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  • You Can't Do That On Television, Peter
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  • Peter with Lois puppet "Saggy Naggy"
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  • You Can't Do That On Television, Peter
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  • 2012-04-01(xsd:date)
  • right|300px When Peter sets off to write a book, Lois shoots him down and insists he spend time with Stewie while she goes out. While they watch television together, Peter becomes hooked on Jolly Farm Revue and loses track of Stewie to Lois' anger leaving Peter to wish she was more like Mother Maggie. But when Mother Maggie announces the show will be going off the air, Peter creates and stars in his own children's TV show called Petey's Playhouse. Lois is surprised that Peter managed to get a show and isn't sure how things will work out. Peter's television lessons prove to be a bit over-the-top for his audience. In addition, Lois continues to be upset with Peter spending his nights out. Peter makes a "Saggy Naggy" puppet of Lois and presents her as a bitch. Lois finds out that her puppet's reputation has followed her to real life as she is attacked by children. When Peter wants to spend a night making love, Lois turns him away. Peter confronts her about her nagging and Lois agrees to quit nagging in exchange for Peter to quit using the puppet. But as they see Peter about to do a stunt that could get him hurt, Lois gives in and rushes to the studio where they arrive too late. left|300px Meanwhile, Meg does well in biology class and her teacher sets her up with an internship with Dr. Hartman at the hospital. She shadows Dr. Hartman around she finds out. He not only doesn't know much but gives good advice to a patient. When Dr. Hartman is drawn away, he leaves her in charge stating that she knows as much as he does. As Meg examines Bruce, another doctor confronts her and forces her to leave. As Peter lies bleeding, Meg arrives from the studio and gives aid, saving Peter's life. When Peter comes to, he admits that Lois was right and Lois says it's only because she loves him. When Meg points out that she helped, Peter merely asks for a glass of water.
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  • Peter creates and stars in a children's TV show.
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