• Congalala
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  • Congalala is a Fanged Beast introduced in Monster Hunter 2. File:MH4-Congalala Render 001.png __TOC__
  • MHXX
First EN
  • MHF2
Signature Move
  • Nasty Farts
Weakness Sign
  • Limping
Monster Size
  • File:Gold Crown Large.png 1670.76
  • File:Gold Crown Small.png 491.40
General Notes
  • *It primarily uses melee attacks, such as charges or swipes, with an occasional belly flop. *Without the ESP skill, when the Congalala inflates its stomach, all attacks aimed at its stomach will bounce. However, it can be attacked from the side or the rear. *The Congalala's signature move is its fart attack, which inflicts the Soiled status, preventing the hunter from consuming any food items unless they use a Deodorant or wait for the status to pass. *The Congalala can also breathe flames, poison, paralysis or sleep gas out in front of it in the same fashion as Teostra or Lunastra using their fire breath. *The Congalala also has a dangerously strong combo in which it swipes 3 times and then does a body slam; however, this attack leaves it temporarily open to attacks, as long as the quake is avoided. *When enraged, its face and behind turn red, and it angrily blasts a fart. In rage mode, it is both faster and stronger. *The Congalala's weakspot, the head, will yield Vibrant Pelt when broken, and the remaining scraps of hair effectively make it look like a giant Conga with claws. *If the hunter drops meat mid-battle, Congalala may stop to eat it. This trait can be utilised by dropping drugged, tainted and poisoned meat. The Congalala indicates that it is going for the meat when it stands on its hind legs and sniffs the air. It may take more than one meat to inflict the desired effect. *Congalala have been known to fart when caught in a Pitfall Trap; consider keeping a safe distance away. It is especially likely when they are in Rage mode. *Congalala is found in much the same habitats as its stronger relative, the Emerald Congalala. *When hungry, the Congalala can release a sonic fart. This fart will actually have the same effect as a roar, but can be avoided by distance or the Earplugs skill. *Congalala is able to use a Dung Throw attack. One chunk of dung is sent flying a short distance, and if the hunter is hit, it will inflict the Soiled status. **To keep a Congalala from using its Dung Throw attack, simply do not break its tail. As long as the mushroom, ore, or bone is held in its tail, it cannot throw dung at the hunter. *An interesting thing to note is that Congalala falls face-first into a Pitfall Trap, unlike most monsters whose heads are caught above ground. *After dying, a Congalala can still damage any hunters nearby if they are standing near its claws while flailing its arms around.
Image px
  • 250
Monster Relations
Monster Type
First JPN
  • MH2
Japanese Title
  • 桃毛獣
Korean name
  • 바바콩가
  • Monster Hunter 4
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • Monster Hunter Frontier G
  • Monster Hunter Online
  • Monster Hunter Freedom 2 / Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • Monster Hunter XX
  • Congalala
English Name
  • Congalala
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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Notes
  • *Congalala's tail can be broken and will yield Territorial Dung or Territorial Dung+ , account items worth 500 Pokke Points and 2500 Pokke Points each, respectively.
  • Y
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Notes
  • *It can become infected by the Frenzy Virus. *When low on stamina it will fail to do its breath attacks and will take longer to do its fart attacks. *It eats mushrooms to recover stamina. **It's also the only monster that roars when it's out of stamina. *It can now inflict Blastblight by eating Nitroshrooms. **However it can only cause Blastblight through its farts and not its breath attack, which does fire damage like it has in previous games. *Congalala gets a new super breath attack that has longer range than the normal one. *It is possible for Congalala to be in Rage mode when it is encountered; this is most likely due to it being attacked by smaller monsters such as Remobra. *In G Rank, it can hang on vines and move forward while constantly releasing fart attacks.
Threat Level
  • !!
  • ★★★★
  • Y
Monster Hunter Frontier G Notes
  • *Congalala can be a pet. If you feed your pet Congalala certain items before battle it will start with Sleep, Poison or Paralysis breath . *HC Congalala's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Y
Monster Hunter Online Notes
  • *This monster is unlocked at Level 18.
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English Title
  • Pink Fur Beast
  • 62
  • Y
  • ピンクの毛並みをもつ大型の牙獣。 温暖、湿潤な地域での目撃例が多い。 食欲旺盛で、特にキノコ類には目がなく、自ら持ち歩く事も。 食物によって吐く息が変わり、毒や炎など、様々な特性を持つ、生息地によって食物が異なるため、息も地域の影響を受ける。
  • A large pelagus sporting pink fur often spotted in the jungle and swamp zones. Fond of mushrooms, its diet affects its breath, which may be poisonous or flaming. One can predict these traits via the food in its local habitat.
  • A large fanged beast with pink fur, often found in warm, damp regions. Found of mushrooms, Congalala possess either poisonous or flaming breath, depending on the food available in their local habitat.
  • Conga, Lala
Chinese Name
  • 桃毛兽王
Japanese name
  • ババコンガ
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  • Congalala is a Fanged Beast introduced in Monster Hunter 2. File:MH4-Congalala Render 001.png __TOC__
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