• Blade's Pup
  • Blade's Pup is a male Fierce Dog with a fang-shaped blast of white fur on his neck, small ears, a tiny flank and bristly neck fur.
speaker a
  • Lucky
  • Lick
  • Wiggle
speaker b
  • Grunt
  • Lucky
  • Lick
  • Wiggle
speaker c
  • Grunt
  • Mickey
  • Lick
  • Wiggle
quote a
  • Are you sure Alpha is coming back?
  • Can you help him?
  • What's wrong with him? I don't understand. What's wrong?
  • I think it's another pup... Come back, little one! Stay here.
quote b
  • He's sick, I think. Like Mother-Dog? Perhaps we should wake the pup now. Take him inside, where it's warm and safe?
  • He's hurt...
  • I’m afraid I can’t. Was he your brother?
  • Of course she is. That's Alpha's pup. So she'll come back. See? Mother-Dogs never leave their pups.
quote c
  • No!
  • There's nothing you can do for him now.
  • Oh. When she makes her pup well, maybe he'll play with us?
  • I don't know if he'll wake up. He looks so very asleep.
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  • Blade's Pup
quote d
  • Lucky, we should get out of here...
  • You're both being silly. We don't have to do anything. The Pack will be home soon. Alpha will make Mother-Dog better, and she'll make her own pup better too.
speaker d
  • Grunt
  • Mickey
  • Darkness Falls, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided
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  • Blade to Lucky on her pup
  • Lick observes Blade's Pup dead on the grass
  • Lick observes the dead pup closer
  • Lucky realizing who was the mother of Blade's Pup
  • Lucky's thought on the pup
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  • Pup: Unknown
  • Pup
  • Grunt denies Blade's Pup as being his brother
  • Grunt states that Blade will return to her pup
  • Lucky and Mickey discovering Blade's Pup
  • The Fierce Dog pups speak about the dead pup and their Pack
  • Fierce Dogs
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  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Mother: Blade Father: Unknown
  • Male
  • She could just make out the bristly hair on the pup's neck. It looked stiff and dark, as if it had once been wet, and had dried a long time ago. Curious, she blinked. There were punctures, she realized, beneath those rigid prickles of fur. They looked a bit like the marks she and her litter-siblings had left on the soft-hide where they slept: ragged and torn at the edges. Their tiny teeth made those marks, she knew; chewing the hide gave them all comfort. But the marks here looked much bigger than that.
  • The other pup, the one who lay in the grass in front of her, didn't so much as stir. She could make out the hollow curve of his tiny flank through the green blades, but it didn't rise and fall with his breath. One small ear was visible too, but it didn't twitch, not even at the tip. She couldn't see the little pup's eyes, but some instinct told her she didn't want to, anyway.
  • Lucky trod through the grass to the small, limp body. Like the Mother-Dog, he had probably died a day or two before. The metallic scent of blood still clung to his fur. Lucky could make out the imprint of teeth— teeth shaped like his own— at the puppy’s neck below an unusual blast of white fur that resembled the shape of a fang. Lucky gasped. The pup had been attacked and killed; that much was obvious. If a coyote or a fox had killed him, they would have eaten him. But what sort of dog would do this to a pup?
  • Lucky stumbled, sick to his stomach. Dizzily, he remembered the dead pup he and Mickey had found in the Dog-Garden. He hadn’t been from Storm and Fang’s litter. ‘You killed your own pup,’ he gasped.
  • Blade flinched, as though struck. Then her face grew grim. "I did what I had to do.”
  • A Pack Divided, page 1
  • Blade's Pup is a male Fierce Dog with a fang-shaped blast of white fur on his neck, small ears, a tiny flank and bristly neck fur.