• Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins
  • Alundra 2 is an Action Adventure game for the Playstation One, released in 2000. Set in the kingdom of Varuna, the story focuses on Flint, a young man famed for his pirate hunting abilities. The backstory reveals that the king has recently been forced to abdicate in secret; the evil Baron Diaz has taken over over and replaced the King with a literal puppet.
  • Alundra 2 is an Action Adventure game for the Playstation One, released in 2000. Set in the kingdom of Varuna, the story focuses on Flint, a young man famed for his pirate hunting abilities. The backstory reveals that the king has recently been forced to abdicate in secret; the evil Baron Diaz has taken over over and replaced the King with a literal puppet. As the game opens, we see Flint sneaking aboard a huge airship. On board, he encounters a crew of strange mechanical men with wind up keys in their backs, along with a trio of pirates, who, while ostensibly in league with the baron, are more than a little uneasy about it. Flint's presence results in a scuffle that wreaks the airship and sends it down; Flint bails at the last second, plummeting into the sea and having a very strange encounter with a sperm whale before washing ashore near the tiny village of Paco. In Paco, Flint is introduced to the Princess Alexia, who has been seeking him int the hopes that the "famed pirate hunter" can help her defeat the baron (though she was Expecting Someone Taller). Hearing rumors from the villagers of a great bird that passed over recently, they set out for Mt. Sparrowhawk. There they find the crashed remains of the airship, along with definitive proof that the baron is working with the pirates. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by the arrival of former court wizard Mephisto, and a platoon of mechanical men. Mephisto is revealed to have power over bizarre magic wind up keys that can turn normal creatures and people into cyborg monstrosities. After narrowly escaping him, Flint and Alexia begin a journey to figure out how all these pieces fit together, and hopefully save the kingdom before something truly terrible happens... * Absurdly Spacious Sewer: The sewers under Mileena's mansion. * Asteroids Monster * An Axe to Grind: The dwarves of Kindra Forest want to axe you a question. * Baleful Polymorph: Mephisto's wind-up keys can turn people into soulless workers or into weird monstrosities. * Beastly Bloodsports: The town of Toroledo has a bullfighting ring as a Betting Minigame. The twist is that the fights are bull vs bull rather than bull vs matador. * Betting Minigame: You can bet on bull-fights at Toroledo. * Block Puzzle: There are lots of these. * Boarding Party: Despite the game being full of pirates, only one instance of this is seen at Flint's flashback. * Cartoon Bomb: There are two types of these: ones with a normal fuse and ones with skull emblems and very short fuse. Oh, and they're all pink. * Chain of Deals: Starting with the key you find at the airship and ending with best sword in the game * Charged Attack: You will learn one when you find all the toilets in the world. All three of 'em. * Clark Kenting: The Pirate Queen's Bodyguard is so obviously Flint's father, but he never realizes this. * Critical Annoyance * Damsel in Distress: Alexia for about 1/2 of the game. * Difficulty Spike: Once you reach Star Key the game gets more harder. * Dragon Rider: Flint becomes one when you finish the Draconia Bomb Factory. * Electric Jellyfish: Prevalent in the underwater levels. * Epic Flail: Red Fang boss' weapon of choice. * Everything's Better with Monkeys: Second type of enemy you fight in Kindra Forest is monkeys armed with clubs. * Everything's Even Worse with Sharks: Sunken Ship's boss battle is a giant orange shark with vacuum powers. * Evolving Attack: Swordmaster Jeehan teaches you to prolong your combo attack as you find the puzzle pieces for him. * Expecting Someone Taller: Mentioned by name when Flint and Alexia first meet. * Eyepatch of Power: Zeppo has one. * Faux Action Girl: Alexia. * Fetch Quest: After Alexia gets kidnapped, you are sent to a series of these. * Frictionless Ice: One of the puzzles in Seagull Ruins. * Gang Plank Galleon: Puerto Medusa. * Giant Eye of Doom: Mid-Bosses of Underwater Cave. * Giant Spider: The boss of Dunn Webb. * Going Through the Motions * Gotta Catch Them All: Jeehan's puzzle pieces. * Hailfire Peaks: The insides of Demon Whale, which is a mix of Womb Level and Eternal Engine. * Heart Container * Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Alexia is wearing a helmet in her first appearance, but then she removes it and it is never seen again. * Heroes Prefer Swords * Heroic Mime: Flint is mute. * High-Class Glass: Baron Diaz wears a monocle. * Highly-Visible Ninja: Nunugi. * Hook Hand: Zeppo has one. * In Name Only: This game has nothing to do with the first Alundra. * More than that, in the original game Alundra is the main character. In the second game, that character, that scenario, that world, and everything like it is completely absent. Even the company that produced it was entirely different. * Indy Escape: Before you fight Mutox, he turns himself into a giant ball and a minigame starts where you have to run away from him in this fashion. * Instant 180 Degree Turn * Invisibility Flicker: Red Fang can turn itself invisible. * Knife Nut: Mephisto's mecha mooks prefer knives. * Lethal Lava Land: Mt. Firedrake. * Living Statue: Anubis and Horus bosses. * A Load of Bull: Mutox. * Lock and Key Puzzle: Lots of these, with Interchangeable Antimatter Keys of course. * Losing Your Head: Mephisto's head removes itself and latches onto a new body during the second part of the final battle. * Luke, I Am Your Father: Averted. Mileena's bodyguard Belgar is Flint's father, but he never reveals himself to Flint. * Macro Zone: The roof of Draconia Bomb Factory. * Made of Explodium: All the bosses explode upon defeat. * Mecha-Mooks: Mephisto's mooks. Overlaps with Gas Mask Mooks. * Minecart Madness: At the end of Dunn Webb. * Minigame Zone: Gamar Isle. * Money Grinding * Monochromatic Eyes: Mephisto. * Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Mephisto. * Nerd Glasses: Albert. * Never Smile At a Crocodile: Boss of sewer level. * Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Quite a few bosses. Highlights include a crocodile with a huge mushroom on its back and a giant violet pirate gorilla cyborg. * Nintendo Hard: The Dart Game. Oh how annoying that game is. * Noob Cave: Kindra Forest. * Ominous Floating Castle: Star Key. * Palmtree Panic: Tortuga Beach. * The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Puerto Medusa's pirates. The pirates in Flint's backstory avert it. * Pivotal Boss: Metal Heart. * Pretty in Mink: Ruby. * Princesses Prefer Pink: Alexia. Even her hair is pink. * Prison Episode * Puzzle Reset: Puzzles will automatically reset themselves if you do them wrong. * Recurring Traveller: The merchant who manages to end up in the worst of the places. * Red Eyes, Take Warning: Red Fang and Mephisto's One-Winged Angel form. * Redheaded Hero: Flint. * Religion of Evil: Church of the Key. * Riddle Me This * Ring of Power: The Summon Magic rings. * Ring Out Boss: The Gian Spider in Dunn Webb. * Running Gag: Everyone expects Flint to be taller when first met. * Scripted Event * Shields Are Useless: Flint's shields are very small which makes them useless in actual combat. * However, standing still in the face of oncoming projectiles will allow Flint to deflect them. * Ship Tease: Practically every main female (even previous enemies) has shown an attraction to Flint at one point or another * Strong Family Resemblance: Ruby is quite similir to her mother Mileena. * Subtitles Are Superfluous * Summon Magic: Your elemental rings enable you to do these when you upgrade them. * Suspicious Videogame Generosity: There's always a save and a health recharge point before a boss battle. * Sword Lines * Sword Plant: As seen above. * Team Rocket: Zeppo, Ruby and Albert. * Teleporting Keycard Squad * Temple of Doom * This Is a Drill: Demon Whale is armed with one. * Training Dummy: In Jehan's dojo. * Trick Shot Puzzle * Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Zeppo and Mileena. * Under the Sea: The sunken ship level. * Underwater Boss Battle: The aforementioned orange shark. * Use Your Head: Zeppo's melee attack when you fight him for the first time. * Verbal Tic: People with Mephisto's wind-up keys on their backs tend to end their sentences with 'Gi'. * The fully transformed Mecha-Mooks are shown to only say "Gi." * Waddling Head: Birdlike ones are encountered in Mt. Firedrake. For some reason, they spit cannonballs.