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Giggi are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter 3. File:3rdGen-Giggi Render 001.png __TOC__

  • Giggi
  • Giggi are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter 3. File:3rdGen-Giggi Render 001.png __TOC__
  • MH3U
First EN
  • MH3
Signature Move
  • Leech attack
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Notes
  • *Giggi are the only monster to inflict the new Life Drain status. To cancel this, just roll/dodge 1 to 4 times to have Giggi fall off.
Frontier Series-None
  • Y
Weakness Sign
  • Digging underground
Monster Size
  • Small
  • Y
General Notes
  • *As a Giggi sucks the hunter's blood, it starts to increase in size, but will only reach a certain body mass. *Giggi can be found in every environment in Monster Hunter 3, but its adult form, Gigginox, can only be found in the Tundra. **However, in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, they can be found only in the Tundra. *Despite not having wings or legs, Giggi are still classified as Flying Wyverns. *If a Giggi is not shaken off it may inflict the hunter with poison. *When hit twice with a torch, Giggi will flee by hiding underground. *Before flying at a hunter, Giggi will scrunch up for a few seconds. This is a good warning. At this point, the hunter can move and Giggi won't reaim.  *In Monster Hunter Diary, Giggi are found in the Khezu-Quest, while there is no Gigginox in the Game.  *If a Giggi is attached to a hunter, Cha-Cha or Kayamba may attack the hunter to get the Giggi off. *If a Giggi Sac is present, but no Gigginox, the Giggi will attack Baggi to defend the sac. *Gigi in Indonesian means tooth.
Image px
  • 250(xsd:integer)
Monster Relations
Monster Type
First JPN
  • MH3
Japanese Title
  • N/A
  • Y
  • N/A
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
  • Monster Hunter 3
  • Giggi
English Name
  • Giggi
English Title
  • N/A
  • 62(xsd:integer)
  • Y
  • Remarkably fecund wyvern larvae that can flourish in any dark environment. They survive by leeching onto other animals, sucking their blood, and then converting it to toxins. Giggi victims are advised to shake them off by rolling vigorously on the ground.
  • Wyvern larvae. Reasonably fecund, they can survive in any dark environment. Giggi are sensitive to light and heat, and so avoid torches. They are also known to leech from other animals, converting it into toxins.
  • 飛竜の幼生。非常に繁殖力が強く暗所であれば気候に左右される事なく棲みつくことができる。他の生物に張り付き血を吸うことで、成長しつつ体内に毒素を生成することも確認されている。なお、張り付かれた際には地面を転がる行動などを推奨する。
  • Giggi
Japanese name
  • ギィギ
  • Y
  • Giggi are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter 3. File:3rdGen-Giggi Render 001.png __TOC__
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