• Scirocco
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  • Scirroco is the Silverwing leader of the group of the banded bats, which included Penelope. He renamed the bats and tricked them with optical illusions, which are actually the result of his echoprojection. The banded bats resided in a cabin, which was attacked by Goth and Throbb. While Penelope and most of the other bats escape, Scirocco's fate is unknown. It is implied that he was eaten by Goth or Throbb.
  • Alias No information Origin No information Occupation No information Powers/Skills No information Hobby No information Goals No information Type of Villain No information Scirocco is one of Lord Recluse's inner circle as a patron of the super villain organization, Arachnos. He was originally a freedom-fighter in the middle-east, named Imad Malak. Scirocco is the head of Arachnos' mystical division called the Mu. He is Lord Recluse's chief adviser in the arcane.
  • A wind controlling mutant heroine who went insane and turned to a life of crime.
  • Scirocco is a City of Villains contact located in the The Tangle neighborhood of Grandville at coordinates (2757, -58.9, 903). Scirocco is a Magic origin contact. His level range is 40-44 as well as 45-50. Scirocco is also an Archvillain who serves Arachnos under Lord Recluse. He also awards access to the patron power pool Mu Mastery to villains who complete his patron arc. Heroes can face him in Recluse's Victory as one of the signature villains that show up as reinforcements. __toc__
type of villain
  • Villain by Proxy, Supervillain
  • Be free of his curse and Lord Recluse's service.
  • 40
  • Magic
  • City of Villains
  • Lightning projection
  • Arcane knowledge
  • Control over the winds Control over the sands
  • Energy depletion
  • High-Intellect
  • Sword-skills
  • You found images of the intruder, and that Scirocco's item was missing.
  • With Scirocco's defeat and the disappearance of the Malleus Mundi, the ceremony has failed. The world is safe for villainy once more.
  • Mistral had the location of Scirocco's ritual on her.
  • You conquered the vaults of the Mu and sealed the portal for recovery
  • You captured Vortigur the Librarian.
  • You cleansed the base.
  • You defeated the Mu Leader
  • You escorted Wretch to safety.
  • You found the information you were looking for.
  • You have captured and interrogated Dr. Aeon.
  • You have defeated Lord Recluse.
  • You have defeated the Goddess Hequat
  • You have recovered the Malleus Mundi!
  • You put an end to Serafina's raids.
  • You recovered the stolen pages.
  • You were able to contact Silver Mantis.
  • You did your part, but it looks like the Malleus Mundi isn't here.
  • You have recovered Ghost Widow's remains and dealt with any witnesses.
  • You rescued Eukrisal, defeated the traitors, and discovered their aims.
  • You've learned what you needed to learn in the future.
  • With Barracuda defeated, hopefully Mako will be willing to listen.
  • Scirocco
  • 'He drives me crazy!'
  • 'I knew I could trust you'
  • 'I should have listened!'
  • 'It might be some kind of psy-op...'
  • 'The link still exists!'
  • 'To change the world'
  • A tome of Mu lore
  • Code books
  • Dr. Aeon's map of time
  • Eukrisal's notes
  • Eukrisal's tale
  • Foreshadow trades info
  • Ghost Widow's remains
  • Lord Recluse's helmet
  • Mad notes of Dr. Aeon
  • Malleus Mundi - Remade!
  • Mirror Spirit defiant
  • Naylor's changes
  • Official looking papers
  • Pages of the Malleus
  • Parts of the book
  • Rantings of a madman
  • Sonata show passes
  • The Malleus disappears
  • The Ritual Site
  • Time notes
  • Video logs
  • We called it 'The Tower'
  • Whispers on a scented wind
  • Writing in Code
  • 4.418064E11
  • This map, taken from Ice Mistral after you defeated her, shows the location of Scirocco's ritual. What you had not expected is that the ritual is not in the physical world! Instead, it's being conducting in a location of the Spirit World called the Crossroads of Destiny. There are, however, notes on how to get there using a portal.
  • You found these notes in a file on the computer in Dr. Aeon's lab in the ruined future. Scraps of information and bits of data have been pulled together to try and calculate the exact time that you entered the Destiny Portal, so that Dr. Aeon could divert you to here.
  • Eukrisal spun a terrible tale of the end of the world: 'Scirocco told me you'd arrive around now. It's ironic, but now we few members of the Circle are the last living things here, in our stolen bodies. Soon even those will die, and all life will pass from this world. It all went wrong shortly after Statesman fell to Lord Recluse. Recluse had tried so hard to make it happen, that he hadn't realized that many people had begun to look at you as the most poweful villain in the organization. While the heroes were divided and leaderless, Recluse tried to do away with you. I suppose this is what happens when he failed. Arachnos split. Scirocco tried to calm the fighting, and was killed by Ice Minstral. She was killed by Ghost Widow, and then chaos erupted as Arachnos fought a deadly civil war. Then the Council attempted a power play, and Nemesis moved to counter them. The heroes split into factions as they tried to handle the situation in different ways. Soon everyone was fighting. When the Rikti tried to strike, even they soon fell into a brutal civil was that still rages on their world. And now, all that's left here are the restless dead. But there might be a way to keep this from happening. We must find Dr. Aeon. He's been trying to find a way to stop this all from happening, but I think the pressure's getting to him. Still, I am certain you can get some information from him that just might keep the world from dying.'
  • After you defeated Scirocco, you tried to take hold of the Malleus Mundi for yourself. But the book faded and disappeared to someplace beyond the world as you know it. Perhaps it traveled to the perfect world Scirocco dreamed of. Or maybe it will return one day to fuel some one else's mad schemes.
  • After you rescued him from his erstwhile comrades, Operative Hughart told you: 'Thanks for the help. I just got back to base and everyone was acting crazy. They keep talking about some woman named Serafina. I realized it might be some kind of psy-op, so rather than blow my cover, I suited up and acted like everything was normal so I could try to figure out what was going on. It looks like this woman just teleported right into the base and started taking over minds, then set everyone looking for something. I checked it out, and the base commander opened the vault for her. She took some mystic thing that we were storing for Scirocco, but before I could find out more, the rest of the guys realized I wasn't one of them. Look, since I helped you out, can I ask you to put a good word in with Scirocco for me? I heard you're working for Scirocco right now, and after a blunder like this, well, it's good for a guy to know people who can put in a good word for him.
  • When you met Ice Mistral again, her attitude seemed to have changed completely: 'Hey there! It's so good to be working with you again! Scirocco sent me out on another one of his important missions, but when I realized things might get kind of confrontational, I think I might have frozen up a bit. Oops!
  • Dented, scarred, and ripped off the head of a defeated Lord Recluse, this is both a trophy and a warning.
  • Ah. When I heard of the excessive enthusiasms of some Mu mystics had led them down a path to ruin, I knew it would not be long before Scirocco sent you to speak with me. Now, while it is true that I am held in a high position amongst my people, I had nothing to do with this regrettable incident. Though I understand the traitors' longing for the return of our Goddess, as would any who have embraced their Mu ancestry, I am not so foolish as to get involved in their plan. However, I do know where they have gone to ground. I am also not so foolish to hide that information from you. I will tell you where to go.
  • After you caught him, Dr. Aeon kept ranting: 'That old fool, Professor Echo, he kept trying to tell me. He told me that this would hpapen, that you would be the Destined One, and what would happen after. But I didn't believe him! I didn't want to believe him! I should have listened. He had something I'm supposed to tell you right now. Professor Echo said that if you spoke to someone named Diviner Maros, that Maros would tell you where to go next. Some Arachnos base or something. He said that you'd learn the truth, that you'd find out that the Destined One isn't a position of power, it's a sacrificial bull. I don't know what it means, or if I believe him, but everything else he's told me has come true. Even this. But then, if everything comes true, there's nothing that anyone can do to stop it. Is that it, then? Is there really no such thing as free will?' Aeon kept rambling after that, about fate and free will and destiny. But you learned what you needed to know.
  • While he bandaged his wounds, Foreshadow told you what he knew about the location of the Malleus Mundi: 'Ow, you hit hard. The Malleus isn't on Earth, Numina figured that out. It was pretty easy to locate it then. It's in another dimension, a place called the Shadow Shard. We think the Circle are planning to use it there on something called 'Faathim the Kind', but that's about all we know. Now, tell me where Mirror Spirit is.' With the information exchanged, you left your defeated foe behind to plan his own rescue mission.
  • These notes are written in the ancient language of Oranbega, but it clearly concern theories about creating gateways to other places, times, and realities.
  • This notebook was recently compiled and contains a great deal of translations, sketches, and transcriptions of Mu lore about using portals to travel between the world of the living and the world of spirits. It looks like the Mu traitors were planning to hijack the DESTINY Portal to travel to someplace they called 'The Spirit City of Hequat', where they believe the ancient goddess of the Mu is waiting for them.
  • The visual logs of the Arachnos base are full of the tedium of normal Arachnos life until the last few days. The routine of weapons checks and drills is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a beautiful woman in strange diaphanous clothes walking through the base, disappearing and re-appearing at her whim, as she's clearly looking for something. You watch a section of the tape where two Mu Mystics soldiers try to stop her, then after a few words they start following her around like obedient servants. In minutes, the whole base is under her thrall and helping her look. The Arachnos troops didn't even get off a shot.
  • How many times have we met? How many times have I talked to you, oh 'Destined One'? It's hard to keep track, now. In this thread of time, it was on you to steal the gate to the beyond and seal away the forgotten godess, not to hold off the army of Brass nor to steal the great minds. I remember this, as I remember all the other things you might have done. And have we worked together before? I cannot seperate out the history you know from all of what might have been. But I know this moment. You were sent to me by Professor Echo, who told his younger self to send you to me, just as he remembered. It's confusing, yes, but that's the problem with time travel. Fourteen thousand years ago, we called it The Tower, but really it was a portal. We of Oranbega sought to build a gateway to the heavens to re-awaken our gods in our time of need, we could not have foreseen that it would come to this. When it failed, my mind was opened to every possible moment between then and the future you're racing towards. Soon, you will enter the portal and decide fate itself. Lord Recluse knows this. He's left his notes here, in this chain of events. I'll only learn that you found them too late, of course, and I won't be able to stop you. Not that I want to, but I am eager to see a world where I don't know what's going to happen, and would hate to see you destroy it in a war with Arachnos. Now where did I later learn you found those notes? Ah, yes. I remember that when I learned about it, I was surprised it was on St. Martial, hidden deep within a secret base beneath the Golden Giza. It would be funny if I didn't already know what's going to happen. I'll show you where I later learned you went.
  • Before your eyes the separate sections of the Malleus Mundi re-formed themselves into a single book that ripples with eldritch power.
  • As you took the stolen pages of the Malleus Mundi from him, Malaise told you what he'd planned to do with them: 'I learned about the book and knew I had to have it. I was going to bring my vision to everyone! I was going to change the world. To re-imagine it. To challenge the entirety of creation with their own inner demons. The book could do that. It's written in the language used to make the world. And who better to understand the words of creation than an artist like myself? It takes a true poet to speak a new world into being. And a true artist's vision to imagine changing the old world into a new one with a few simple words.'
  • These are pages torn from the Malleus Mundi. The air itself ripples around the pages, and the ink upon it glows with an inner light.
  • Ice Mistral spoke to you for a while as you fought together: 'So, how have you liked working for Scirocco? He's so weird, he drives me crazy! It's like, I got these powers and I thought it would make everything so easy. I just get my way whenever I want, only now I don't have to take anyone's attitude any more, because they all know I could annihilate them. I figured it would be the same way for Scirocco, after all, he's got powers from the same people I got mine from, that whole 'Wind mantle' thing. But working for him is such a pain! He always keeps his word, and I swear, I've even seen him let heroes get away when he could have been toying with them. And he always talks about how he used to be a freedom fighter or whatever. Who wants to be a freedom fighter when you can keep all the little people in line with power? And now he's mooning over that dead witch. It's so sad. I mean, like, she's dead. Duh! But that's not even the worst part! It's like he's always trying to teach me things, but not useful things like how to destroy stuff. Useless junk about honor and respecting your enemy and understanding your foe and boring things like that. It's so frustrating! I want to be a villain, I want to be feared and always get what I want and never have to work or take any lip from anybody. I thought that was what this was about! So why did I have to get saddled with him for a mentor?' Ice Mistral was able to continue this line of conversation for some time, expressing her frustrations with Scirocco in no uncertain terms.
  • Even in defeat, the enigmatic mystic known as Mirror Spirit was still quite polite: 'I am sorry, but your effort is wasted. The Circle has deceived us both. The Malleus Mundi is not here.'
  • I'm glad you came, . This conversation will not be about the Serafina issue. I know that Scirocco has had you meeting with the Lieutenants of the others to help build an alliance to fight her, and I'm certain you'll be able to find something. No, my concern is about something else. I've been going over the records of what Scirocco has lost to this Serafina, and it's an interesting list of items. Even more interesting is that he's deliberately been keeping the nature of certain items secret, even from those guarding them. I've checked with some reputable sources in mystic matters, and I believe that Scirocco may be up to something that could compromise the integrity of Arachnos itself. He's always been a troublemaker. Scirocco is a believer in honor, the sort of person who called himself a freedom fighter instead of a terrorist. Normally, this honor helps to keep him loyal, but I am beginning to become concerned that he may be growing... discontent with his role in Arachnos. And my job is to watch for exactly this sort of discontentment. All I have now are suspicions, but if Scirocco does anything suspicious, and in particular, should he attempt to acquire certain key items for magical rituals such as the book Malleus Mundi, the Scroll of Tielekku, or the Red Dust Tome, I would like you to report it to me. And of course, if you were to fail to mention something like that to me and I were to discover it through other channels, then I fear the punishments placed on you would be extraordinary. That is all. Please, do go save Wretch. I'd rather do it now than have to explain to Lord Recluse why we need to send troops to a hidden Siberian base to fetch Ghost Widow's favorite bodyguard and pet.
  • This notebook contains Dr. Aeon's attempts to map out all the junctions where he could change history and keep the world from being destroyed. A lot of them are already long past, and there are very few left. However, one looks promising. According to Dr. Aeon's notes, if you were selected as the Destined One, and then you were somehow able to show Recluse that he would lose in a battle against you, he would probably halt his plans. The problem is that if you beat Lord Recluse, then Arachnos might splinter anyway, and lead to the end of the world. However, Dr. Aeon has a plan about how it could be done. If you could use the DESTINY portal to fight Recluse in the near future and defeat him, then you could return to the present with proof that you can beat him without provoking a division within Arachnos in the present. It sounds crazy, but it just might work. Maybe keeping Aeon around really was a good idea, after all.
  • When you opened this storage vault, you saw that whatever Scirocco had stored within it was now gone. There were traces on the interior where it looked as if some mystical seals had been burned out. As you peered in to get a closer look, a sudden breeze blew by your face from within the empty vault. The warm dry wind carried the scent of perfume and spices, and as it wrapped around you, you heard the distant lilting voice of a woman. She said: 'I have come to take back that which you bear, and that which you took, and all that is mine.' The wind was gone without a trace, and you were left looking into an empty Arachnos storage vault.
  • Burnt bones, a charred skull, tattered body armor, and a few wisps of hair. These few things are all that remain of Ghost Widow's body.
  • The accusation against Dr. Aeon is dire, but not unfounded. And considering your status as the Destined One, I will agree to aid your investigation. Villain, I grant you the authority to capture and question Dr. Aeon. Find out what part he had in all of this.
  • These are two front-row seats and two backstage passes to Johnny Sonata's show at the Golden Giza. If you're a Sonata fan, they're worth more than gold.
  • You gather the parts of the book Malleus Mundi from the defeated Circle Arch-Mage. Once you have all four pieces, it should be enough to re-make the Malleus Mundi.
  • This short scientific paper details how to alter the Destiny portal to send it to the exact point in time when Recluse achieves his moment of triumph. The paper argues that since this is for calibration, but you know that it would also be the perfect moment to strike.
  • Didn't realize I made a joke there! So, thanks for helping me out. I really don't want to fail Scirocco. He so wants to bring Ghost Widow back to life. It's so romantic! And he does so much to teach me important things, like about honor and understanding our enemy. You know, from the way he talks sometimes, I kind of wonder if maybe it would be better if we were heroes or something. I mean, always doing the right thing and having people love you would just be so great, don't you think? Oh, man, I can't believe I just said that out loud. Look, you'll keep that last part quiet, won't you? Thanks! I knew I could trust you.' As she continues to gush like a giddy schoolgirl, you realize that something seems very, very wrong with the young villainess.
  • And that wraps up that. Scirocco's plan has been defeated, and I believe that this resounding defeat at your hands may have finally broken the more rebellious aspects of his spirit. You stopped the ritual before Ghost Widow could be returned to life, which my Lord Recluse judges to be a good thing. As a ghost, her loyalty is guaranteed, far more than were she mortal again. We have top experts hard at work undoing the damage done to Ice Mistral's mind. She should be her old self again soon. And while it is unforunate that the Malleus Mundi appears to have removed itself from this plane of existance, my Lord Recluse feels that it may be for the best. No blame falls on you. Quite the opposite, in fact. You have done excellent work. My Lord Recluse has judged the case, and come to a decision. Scirocco will not suffer a demotion or imprisonment, as my Lord is impressed that he got so far into his plan. Instead, Lord Recluse made a change. Technically, Scirocco will no longer be your Patron. From this point forward, you may consider him your equal. You have finally reached the pinnacle we had hoped, and are ready for the part you were prophesied to play in Operation: Destiny. Be ready, for Arachnos will call on you and your power soon.
  • These books store dozens of possible codes used for encrypting sensitive Arachnos information. There are stern warnings to never store them in the same base where important Arachnos secrets are kept. Oops.
  • The Mu Leader had some odd words when he spoke to you: 'There are many things you cannot understand. Too many of the Mu have lost their way and remain loyal to Arachnos, but once She walks the world again, all will change. The path of the Mu is the path of denial of the worthless self, denial of all that would blind us to our service to our Goddess. She who shaped us, She who taught us, She who must be obeyed! Lord Recluse was a fool to think he could control the blood of Mu for his own ends, and Scirocco was even more a fool to think he could send the path to the Goddess to Arachnos' technicians to pick apart. The true powers of Mu will soon be unleashed!
  • This journal is nearly incomprehensible. It's been written, then written over several times, all in the same handwriting. As far as you can tell, it's all about you, and stopping you from doing something. There are listings of nearly everything you've done since you came to the Rogue Isles, and labyrinthine notes about how it all comes together until you become the destined one. And then, a bunch of apocalyptic stuff about how the world comes to an end.
  • That is mine, is it not? I understand your message. The Fortunatas warned me that your growing power might become inconvenient for my plans. And perhaps, one day we will clash for real, in a true final battle. But for the moment, you have earned some measure of my respect. You have grown in strength, you have grown in power, and you would challenge even me to battle without fear. I will no longer attempt to use you for Operation: DESTINY. You have grown beyond a mere tool. No, in you I have created something more. Through your long struggle you have become a true villain, wielding power over all and beholden to none. Go now, and work your terrors upon the Earth!
  • These handsome handwritten books are written in some kind of code. There are dozens of them here, some in various states of translation.
  • Ah, Destined One, the portal isn't ready for the next test, but it will be soon. What's this? Re-alignment test? Well, the idea does have merit, even if it is from Naylor. Well, you do have all the authorization, and that is Lord Recluse's signature. Very well, I'll have the next test altered. It should give us some important data, at least.
  • I am very glad you came. I now know Scirocco's plan. It's about the balance of good and evil in the world. We had always known Scirocco was uneasy with being a villain. He's long considered himself to be under a curse of some kind related to stealing the artifacts that grant his considerable power. He tried to cast himself as a freedom fighter for years. We had thought perhaps he wanted the Malleus to try and remove this curse he believes he's under. That would be fine. Tempting and corrupting him after that would have finally broken down his last barriers of morality. But we were wrong. Malaise revealed a great deal before escaping his interrogation. If we'd had any real idea of the book's power, we would have left it in a vault safe from all access. And now he's going to use it. I believe that he is going to change the world. He's going to use the Malleus Mundi to destroy or mentally re-program every villain in the world! We'll all either be annihilated out-right, or at best end up like Ice Mistral. We believe he also plans to spare Ghost Widow by restoring her life, and thus giving her a new balance. But the rest of us will suffer his judgement. Scirocco must be stopped. You must first locate him. You say Ice Mistral knows his location? She won't give that up freely. Get that location from her by any means necessary. It may be someplace... Strange. You're authorized to use any means to reach it. Once you know his location, you are also authorized to use any degree of force necessary to stop Scirocco in this plan. Go, knowing that Lord Recluse watches you, and approves your actions.
  • Good ta' see ya. Now that Operation: Destiny's in full swing, nobody's tha' interested in me work no more. An' there's so much ta learn. I think the Circle might have tried some really crazy experiments with these portals years and years back. Might have tried to reach the other side, if ya know what I mean. Anyway, what's on yer mind? Re-adjust the Destiny Portal? I dunno. I mean, I been tellin' Grillo that he needs ta test that thing more, but just because I don't 'ave his fancy degrees, he never wants to listen to me. And I cann see ya' got tha right paperwork an' all, but a last minute change like this? Ticket's fer Johnny Sonata! Well, just wait a second and I'll write up what ya want, and how ta do it for ya for sure!
  • , yes, I've been briefed on why you're here. The incident you ran into isn't the first such case, and it hasn't been the last, either. We've had several bases fall under the influence of this mystery woman, and thus far we have found no defense against her power. The contamination appears to be magical and non-infectious, but is also permanent or nearly so, and strong enough to even overcome Bane-Spider indoctrination. We have also found evidence of a correlation between the locations this mystery woman has struck and bases where Scirocco has secured some of his mystic items in the past as part of his ongoing research. I suspect that this may be a casual relationship, and you may tell Scirocco that. However, first I have been charged to cleanse the site of the latest attack by this mystery woman by my Lord Recluse himself, who is growing annoyed with these events. My Lord Recluse wants them stopped, and if I am correct about the casual link, then I will have to ask for the authority to sever the casual link any way I see fit. However, I prefer it if the great powers among Arachnos stay in balance, and if they can clean up their own messes, all the better. So, I will hold off on my conclusions if you can lighten my workload. Cleanse the latest base to fall to this mystery woman, and I will give you and your patron more time to fix this problem yourselves.
  • I understand you're the one we have to thank for the capture of Mirror Spirit. Excellent work. She's incredibly powerful, but still very new. We may be able to tap that power, or brainwash her into a loyal servant, given time. She's like a spiritual Atom Bomb, but a very polite one. Intriguing. Regardless, while she hasn't spoken much, we've gleaned a little. Apparently, she was sent by Numina to recover the 'Malleus Mundi', a book that supposedly has the power to alter the world itself, with a properly skilled user of course. If I recall, I may have even mentioned this book to you before. It was something we knew that Scirocco has been looking for, and that I do not think he should have. I'll put it plainly. I am not convinced that Scirocco's interest in this Malleus Mundi is in the best interests of Arachnos. Now, it's difficult to say exactly what he's working on. Most of the mystic experts I could consult belong to either Ghost Widow's faction or Scirocco's. I'm just lucky I know how to play Mu'Drakhan's ego so well. And what he's told me of this Malleus Mundi leaves me very suspicious. If I'm right, then you're already in this up to your neck by helping him. Now, I want you to keep helping him, but I want you to report to me when I request to see you. Scirocco likes to believe in his subordinates. He likes to have a trusted inner circle he can rely on. He won't suspect you. But I want you in place to act on my word and stop him if he gets out of line. Just report on what you've learned when next I ask to speak with you. Really, we should have anticipated an alliance between Scirocco and Ghost Widow. Scirocco has the soul of a poet. There was no way he could resist losing his heart to a ghost.
  • I've been waiting for you. Your presence tells me that Scirocco doesn't suspect how much I know. That's good. First of all, I know you were a part of the team that took Ghost Widow's remains. She's as close to upset as she can be about that. I don't think she suspects Scirocco, or why he'd want them. Oh, and you were working with Ice Mistral, weren't you? Did you notice the change in her? It's hard not to. Something unusual has happened to turn that promising young villainess into a near-hero. I don't like it. And I think worse may be on the way for anyone Scirocco feels deserves it. My instincts tell me I should activate you to stop this all immediately, but I still don't know just what Scirocco's plan really is. So we'll have to wait. I want you to get him whatever he wants, but to be ready. I may call on you at any time to stop Scirocco and ruin whatever he's planning. Assuming that it even can be stopped. Before you go, a warning on Malaise: he's a real head-case. He thinks of himself as an artist, but he's a classic self-centered type at his core. He was briefly under the control of Sister Psyche, but rebelled and went back to his old ways. I don't know why he'd want the Malleus Mundi, though. Whatever the reason is, it might shed some light on Scirocco's final goals as well, so pay attention to anything he says.
  • Eukrisal stopped for a few words before he ran for safety: 'The Mu had a lot of questions, and gave away many answers that had troubled me for all these eons. I now know why our attempt to reach our god failed, and why your Operation: DESTINY will fail, as well. The Mu found a way to splice into our portal-stream, and connected our portal to reach the spirit world of our long-forgotten faith with a conduit to the spirit world of their goddess, Hequat. And that link still exists! If Arachnos tried to activate the DESTINY portal, there's a good chance the Mu Goddess could manifest here and now in the Rogue Isles. I can't wait to tell Maros. But then, he probably knows already.'
  • These papers look like official Arachnos documents requesting that all Arachnos science personnel assist you, and looks like it's been signed by Lord Recluse himself. It won't stop soldiers on the street from trying to make a name for themselves, but it should make Grant Naylor or even Operative Grillo help you.
  • Briefing
  • Debriefing
  • 903
  • 4.73364E8
  • This is supposed to be the place. Now it's time to see just how much 'convincing' Foreshadow will need at this 'Meeting'.
  • Down below the revelry of St. Martial, the traitors will meet their fate.
  • If you don't stop Scirocco, it's the end for every villain in the Rogue Isles, if not the entire world.
  • There's a strange feeling of peace and contentment in the air here. It's really kind of creepy.
  • This is certainly strange, but not too far outside what you've done before.
  • The book is in the large spherical fortress, a place called 'The Chantry'.
  • You've heard rumors about the Malta group. They're supposed to be all about controlling meta-humans and accruing power. Setting a trap for villains is just their style.
  • Malaise is trying to lay low among the Carnival in an old office. That won't protect him from you.
  • That creepy calm pervades this base, too. It's time to put a stop to it.
  • It's over. Time to show Lord Recluse your prize.
  • Past a few sub-levels and you found it. This is the place Maros told you about. But what could be here?
  • You expected fanfares and parades. Not the end of the world.
  • You step through the portal and emerge in a place beyond the physical world: The Spirit City of Hequat.
  • This is it. The fabled Vaults of Mu.
  • This place feels charged with malice
  • This looks like quite an interesting party. Too bad the citizens start panicking the moment you show up
  • This is it. If you defeat Lord Recluse here, at his moment of triumph, you can break the cycle of doom. Recluse may have sought you out as one of his Destined Ones, but this moment is your Operation: DESTINY.
  • You have a pretty good idea of just how powerful Ice Mistral is from fighting beside her. This probably won't be easy.
  • Where ever Dr. Aeon may be hiding, you'll find him and get the answers you need.
  • The Circle of Thorns have taken over large sections of the old Mu ruins beneath the Isles. It's almost as if they already knew all the old layouts.
  • Apparently, some of Scorpion's machines spotted Nemesis troops using this place as a front, and Mantis went in to clean it out.
  • Several of these Longbow spy-ships have been spotted recently. Mako's marines have been kept busy dealing with them.
  • That same weird feeling of peace is everywhere here.
  • 22
  • 50
  • Y
  • his
  • N
  • None
  • N
  • Emo
  • Achmed
  • Scirocco Desert Wind
  • Conducting mystical research Instilling honor in his troops
  • Attempting to charm Ghost Widow.
  • Self-loathing
  • 2757
  • The Tangle
  • Find Dr. Aeon
  • You think Mantis listened to what you had to say after you defeated her.
  • ** 4 Traitor leaders
  • ** Defeat Dr. Aeon
  • ** Defeat the Goddess Hequat
  • ** Seal Gateway by force
  • **Defeat Hero Agent
  • **Find Ice Mistral
  • **Locate Scirocco's 'Item'
  • You have defeated the genie Serafina
  • **Stop the Second Ritual **Stop the Third Ritual **Stop the Last Ritual **Defeat Scirocco
  • 4.73364E8
  • Talk to Arbiter Daos
  • Speak with Arbiter Daos
  • Defeat Ice Mistral
  • 'Meet' with Foreshadow
  • Capture Circle Librarian
  • Catch Dr. Aeon
  • Cleanse subverted base
  • Debrief with Arbiter Daos
  • Defeat All foes in base
  • Defeat Barracuda
  • Defeat Malaise
  • Defeat Recluse in the Future
  • Defeat Serafina
  • Defeat the goddess Hequat
  • Find Silver Mantis
  • Get info from Mu'Drakhan
  • Investigate Base
  • Investigate Mu trap
  • Investigate base
  • Locate the Malleus Mundi
  • Punish the Mu Traitors
  • Raid the Vaults of Mu
  • Recover the Malleus Mundi
  • Rescue Wretch
  • Show Recluse your prize
  • Speak with Daos
  • Speak with Diviner Maros
  • Stop rituals to draw out Scirocco
  • Take papers to Grillo
  • Talk to Diviner Maros
  • Talk to Naylor in Nerva
  • Visit the future
  • Leader of the Mu Order Patron of Arachnos
  • Lord Recluse's mystical researcher
  • 264
Img capt
  • Arachnos Patron
  • V
  • v
  • Imad Malak
  • 4
  • Capture Dr. Aeon
  • Defeat Lord Recluse
  • Defeat Ice Mistral
  • Break into Vault
  • Defeat Foreshadow
  • Defeat Malaise
  • Destroy the barrier
  • Find Base Logs
  • Find Eukrisal
  • Find GW's Remains
  • Find Ice Mistral
  • Find Messenger
  • Find Mu Leader
  • Find Silver Mantis
  • Kidnap Vortigur
  • Lead Wretch out
  • Stop the First Ritual
  • Un-lock Portal
  • -58.900000
  • Arbiter Daos
  • Magus Mu'Drakhan
  • Technician Naylor
  • Diviner Maros
  • Operative Grillo
  • Lord Recluse
  • 300
  • File:Scirocco2.gif Write the text of your article here!
  • Scirroco is the Silverwing leader of the group of the banded bats, which included Penelope. He renamed the bats and tricked them with optical illusions, which are actually the result of his echoprojection. The banded bats resided in a cabin, which was attacked by Goth and Throbb. While Penelope and most of the other bats escape, Scirocco's fate is unknown. It is implied that he was eaten by Goth or Throbb.
  • Alias No information Origin No information Occupation No information Powers/Skills No information Hobby No information Goals No information Type of Villain No information Scirocco is one of Lord Recluse's inner circle as a patron of the super villain organization, Arachnos. He was originally a freedom-fighter in the middle-east, named Imad Malak. Scirocco is the head of Arachnos' mystical division called the Mu. He is Lord Recluse's chief adviser in the arcane.
  • A wind controlling mutant heroine who went insane and turned to a life of crime.
  • Scirocco is a City of Villains contact located in the The Tangle neighborhood of Grandville at coordinates (2757, -58.9, 903). Scirocco is a Magic origin contact. His level range is 40-44 as well as 45-50. Scirocco is also an Archvillain who serves Arachnos under Lord Recluse. He also awards access to the patron power pool Mu Mastery to villains who complete his patron arc. Heroes can face him in Recluse's Victory as one of the signature villains that show up as reinforcements. __toc__
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