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Saurus (ザウラス Zaurasu) is a humanoid triceratops-like Bakugan, with armor that stands on two legs. His armor looks like an ancient battle clothing.

  • Saurus
  • Saurus
  • Saurus
  • Deutsches Schimpfwort, an Russen gerichtet.
  • Saurus (ザウラス Zaurasu) is a humanoid triceratops-like Bakugan, with armor that stands on two legs. His armor looks like an ancient battle clothing.
  • Saurus (Versión Japonesa ザウラス Zaurasu) es un Bakugan triceratops humanoide con armadura, que camina en dos piernas. Su armadura se parece a una ropa antigua de batalla.
  • Saurus is The Mukhtar's pet dinosaur look like bird monster with the head of a eagle with the horn of a antelope on his head, he is a Genie hunter villain but later becomes reformed and a Minor Character he first appears in two of these episodes Genie Hunt, and The Hunted in 1994s The Disney Afternoon Shows, Aladdin.
  • Saurus hat fünf Hörner auf dem Kopf. Zwei links und rechts und eins in der Mitte. Saurus ist sehr beliebt unter den Bakugan-Spielern, weil fast jeder eins hat. Dan natürlich ein Pyrus Saurus, Runo ein Haos und Julie ein Subterra.
  • Er greift mir normalen Attacken an und versteinert seine Gegner manchmal. Er besitzt weiterhin eine recht hohe Ausweichrate. Saurus erscheint meistens mit einer Kiste, die entweder Items enthält oder den Gegner Mimik.
  • "WHY!?!" Sarci Jameson [[Image:|200px|center|Saurus]] Real Name Sarci Jameson Aliases Saurus Identity Alignment Affiliation Self-Affiliated Relatives *Unnamed parents Universe [[]], [[]] Base Of Operations *Gotham * Metropolis * Central City * Star City Characteristics Gender Height * 6 ft Prior to Transformation * 9 ft Following Transformation Weight * 160 lbs (Prior to Transformation) * 970 lbs (Following Transformation) Eyes [[:Category:*Brown (Prior to Transformation) * Red (Following Transformation) Eyes|*Brown (Prior to Transformation) * Red (Following Transformation)]] Hair [[:Category:*Red (Prior to Transformation) * None (Following T
  • Sauruses or Saurii are big scaly lizard-like creatures of enormous appetites and very little brain and run around the forests or deserts. Sauruses have highly developed hind quarters to run and small, under-developed front limbs to grasp food, a large mouth filled with sharp teeth. Sauruses come in different varieties including the Purple Saurus (a wild and stupid variety), the Green Saurus (often domesticated), and the Red Saurus. Other variants include the Tyrannosaurus, Saurus Rex, the Terrorsaurus, and the Habari Kubwa.
  • The Saurus form one of the core species of the Lizardmen race, created by the Old Ones to be the warriors and guardians of their society. When the Temple-Cities are on the warpath, it is the Saurus who make up the hardened core of the fighting forces. This is of no surprise, for the Saurus were created solely for the purpose of warfare and nothing else. They are large and ferocious predator-warriors, so single-minded in their duties that they have no concept of personal thought, individuality or personality.[1b]
  • Chaotic Good
  • 30(xsd:integer)
  • *Gotham *Metropolis *Central City *Star City
  • 350(xsd:integer)
  • *Has the appearance of an anthropomorphic Raptor with blackish skin and a dark purple underbelly. Notable are his talons which are retractable, and his teeth. His tail has a hole at its tip where it can widen and act has a second mouth or an extra hand. Like a mouth it can swallow objects or humans and store them in a secondary stomach within his tail.
  • Single
  • 0(xsd:integer)
  • 950(xsd:integer)
  • -
  • Sarci Jameson was born in Gotham city. Attending at Gotham University following his graduation from highschool. As a student he was among the misfits at the school, but wasn't considered to be as bad three college misfits who would later become Fox, Shark, and Vulture. Following their capture by Batman and Batgirl Sarci Jameson was at the time cleaning up the chemistry lab where he had been previously working and accidentally slipped on some of the wreckage they left behind. Doing so he accidentally slid into a shelf that contained some of the mutagen which fell on top of him changing him. For unknown reasons why like the others the effects had been temporary his effects were permanent, even though he did not realize this at first. Waking up in his own dorm he though he had come back there without remembering but when he looked down and saw he had not changed he grew worried and tried to get help.
  • Lediglich physische Angriffe
  • 1(xsd:integer)
  • *Black over coating with dark purple underbelly, appears to look and feel similar to Dinosaur flesh rather than scales.
  • 38(xsd:integer)
  • -
  • -
  • *Freeman23
  • *Unnamed parents
  • Saurus
  • *Brown *Red
  • 270(xsd:integer)
  • Self-Affiliated
  • *Red *None
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