• Brute Tigrex
  • Brute Tigrex is a Subspecies of Tigrex introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. File:MH4-Brute Tigrex Render 001.png __TOC__
  • MH4U
First EN
  • MH4U
Signature Move
  • Trampling Charge, Super Roar
Frontier Series-None
  • Y
Weakness Sign
  • Limping
Monster Size
  • File:Gold Crown Large.png 2169.38 cm
  • File:Gold Crown Small.png 1579.21 cm
General Notes
  • *Despite its name being Brute Tigrex, it doesn't have any relation with the Brute Wyvern Monster Type. *Brute Tigrex shares its music theme with Tigrex. *Brute Tigrex's roar requires HG Earplugs to block and causes damage to hunters. *In one of Capcom's official artbooks, Hunter Encyclopedia 2 , there is a Tigrex-like wyvern bearing a similar palette of colors: 300px|center *There are two more of these in the 2008 Monster Hunter Illustrations artbook, one of the extinct Wyvernrex, the ancestor of all flying wyverns and one less dark-coloured Tigrex-like wyvern : BlackPseudowyvernCreatureArtwork.JPG Another Dark Grex.JPG
Image px
  • 250
Monster Relations
Monster Type
First JPN
  • MHP3
Japanese Title
  • 黒轟竜
  • Y
  • None
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
  • Monster Hunter 4
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • Brute Tigrex
English Name
  • Brute Tigrex
  • Y
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Notes
  • *In G-rank, it no longer taunts after the Super Roar attack. *It can be infected by the Frenzy Virus. **When infected, Brute Tigrex can do its Super Roar twice in a row. It is also capable of running at the hunter and turning 4 times when infected. *In the Everwood, when it stands in a watery area, its rocks cause Waterblight. *The quest details of the G2 Quest, Advanced: A Black Day, erroneously call Brute Tigrex "Black Tigrex".
Threat Level
  • ★★★★★
English Title
  • Black Roaring Wyvern
  • 62
  • Y
  • A subspecies of Tigrex, these beasts are as brutal as they are ravenous. They prefer volcanic regions, but can be found in a range of areas. Their howls are even more piercing than standard Tigrex roars and send shockwaves far and wide.
  • 性格はいたって凶暴で攻撃的なティガレックスの亜種。 発達した四肢を使っての突進、強力な爪と顎の一撃、どれも恐ろしい威力で注意が必要。
  • ”黒轟竜”と呼ばれるティガレックスの亜種。黒い甲殻を持つ。 火山地帯を好む傾向があるが、通常種同様広い範囲でも目撃されている。 強烈な咆哮は轟竜の特徴であるが、黒轟竜のそれはさらに強力で、渾身の咆哮は広範囲に衝撃を及ぼす。 非常に凶暴、かつ食欲旺盛。
  • Black Tigrex, Black Tiggy
Japanese name
  • ティガレックス亜種
  • Y
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Notes
  • *When the Brute Tigrex is low on Stamina, it stumbles and falls over whenever it tries to make an immediate second charge at the Hunter. *Eating an Aptonoth, Slagtoth, or Rhenoplos helps the Brute Tigrex regain its Stamina. It may drop a shiny when it begins eating its prey. *When enraged, some parts of its face and arms will become inflamed. *During rage mode, when it jumps backwards, its next attack would most probably be charging towards a player, stop in front of its current position and use Super Roar. *The Brute Tigrex appears in a quest with the regular Tigrex in the Sandy Plains.
  • Brute Tigrex is a Subspecies of Tigrex introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. File:MH4-Brute Tigrex Render 001.png __TOC__
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