• Hunter (character)
  • Hunter is a burly, big gray-and-brown male Great Dane mix.
speaker a
  • Hunter
  • Moon
  • Star
speaker b
  • Hunter
  • Moon
  • Snap
speaker c
  • Hunter
  • Mulch
quote a
  • What happened to Rush and Meadow?
  • Look at him. Thinks his tail touches the Sky-Dogs. Do you really want to be mated with him?
  • If you three wish to follow Hunter, I won't try to stop you. He's strong; he's right about that. he'll lead you well. I'm not interested in ordering dogs around, and you should all have a say in what happens to this Pack. You must make your own choices. I won't follow Hunter - not if he was the last dog left in the world - but if you want to go with him, I won't try to stop you.
  • Moon. You should be the first to know. Rush, Meadow, and I are leaving the Pack.
  • Moon. I'm glad to see that a few of my old Pack manage to survive.
quote b
  • What?
  • It doesn't matter. The Pack needs strong leaders, and that's what Hunter is.
  • I too value loyalty in a leader. And if my Alpha is true to me, I will give that loyalty back till the day I go to the Earth-Dog. I will not follow Hunter, and I won't submit to him. He's proven himself a coward and a betrayer. You are my Alpha, Moon.
  • What brings you back here?
  • Oh, they got sick. I tried to look after them, but they died anyway.
quote c
  • I'm with Snap. Everything she says is true. You're my Alpha, Moon. I follow you, and no other dog, not as long as you want me in your Pack. We're better off without this false dog.
  • That's funny. Because guess who I ran into while I was on patrol? Rush and Meadow are looking very well, for 'dead' dogs. You must have taken better care of them than you thought, Hunter.
  • It's the smart choice. Don't you see? It would be stupid to stick around here and get sick ourselves. We're going to make a new Pack, a strong one, with healthy Packmates. We want you with us, Moon. We'll be Alpha and Beta, you and I: just as we were meant to be. We'll lead a strong and vigorous Pack without sickness.
  • It's as I said. I'm glad to see the four of you escaped the sickness, but you've taken very bad losses, haven't you? So, I realized where my duty lay.
  • Alive
  • Hunter's Pack, Moon's Pack
  • Hunter
speaker h
  • Hunter
quote h
  • Of course I'm serious. I'm stronger than all of you, and a better hunter. You'd be fools not to jump at the chance.
speaker g
  • Hunter
  • Moon
quote g
  • Then you're a stupid dog. You'll sicken and die with the others, Moon. Rush, Meadow, and I will live and be strong. Good-bye, Moon, and good luck. Luck's all you've got left to help you now.
  • You're serious?
speaker e
  • Hunter
  • Moon
  • Mulch
quote d
  • A bit late.
  • I--
  • How could I trust Hunter? I couldn't trust you ever again. You'd abandon me in the flash of a rabbit tail. I'm staying with Moon.
  • You want to abandon the Pack when it needs you most?
quote e
  • You're pathetic. Choices? Omegas don't make choices! Hunt-dogs and Patrol Dogs don't vote for their leaders! Your Pack's mine for the taking. It's my right! Your Father-Dog gave me that right. He chose me to be Alpha!
  • And where does your duty lite this time?
  • It's not a Pack anymore. It's too weak to survive.
  • In fact, they told me they'd decided to leave you. They snuck away in the night because they didn't like being bossed around like pups-- and by a dog who's never led a Pack before. I think the words Rush used were... let me see... control wolf.
speaker d
  • Hunter
  • Moon
  • Omega
  • Snap
  • N/A
  • Hunter about the Wild Pack
  • Moon thinking about Hunter
  • Moon thinking to her Father-Dog about Hunter
  • Moon to Hunter
  • Moon thinking about her parent-dogs' thoughts on Hunter
  • Moon thinking about Hunter after Alpha gives her leadership of the Pack
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  • Moon's Choice
  • Hunter: Hunter Leader: Unknown Lone Dog: Hunter
  • Lone Dog
  • Hunter leaving Moon's Pack
  • Hunter wanting to return to Moon's Pack
  • Moon, Hunter, and Mulch about Meadow and Rush.
  • Moon, Snap, and Mulch, Omega, and Hunter
  • Star and Moon about Hunter
  • Lone Dog
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  • Great Dane mix
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  • Male
  • My parent-dogs always thought Hunter would be a strong leader, because he was a strong fighter. But I don't think they would choose him now, if they'd witnessed his behavior. Any Pack deserves better.
  • I value loyalty in a leader. I value loyalty in a mate. You've shown none. Of course I won't accept you as my mate, Hunter. I reject you with every part of my dog-spirit.
  • I need him now. Hunter loves to lead. He can handle the organization of hunting and patrolling while I tend to the sick dogs. Now, at last, we'll learn to be a team!
  • But they came to challenge us for our territory! Do we really want them living right next to us? Hunting with us?
  • He's so well-named. He's the strongest dog in the Pack, besides my Father-Dog, and he's the best hunter. I'm glad my parent-dogs chose him for me.
  • I should regret driving Hunter away, but I can't. I'm glad he's gone. I think that he might have been the biggest threat of all...
  • I think if you could see me, Father-Dog, you wouldn't be sorry that I'm not with Hunter. I know you'd be glad I made the choice I did...
  • Moon's Choice, chapter 8
speaker f
  • Hunter
  • Moon
quote f
  • With this Pack, obviously. I've returned to lead you.
  • He did not. And if he'd seen how you've behaved, how you let down this Pack, you'd be lucky if he made you his Omega! Alphas don't run away from danger. They stay where they are and protect their Pack!
  • You'll even turn your back on my Father-Dog, who promoted you, who was so kind to you? I won't leave with you, Hunter. I'll stay where I belong. I will never, never abandon my Pack!
  • Hunter is a burly, big gray-and-brown male Great Dane mix.
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