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  • * One of the fat kids from fat camp is Barry Robinson from American Dad! * This marks the first appearance of Patrick Pewterschmidt since "The Fat Guy Strangler". Robert Downey, Jr. does not reprise his role of Patrick, instead Oliver Vaquer provides the voice of Patrick. * Stewie is freaked out by the cover of Queen's 1977 album News of the World, drawn by Frank Kelly Freas. * Carl thanking Brian for letting him be Yoda is a callback to the Star Wars trilogy. * Yamamoto is a Japanese surname, but one of the signs held by his fans in his entrance is in Korean, primarily Hangul. * In the novelization series of Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees actually does have a son named Free Jeffereson, born from artificial insemination. * Stewie's News of the World sub-plot was based on series creator Seth MacFarlane's own fear of the cover as a child. center|500px
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