Fang Streak, Romaji: disurasshu): Like most attack spells in astral shamanistic magic, this spell only affects the target's astral body. With it, the caster can shoot several bolts of light towards the enemy. Each looks similar to an Elmekia Lance, but in reality each of them can do astral damage equalent to an Astral Break spell. -Elmekia Flame (Japanese: 烈閃咆, Kanji translation: Violent Flash Roar, Romaji: erumekia fureimu): This spell is a significantly more powerful version of the Elmekia Lance, even the incantations are similar. However, this spell manifests itself as a pillar of light which engulfs the target, meaning that targeting the spell is easier. The astral damage caused by this spell is big enough for a human's mental component to be torn asunder. -Elmekia Lance (Japanese: 烈閃槍, Kanji translation: Violent Flash Lance, Romaji: erumekia ransu): The weakest of the spells which solely affect astral targets, the lance of light created by this spell can knock an opponent out on a direct hit, but does not deliver serious astral damage, although the target's mental strength (and so his ability to concentrate on spells) might be weakened for a while. Elmekia Lance is significantly more lethal against mazoku, especially against low-ranking ones or lesser demons. -Felzareid (Japanese: 螺光衝霊弾, Kanji translation: Small Ray Collide Spirit Bullet, Romaji: feruzarēdo): One of the many attack spells in this category which solely affect astral bodies, Felzareid's unique property is that the blue beam created by the spell does not converge towards the target in a straight line, rather than in a spiralling fashion, making it much harder to avoid. The astral damage done by this spell is also substantial, capable of destroying a brass demon with a single hit, similarly to Astral Break. -Gark Ruhard (Japanese: 霊王崩爆旋, Kanji translation: Spirit King Crumble Bomb Go around, Romaji: garuku ruhādo): The spell causes powerful magic energy to radiate from the caster in all directions, which is capable of harming opponents both mentally and physically. Gark Ruhard has a long range, but because of that it must be used with caution to avoid affecting any allies nearby. The safest method to avoid the spell's effects is to stay very close to the caster. -Goomueon (Japanese: 虚霊障界, Kanji translation: Void Spirit Hinder World, Romaji: gūmueon): The spell allows the caster to create a circular shield around him, which blocks out astral energies, similarly to the ability of the chimera Zanaffar. This spell also has the same weakness: While it keeps the caster safe from most magical attacks, physical attacks or elemental (fire, earth, air and water) shamanistic spells remain unaffected. -Goz Vu Row (Japanese: 冥壊屍, Kanji translation: Dark Demolition Corpse, Romaji: gozu vu rō): The spell summons a shadow of sorts which appears on the ground, heads for the target in a straight line and, upon contact, deals damage to the target's spirit and body as well. Unlike other "shadow spells" such as Shadow Snap, Goz Vu Row cannot be dispelled by Lighting or similar effects. -Illusion (Japanese: 夢幻覚, Kanji translation: Vision Phantasm Remember, Romaji: iryūjon): With this spell, the caster is able to project images into the target's mind, making him see things which aren't there. The illusion is completely realistic, but it is seen only by the target and the caster, making the scene seem strange or even funny to onlookers. The spell requires concentration to maintain, which means that no other spells can be cast while Illusion is in effect. -Kugutsu (Japanese: 傀儡 translated as Puppet): It enables the caster to control the actions of the target creature, even against his or her own will. Under normal circumstances, only simple orders can be given to the subject -Meteor Fall (Japanese: メテオ・フォル Romaji: meteo foru): The spell does not deal damage directly; instead, it causes a nearby asteroid to leave its orbit and crash into the planet where the caster designates. Meteor Fall can possibly destroy even a small city. Using the spell is a bit tricky, however, because if the asteroid affected is not big enough, it will be destroyed while entering the atmosphere, producing a mere shooting star. -Protect (Japanese: 魔法探査撹乱, Kanji translation: Demon Method Search Investigate Confuse Disturb, Romaji: purotekuto): It enables the caster to prevent the detection of the target magic item using its astral signature. To use this spell, the caster must have a clear understanding of the item's magical propeties, which may require a fair amount of study. -Ra Tilt (Japanese: 崩霊裂, Kanji translation: Crumble Spirit Rend, Romaji: ra tiruto): Said to be the Dragon Slave's equal in power, the Ra Tilt is one of the most powerful shamanistic spells and is certainly the most useful one when fighting mazoku. Unlike Dragon Slave, this spell can only affect a single target, who is instantly engulfed in blue flames while his or her astral body is torn to pieces. Humans and low-ranking mazoku are destroyed on a direct hit, and even middle-ranking mazoku can be seriously damaged by it. -Raza Clover (Japanese: 雷花滅撃吼, Kanji translation: Lightning Flower Destroy Defeat Howl, Romaji: raza kurouva): The spell causes flickering motes of light to blow towards the target like a blizzard. It deals damage both to the astral and physical forms of the target. -Shadow Snap (Japanese: 影縛り, Kanji translation: Shadow Bind, Romaji: shadō sunappu): The spell is usually cast on a small object, which then can be thrown at the opponent's shadow. If the object lands on it, it causes the shadow to be frozen in place, preventing its owner from moving. The target can still breathe, speak (and therefore cast spells), but is otherwise held completely rigid and motionless. Despite this, the spell cannot be used to stop a person from falling because it only affects the astral plane and not the physical world. In other words, the person is unable to move because they believe they can't. Any magical or natural phenomena, which causes the target's shadow to disappear, if only for a moment, dispels Shadow Snap. (The spell Lighting is commonly used to achieve this.) -Shadow Web (Japanese: 妖影縛, Kanji translation: Bewitching Shadow Bind, Romaji: shadou uebu): The spell is basicly an enchanced version of Shadow Snap which does not use an object as an intermediary. Instead, several black tentacles spring forth of the caster's own shadow, each of them capable of paralizing an enemy by piercing through his or her shadow, just like the aformentioned spell. Shadow Web is likewise vulnerable to Lighting spells or similar methods used to break free. -Bephis Bring (Japanese: 地精道, Kanji translation: Earth Energy Road-way, Romaji: befisu buringu, also known as Earth Spirit Road): By calling on the power of the earth spirit Bephimos, a tunnel is created through the earth. It is possible to dig a tunnel horizontally, or to create a vertical tunnel and use it as a pit trap. As long as the target is made of earth, the spell works. -Bogardic Elm (Japanese: 四霊交混地水覆, Kanji translation: Four Spririts Mingle Mix Earth Water Cover, Romaji: bogādikku erumu): The spell turns a large portion of the ground into a bog. Movement inside the bog is extremely slow, and those within can get mired from head to toe. -Dug Break (Japanese: 地静霊呪, Kanji translation: Earth Quiet Spirit Spell, Romaji: dagu bureiku): The spell can counter all other earth spells by shutting out the power of Bephimos, the earth spirit from the target area. Affected earth spells end immediately, even golems created by such magic crumble to dust. -Dug Haut (Japanese: 地撃衝雷, Kanji translation: Earth Defeat Collide Lightning, Romaji: dagu hauto, also known as Stone Spiker): The caster gathers magic energy into his open palm and slams it to the ground, from which giant stone spikes emerge, each of them capable of piercing an opponent easily. The spikes appear quickly, accompanied by a small earthquake, making this lethal spell difficult to avoid. -Grey Bomb (Romaji: gurei bomu): The spell makes the ground explode underneath the target. Natural, open ground is required for the spell to function, but in return, the caster can control the amount of damage dealt very precisely, making the spell as lethal as the caster wishes it to be. -Maryoku Kyōka (Japanese: 魔力強化 translated as Strengthening): The spell makes objects more durable and much harder to break. A simple rope can hold a smaller dragon, and a normal brick wall becomes as though as the wall of a fortress when affected by this spell. -Mega Brand (Japanese: 爆裂陣, Kanji translation: Bomb Rend Ranks, Romaji: mega burando, also known as Mega Explosion Array.): The spell does not differ significantly from Dill Brand, but the area of effect is greater, making it possible to attack even more targets. Since the amount of dirt which flies up is increased, the spell's ability to cloud the visibility of opponents is also more potent. However, the increased area of effect also means that other party members have a greater chance of accidently becoming victims of the spell. -Veesgas Gaia (Japanese: 礫波動破, Kanji translation: Small stones Waves Move Break, Romaji: vīgasugaia): By putting his hand on the ground, the caster can create an effect similar to an earthquake in the targeted area. The spell is mainly used to cut off the enemy's escape routes. It is inadvisable to use it underground, as the spell can easily cause a cave-in. -Vlave Howl (Japanese: 蓮獄火炎陣, Kanji translation: Lotus Prison Fire Flame Ranks, Romaji: vureivu hauru): It turns a certain area in the line of sight of the caster into a pool of magma. Since the spell is directional there is no need to worry about whatever is behind the spellcaster, but the spell does affect a large area, so the caster should direct the spell far enough ahead so as not to be enveloped in it's effect. -Balus Wall (Japanese: 炎裂壁, Kanji translation: Flame Split Wall, Romaji: barusu uoru): This spell is effective against all attacks that use fire of some kind (fire shamanistic magic, a dragon's breath or normal fire, for example). Flames heading towards the caster would, instead of striking, be diverted to the left and right of the spellcaster (have show capable of block energy attacks also). -Bam Rod (Japanese: 炎熱鞭, Kanji translation: Flame Heat Whip, Romaji: bamu roddo): After casting, a whip of fire appears in the caster's hands, which can be used to attack the enemy just like any other weapon. It is far more deadly than normal whips, however, dealing damage equal to that of a Flare Lance with each hit. The spell continuosly drains the caster's pool capacity while active, but an experienced mage can easily maintain it for a long period of time. -Blast Bomb (Japanese: 暴爆呪, Kanji translation: Outburst Bomb Spell, Romaji: burasuto bomu): is the most powerful known fire shamanistic spell, its power rivals or perhaps even exceeds that of the Dragon Slave. This spell has several variations in casting and formation. Typically, innumerable Fireballs hail across the area with the caster at the center, each exploding with the potency of a Val Flare or Vice Flare. -Burst Flare (Japanese: 裂火球, Kanji translation: Rend Fire Ball, Romaji: bāsuto furea): A ball of light appears in the targeted area, and in the next instant the ball bursts, raising a tongue of blue-white flame. The flames can melt even a golem made of metal with ease. Against a human, not even the bones will remain. The spell can be used to counter its ice counterpart, Vice Freeze; if the two spells collide, they vanish with a loud explosion, leaving thick fog behind. -Fireball (Japanese: 火炎球, Kanji translation: Fire Flame Ball, Romaji: faiā bōru): A ball of fire appears between the hands of the caster which can be thrown. The ball explodes upon contact, spreading flames. Caution is necessary when using this spell indoors or in forests because it affects a wide area. Being able to cast this spell is one of the criteria for a full-fledged mage. -Flare arrow (Japanese: 炎の矢, Kanji translation: Flame Arrow, Romaji: furea arō): Two versions of the spell exist: The first one enables the caster to shoot an arrow of flame from a bow made of similar fire energy. The second one causes several arrows to appear in the air in front of the caster, and advance toward their target(s) immediately. In this case, the number of arrows depend on the skill of the caster and the amount of magic power put into the spell. -Flare Lance (Japanese: 炎の槍, Kanji translation: Flame Lance, Romaji: furea ransu): Combining the strength of several Flare Arrows, the caster forms a spear of fire, which can be used to attack, light a fire, or even to heat up an object. -Flare Seal (Japanese: 炎呪封殺, Kanji translation: Flame Spell Seal Kill, Romaji: furea shīru): This spell provides almost complete protection from fire if all kinds, magical or not. The recipient of the Flare Seal can walk around in open flames and not feel any heat. However, the spell has a very long incantation, which makes it difficult to use in a combat situation. -Rune Flare (Japanese: 炎霊滅鬼衝, Kanji translation: Flame Spirit Destroy Ghost Collide, Romaji: rūn fureia): The spell creates spear(s) of fire which are all shot at an opponent. This is the strongest fire spell which affects only a single target. The spears are made more of pure fire energy than actual flames, so they will not set things on fire incidentally. -Val Flare (Japanese: 爆炎矢, Kanji translation: Blast Flame Arrow, Romaji: va ru furea): The spell is a greatly augmented version of Flare Arrow. It creates only a single projectile, but that is powerful enough to break down walls. Because of its power, the caster must be extremely careful when using it indoors or in enclosed areas. -Vice Flare (Japanese: 炎裂砲, Kanji translation: Flame Rend Cannon, Romaji: vaisu furea): The spell is a stronger version of Val Flare; the Flare Arrow-like projectile deals considerably more damage on a larger area. Vice Flare should never be cast indoors; if used irresponsibly, the spell can seriously damage the caster as well. -Aqua Breathe (Japanese: 水気術, Kanji translation: Water Spirit Technique, Romaji: akua burīzu): It allows the caster to breathe in water. The spell has a reasonably long duration and does not require concentration to maintain, so other spells can also be cast while it is in effect. -Aqua Create (Japanese: 浄結水, Kanji translation: Cleanse Join Water, Romaji: akua kurieito): The spell creates water. The small stream usually pours from the caster's hands, but a different starting point can also be chosen. It is possible to adjust the water pressure to an extent as well. -Dark Mist (Japanese: 黒霧炎, Kanji translation: Black Fog Flame, Romaji: dāku misuto): The spell fills the area with a dense black fog, blocking vision completely. In the black fog, even magically created light is completely extinguished. Once cast, the spell does not require concentration, and the fog remains for a while even after the spellcaster stops concentrating. -Demona Crystal (Japanese: 霊氷陣, Kanji translation: Spirit Ice Ranks, Romaji: demona kurisutaru): The spell causes thick, cold fog to appear from the ground, and suddenly freeze anything within. Since the fog comes out of the ground, only battle-scarred veteran adventurers can dodge this spell. -Freeze Arrow (Japanese: 氷の矢, Kanji translation: Ice Arrow, Romaji: furīzu arō): Like Flare Arrow, it can be cast in two different ways: the first one enables the caster to shoot an arrow of ice from a bow made of similar blue energy, and the second one causes several arrows to appear in the air in front of the caster and advance toward their target(s) immediately. In this case, the number of arrows depends on the skill of the caster and the amount of magic power put into the spell. This spell is somewhat less lethal than the fire version, although a direct hit may encase the target in ice completely. -Freeze Brid (Japanese: 氷結弾, Kanji translation: Ice Bind Bullet, Romaji: furīzu buriddo): This spell is the ice version of the popular Fireball. Instead of creating flames, the ball of cold energy encases its surroundings in ice upon impact. Freeze Brid can be used even to counter a Fireball spell; if the two spells collide, they negate each other and fade away harmlessly. -Icicle Lance (Japanese: 氷の槍, Kanji translation: Ice Lance, Romaji: aishikuru ransu): This spell is the ice version of Flare Lance. Its effects are similar to those of Freeze Arrow, but Icicle Lance is a lot more powerful. -Lah Freeze (Japanese: 凍界結, Kanji translation: Frozen World Bind, Romaji: rā furīzu): The spell creates a block of ice, which, with precise positioning can be used to trap opponents. -Lybrim (Japanese: 結波冷断, Kanji translation: Bind Waves Cold Severance, Romaji: raiburimu): A wave of freezing air shoots out from the extended hand of the caster; anything that is touched by the wave is frozen. Compared to Icicle Lance, the range of this spell is short, but its effect is far more potent. -Vice Freeze (Japanese: 氷魔轟, Kanji translation: Ice Demon Roar, Romaji: vaisu furīzu): The spell is the ice counterpart of Burst Flare. It causes a ball of ice to appear in the target area, which, upon bursting, covers its surroundings in ice. It can also be used to counter Burst Flare; if the two spells collide, they vanish with a loud explosion, leaving thick fog behind. Key: Human Form | Mazoku Form