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  • Baking Bad
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  • 2014-10-19
  • right|300px Following a hurricane in Haiti, Lois organizes a blood drive. After getting Peter to donate, he enjoys her cookies and encourages her to open a cookie store together. Going to the bank to get a loan, their cookies win over the manager, Cookie Monster. After acquiring a shop they call Peter's Wife's Cookies, they find that business isn't as steady as they had hoped. Taking Quagmire's advice that sex sells, Lois finds that Peter has employed bikini beauties to work the shop. Lois is upset until she finds that the idea has made a lot of money and reluctantly agrees to go along with it. Peter takes the stunt to the extreme by turning the cookie store into a strip club until Lois finally calls it quits. An apologetic Peter arrives home and admits he was wrong, and also brings Lois a personalized cookie as well. Lois gets out of the loan by turning the shop back over to the bank run by Cookie Monster. left|300px Meanwhile, Stewie has trouble sleeping so Brian slips him some cough medicine so the alcohol will help him. However, Stewie becomes drunk from abusing the medicine and starts acting ridiculous. Stewie gets into a drunken Big Wheel accident and passes out. The next day, Stewie arrives home to find Brian and his toys have arranged an intervention. After successfully taking care of Stewie, Brian has to break up a masturbation intervention for Chris.
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  • Peter and Lois open a cookie store.
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