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NOTE: ALL DATA IS FOR US/EU VERSION.There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.

  • White Dragon
  • White Dragon
  • White dragon
  • White dragon
  • NOTE: ALL DATA IS FOR US/EU VERSION.There are many differences in item stats with the Japanese version.
  • White dragons (also known as ice dragons or glacial wyrms) were the weakest and most feral of the classic chromatic dragons.
  • However, there are more buffs (and debuffs) available for physical damage-dealing pets which somewhat limits all mage pets' Damage Dealing abilities. This is slightly mitigated by all mage pets being ranged, so they will get the first attack in (unless the owner decides otherwise). This also allows mage pets to attack feared targets whilst non-ranged physical dd pets just have to run after it until the fear wears off. It is mountable at level 150 and has the fastest move speed in the game (unicorns and nightmares have the same move speed as the rentable rank 6 mount, the Quilin).
  • White Dragons were one of the original breeds first released on the site. They can breed with Daydream Dragons to make a Soulpeace Dragon. Often White eggs were mistaken for Silver eggs, and vice versa. Since the silver egg's sprite update however, they are now much easier to tell apart.
  • White Dragons are enemies in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.
  • The White Dragon was a hallucination from Homer.
  • White Dragon was a restaurant in Macross City.
  • White Dragons are small and intelligent creatures.
  • A Dragon which appeared at Moonfall * It was borne by Kajakab Hendson * Associated with Winter Source: King of Sartar
  • White Dragon is one of the four leaders of the shinzoku. Nothing is known about him, except that he/she is the main opponent of Death Fog, the ma-ō of the same world.
  • Alex Takeda, better known as White Dragon is a superpowered vigilante operating out of New York City.
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  • During One of a Kind, it is revealed that only one white dragon remains, named Therragorn. She was hidden in a dungeon underneath the Wilderness by the King Black Dragon to protect her from dragon hunters, which come to kill her soon after her location is revealed. In addition, the Queen Black Dragon tells the player and Hannibus that the Dragonkin took white dragons and imbued them with Abyssal magics, which eventually drove the dragons completely mad. The dragons were changed into a completely different species, celestial dragons, as a direct result of the Dragonkin's experiments.
  • White Dragon is an animal available on FarmVille. It was released as a part of the Zoo. Released as part of the 63rd File:Mystery Game-icon.png Mystery Game. It was re-released on September 10th, 2012 as a reward in Pig-O Game 24. It was re-released again on November 15th, 2013 as a reward in Pig-O Game 64. The White Dragon was re-released again as part of the Dragon Lair. It could now be bought from the Market for and giving you File:XP-icon.png experience.
  • White dragons breathe a damaging cold breath, and upon maturity exhibit a fear-inducing stature. They are immune to cold damage, and they are vulnerable to fire. A white dragon grows up beginning at wyrmling and continuing with adult, old, and finally ancient.
  • White dragon was reborn with great Luman's power. It shoots Ice breath to frozen all emeny. White dragon has immune with range attack.
  • White dragons tend to be the most feral and animalistic of the chromatic dragons, relying on sheer force rather than elaborate plans or strategies. They live in cold mountain regions and arctic lowlands, making homes within freezing ice-caves or other remote areas. Masters of the cold, White dragons employ freezing breath, along with a number of other cold-based spells in order to freeze both prey and foe alike. They prefer food to be frozen solid before eating.
  • [1] food: anything frozen attacks:ice breath, tail, bite, magic, and claws faverite treasure:dimands enemy: red dragons habitat: mountains
  • White dragons are hostile Dragon NPCs. They are Red dragon's cold-breathing twin brother which means they use their Cold Breath on their target.
  • White Dragon, Formerly William Heller, he is of the Fourth Reich and foe of the Suicide Squad.
  • During One of a Kind, it is revealed that only one white dragon remains, named Therragorn. She was hidden in a dungeon underneath the Wilderness by the King Black Dragon to protect her from dragon hunters, which come to kill her soon after her location is revealed.
  • The White Dragon (白龍, pinyin: Báilóng, onyomi: Hakuryuu) is one of the four dragons who serve Shangdi. A deity famed for its white scales, it represented purity and virtue. It could fly through the skies at blinding speeds, easily twirling upward into the heavens with unsurpassed agility. The White Dragon also possesses the ability to transform itself into a giant fish and loves to dwell within rivers. The Harukanaru Toki no Naka de series has its own take on the White Dragon for its parallel universe.
  • White Dragon es cualquier tipo de dragón de cuello largo o esqueleto de dinosaurio. A veces llamado Skeledragon, Bone Dragon, Quetzalcoatl o Wyrm. Hay dos tipos básicos de White Dragon, los que tienen el cuello unido a una pared, y los que son libres de moverse a su antojo (ya sea que flotan, rebotan, o madriguera). Cualquier variedad puede ser un enemigo jefe en un videojuego (a menudo llamado Bone Dragon King) y algunos de los nombres utilizados pueden referirse a cualquiera de los tipos dependiendo de los videojuegos. Skeledragon es un término usado en los videojuegos más antiguos en sus publicaciones occidentales utilizado sólo para la variedad enlazada. White Dragon se puede utilizar para una variedad unida o una variedad no unido. El término Quetzalcoatl se puede utilizar para descri
  • The White Dragon, or, as sometimes refered to, "Great White One". is the stuff of legend, passed down from generation to generation. Rarely seen, or rather those who have seen it haven't lived to tell of it, it has remained elusive to other dragons for thousands of years. The White Dragon, is the infamous dragon located in the Drak'ar Desert. His nest is located south of the desert in the, Dead Forest. the Dead Forest, is south of the desert and east of Gor Gammar. The White Dragon is mythed to be the reason for all of the eggs from the other dragons disappearance.
  • The White dragon is a monster that was speculated to have inhabited Gielinor in or around the time of the Third Age. Evidence is provided that they once existed by the examine options of the Third age ranger armour, which say that it is made out of white dragonhide. It is said that the hide of the dragon was used for the Archers of the Third Age, the bones to form armor for the Warriors of the Third Age, and the remains left for the Robes of the Third Age Wizards. Currently, this is the only race of dragons known that have officially "died out" out of the six, although it's the second if you count the Wyvern race dead. Like many other species and races that were influenced by the God Wars, the white dragons were likely forced into hiding or became extinct. It is suggested that the Revenant
  • White dragons are moderately uncommon monsters in ADOM. They will appear en masse in white dragon vaults, but otherwise won't be often encountered. As their dragon brethren, they have breath attack and immunity to element corresponding to their color (ice), as well as weakness to opposite element (fire). They are able to smash doors and equip certain items (mainly armor). They are relatively proficient in melee with enough PV and damage output to threaten unprepared players. White dragons are vulnerable to corresponding slaying ammunition, as well as Wyrmlance and Vanquisher.
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  • Chaotic
  • 86.0
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