• Fox Mist
  • Fox Mist is a small red-furred female fox with thick fur, dark eyes, a bushy tail, and skinny haunches and shoulders.
speaker a
  • Storm
  • Sweet
  • Twitch
  • Lucky
  • Ruff
speaker b
  • Storm
  • Woody
  • Fox Mist
speaker c
  • Storm
  • Twitch
  • Woody
quote a
  • And what about Whisper? What did we do to you that meant you had to lure an innocent dog out of camp and kill him?
  • We should mark this fox. Scar it, like Tumble will be scarred, so that the foxes will always remember what they did and know that if they attack us again, they will suffer the same.
  • We should kill it. We must have revenge for Whisper!
  • What is your name?
  • Fox Mist, then. You have attacked our Pack, hurt our pups, and killed one of our dogs. What do you say to that?
quote b
  • Why are you asking its name? What does it matter? It's not a dog.
  • What dogs? What kill?
  • We can't. She's our prisoner. That would be murder.
  • Does nothing to dogs. Nothing! Dogs hurt foxes, for nothing.
  • Dogs kill! Dogs kill cubs, attacks foxes! No reason, but for vicious! Dogs attack. Dogs steal. Dogs takes everything. Takes and takes and takes. No dens, no prey. What do foxes do? They takes back.
quote c
  • You know what dog! His name was Whisper, he was gray and short-furred, and he was a good dog. And you evil not-dogs killed him in the woods, in the middle of the night, and left his body for us to find!
  • My name is Storm. This is Arrow. This is Lucky. That-- that is Bella. What is your name?
  • Woody, Ruff. I know that you miss Whisper. I do too. But we're not Fierce Dogs-- we can't kill a creature who is under our protection.
  • Alive
  • Fox Pack
  • Fox Mist
quote d
  • Dogs... Fox Mist is I. Stupids. What names? What is 'Bella'? You [Storm]. At least you has a true name.
  • Fox Mist does nothing to dogs. Only breaks twigs, only to hurt dogs home as dogs hurt fox home! Dogs let Fox Mist go... foxes leave, no more attacks.
  • Knows not. Foxes knows not evil. Knows only survive. Dogs comes to fox place, kills Cub Fire at dog place. Now dog dies at dog place... dogs say foxes kill? Foxes not. Dogs begin. Foxes only finish.
speaker d
  • Fox Mist
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  • 250
  • Fox Mist makes a promise to Storm and Mickey
  • Fox Mist speaking to herself and her cubs
  • Fox
  • Dead of Night
  • Member: Fox Mist
  • Unknown
  • Fox Mist asks the dogs to let her go
  • Fox Mist denies the accusations
  • Fox Mist to Sweet
  • Lucky decides Fox Mist's fate
  • Storm asks Fox Mist for her name
  • Fox Pack
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  • Fox
  • Mate: Fox Father Pups: Unborn
  • Female
  • Dogs. Dog Storm. Dog... Mi-ckey. Fox Mist promises, dogs lets us go, leaves us whole, foxes go. Goes far away, keeps peace, never returns.
  • Not stay here. Nasty dogs, bad dogs. We go. We get out. Home to Fox Father. We get home, cubs.
  • Dead of Night, page 237-238
  • Fox Mist is a small red-furred female fox with thick fur, dark eyes, a bushy tail, and skinny haunches and shoulders.