• Ryder White
  • Ryder White, often referred to as The Voice, is a survivor featured in Dead Island and serves as the false main antagonist of the game. He is also featured in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC, were he is portrayed as the main protagonist.
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  • Short-tempered, persistent, loyal, etc.
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  • Deceased
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  • Hand to hand expert, tactical military knowledge, firearms expert.
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  • Ryder White
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  • Dead Island
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  • 1
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  • Protecting Australia and nearby friendly nations, taking care of his family.
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  • ADF/BIDF Colonel uniform, pistol, other weapons .
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  • Australian Defense Force and Banoi Island Defense Force Colonel.
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  • Tragic, protagonist, military, etc.
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  • The Hidden Hero
  • Ryder White, often referred to as The Voice, is a survivor featured in Dead Island and serves as the false main antagonist of the game. He is also featured in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC, were he is portrayed as the main protagonist. Prior to the game's main storyline, Ryder was questioned to test his loyalty to his country by being presented with photographs of individuals were he was asked if he would agree to kill without question (one of which was his wife, Emily White, which he agreed to reluctantly). After passing the test, Ryder was deployed into Banoi Island in order to aid with containing the recent Pathogen HK outbreak. During the mission, Ryder and his squad on board of a helicopter were ordered to initiate a bombing run on a highway located in the jungle. They succeeded their objective, however on their flight back to base, the copilot of the aircraft transformed into a zombie and attacked the other pilot, forcing the craft to crash land into Moresby. Ryder awakened from the unfortunate crash several hours later to discover that he is the lone survivor of his crew. He was then contacted by the B.I.D.F. Commander, who instructed him to regroup with B.I.D.F. Unit 4 stationed near Saint Christopher's Church which served as a makeshift evacuation zone he requested pick up from had already departed. Ryder later arrived at the unit's location only to discover that everyone had been murdered by the local gang known as the Raskols before being stripped of their weapons and equipment. This included the explosive charges needed to destroy the City Bridge in sector 4 (Old Town), in order to prevent the infection from transmitting any further. He was then informed by the B.I.D.F. to make his way to the police station in sector 3 of the city in order to recover the explosives to complete Unit 4's mission. After fighting his way to the Police Station, Ryder was confronted by multiple members of the gang who taunted him over the loss of his fellow soldiers. After a heated firefight, Ryder managed to kill the Raskols and collected the stolen equipment before being instructed to proceed with finding and destroying the bridge. With most of the roadways blocked, Ryder climbed into a manhole that took him to the sewers beneath Moresby in order to gain access to the riverside. Upon exiting the sewers, Ryder's progress was again faltered by a large group of Raskols that claimed the City Bridge as their territory, leaving him with no other option but to eliminate more civilians in self-defense, which the B.I.D.F. allowed in order to ensure the mission's completion. With the gang members disposed of, Ryder proceeded with planting the charges on the bridge and demolishing it. With the mission accomplished, the B.I.D.F. intel ordered Ryder to make his way to the evacuation zone in sector 6 (Gas Station). Ryder then fought through waves of zombies as he waited for the evac chopper to arrive. While on board the chopper, Ryder contacted Emily telling her to prepare herself for pick up. However, Emily replied saying that she had been bitten by a patient and told Ryder to go on without her before making her tearful 'farewell' to him. Unable to accept the loss of his wife, Ryder ordered the pilot not to land on the aircraft carrier off the coast of the island and instead change course to the Prison in order to pick up his wife (disregarding her advice as well as the B.I.D.F's orders). The chopper then landed on the roof of the prison where Ryder frantically made his way inside in hopes of rescuing Emily before it is too late. When Ryder finally reached Emily in the prison hospital wing, he found her strapped to a bed trying to tell him to leave her in broken English due to a result of the gradual transformation into an Infected. Ryder then traveled deeper into the prison in order to find Kevin. Upon meeting him, he discovered that Kevin was actually the world-wide infamous hacker, Charon. Ryder was then left with no other choice but to collaborate with Charon in order to ensure his wife's survival. Charon instructed Ryder to start up the prison's emergency power in order to activate the complex's surveillance system, which Charon would then use to guide Ryder. Once the power was back online, Ryder was confronted by a group of rebellious prisoners that managed to obtain firearms from the prison's armory. After fighting through numerous groups of convicts and criminals, Ryder arrived at one of the other medical wards in the hospital where he found an antibiotic to slow the effects of the infection on Emily (Tetracycline). Once Ryder obtained the antibiotic, Charon informed him that the Heroes were on their way to the island with an 'antidote' and that the antibiotic would slow down the infection rate within Emily until their arrival. After administering the antibiotic to Emily, Charon notified him that a group of hostile prisoners were closing in on him to avenge the ones that Ryder dispatched of in order to obtain the Tetracycline. With the prisoners dead, Ryder traveled to the control room in Block C and met up with Charon. As Ryder approached Charon, he discovered that Charon was behind the deaths of the scientists at the jungle laboratory but hides his suspicions. He was then instructed to clear the infected inside the Block C shower room so that the Heroes will arrive safely. With the shower room cleared, Ryder used the sewers in order to return to the control room. While eavesdropping on Charon's conversation with the Heroes, he discovered that Charon had been posing as him (The Voice). Enraged, Ryder threatened to kill Charon for endangering Emily and making him look like he betrayed his country. Charon rebuked him saying that the Heroes have the antidote and that they wouldn't trust Ryder nor himself if it was revealed that they were never actually speaking to Ryder. Charon then instructed Ryder to install knockout gas above the elevator lift that the Heroes would soon be using in order to steal the antidote and to avoid having to make any negotiations. After placing the gas and returning to the control room, Charon and Ryder watched the Heroes pass out from the gas. Before leaving to retrieve the cure, Ryder decimated the control room computer in order to prevent Charon from pulling off any more tricks. He then locked Charon in the control room and told him that he was going to go get the antidote for Emily. Charon replied to Ryder stating that it'll only work for those in the early stages of infection - while Emily was already past those stages. Shaken but unconvinced of his reply, Ryder ran off to get Emily in the intensive care unit. After Ryder left, Charon revealed that he had a hidden backup key card and taunted him, stating that Ryder should have killed him when he had the chance. Afraid of being too late, Ryder collected the antidote from the Heroes and desperately fought through waves upon waves of zombies to get back to Emily. Despite the odds, Ryder somehow made it to Emily, only to find that she had already become an Infected. The fallen hero then vowed to produce a more efficient antidote to save her. Bringing the prototype serum with him, Ryder and a restrained Emily head towards the roof for evacuation only to find Kevin, Jin, and the Heroes heading straight for them. __NEWSECTIONLINK__ __FORCETOC__