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Flags were a type of item in Club Penguin that represented real-life flags, and were similar to pins, as both were placed in the top left corner of a Player Card when worn. Each flag cost 20 coins and could be bought by all players, and were located at the back of the Penguin Style catalog.

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  • Flags were a type of item in Club Penguin that represented real-life flags, and were similar to pins, as both were placed in the top left corner of a Player Card when worn. Each flag cost 20 coins and could be bought by all players, and were located at the back of the Penguin Style catalog.
  • A flag or florg in Anglo-Germanic pronunciation, is a slither of white bubble gum strapped to a tree in order to show that you already have many boats. It was used in 19th century Europe to make squirrels crap themselves with bubba. This has been disputed though, because bubba is not a substance but a living thing. The term flag was also sued by a hourglass lawman Ginsburg a pig rind.
  • The flag of the UNSC consists of a blue field with stars and Earth at the corner. Human rebel forces possess several flags throughout the various insurrection movements, including insignia such as family crests, bloodied dragons, scorched crossed swords, and a fist.
  • Flag is a supporting antagonist in Transporter 3.
  • Flag (flag) var våpen i Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Hvis du tar motstanderens flagg, erstatter det skiftenøkkelen, og kan brukes som våpen.
  • Flags in Demigod are non-attackble structures on a map. They are often used to determine control of other non-attackable buildings.
  • The Flag is an inventory item in KQ7.
  • While the term Flag is primarily a programming term, it is commonly used term in the Neptunia series and holds a variety of meanings.
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  • A number of nation states on Earth used flags to identify themselves. These included the United Kingdom of Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America. The practice continued into modern times, with the United Federation of Planets developing its own flag.
  • A Flag is a miscellaneous item found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Flag is an unused enemy in Mother 3, it was probably going to be like the enemies called Lamp and Doll from EarthBound Beginnings. It's battle theme, like most unused enemies is "More Mischievous Blues". His battle sound is Battle Sound 3 which falls under Code Numbers 445 for regular attack, 446 for Smaaaash! and 447 for Miss. Hacking the game is required to get him to use a regular attack as he has no attacks by default. Image:SlimyLittlePile.gifThis article is a . You can help My English Wiki by expanding it.
  • Flags are the main component of Capture the Flag. Their capture is the main objective of the game. To prevent their flag from being stolen, a team must defend it. It will switch designs depending on who the owner is. The flags are about ten feet tall and are placed in strategic places in the beginning of each game in order to prevent them from being captured by the opposing team. When the flag has been stolen by the opposing team, and planted on their territory, it changes into the design of the cabin that captured it and the game is won by that cabin.
  • A flag is a rectangular piece of colored cloth waved to represent someone or something. A lot of countries have flags. Ours is the greatest, as it represents the Greatest Country in the Known Universe, America.
  • Tradable: Yes Auction: Sell Price: Reward From Fangdango Documentation on how to edit this page can be found at .
  • Picking up the flag makes everyone on the other team get jealous of you, so they shoot their guns at your hands to try to make you drop it. However, most people have crappy aim and end up shooting you in the head and killing you. Avoid the flag at all costs if you are not holy enough to touch it. If they teabag you because you got the flag, its usually because they are so jealous of you for having it they want you to feel uncomfortable so you don't take it again. Blasphemy! You see the flag in Capture the Flag mode. It's right next to the headlight fluid
  • Flag 「フラッグ Furaggu?」 es una serie de anime de 13 episodios del género Mecha dirigida por el veterano director Ryosuke Takahashi.
  • A flag is a collection of crews who ostensibly work together for mutual benefit or protection, but it is actually a social grouping more than anything else. They are the largest political units in the game. Flags are the only political units that can blockade an island to take control of it, and flags are also the only groupings that may go to war with one another.
  • Kategoria:Artykuły wymagające poprawy kategoriiFlag (pl.Flaga) – flaga którą obserwujący zatokę może skontaktować się z dzwonnikiem, przez co pracownicy doków mogą usłyszeć kiedy wpływa do portu nowy handlowiec.
  • In Battlefront II, the location of the flag pickup and drop off point is located by a vertical rising ring, in the case of land, and a dotted sphere on space. In the 2-Flag Capture the Flag the friendly flag is blue while the enemy's is red. In 1-Flag Capture the Flag, the flag that is to be obtained by both sides are yellow.In space, the flag look like a box that gives off bright yellow light in flashes.
  • The Flag is a special accessory to dress up your Pokémon. File:Flag.png
  • The Flag is a piece of inventory stationed inside Blood Gulch outposts 1-A and 1-B. It serves as a goal for both the Red and Blue Teams, as they try to capture it from the opposing teams' base. It also serves as a religious relic to the Battle Creek Grunts.
  • F.L.A.G. - skrót od Foundation for Law and Government co oznacza Fundacja na Rzecz Prawa i Rządu. Założona przez Wiltona Knighta. Przez cały serial Fundacją zarządza przyjaciel i wspólnik Wiltona, Devon Miles. Do FLAG należą: Michael Knight, Devon Miles, Bonnie Barstow, April Curtis (2 sezon)oraz przez 4 sezon - Reginald Cornelius 3. FLAG posiada swoją ciężarówkę SEMI z wizerunkiem skoczka szachowego, oraz należy do niej K.I.T.T., K.A.R.R. I K.I.F.T.
  • The acronym stands for Free Lance Agents Amalgamated (FLAG agents are bad spellers). [Novel #1: "Get Smart!"]
  • There are known exceptions to the list of standard flags, including: Azerbaijan, Djibouti, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Georgia, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Libya, Maldives, Nepal, Northern Marianas, Oman, Samoa, Serbia, Montenegro, Tajikistan, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, and Yemen. Obviously, there are many more nations than default flags. That nice fellow Max Barry resolved that by giving nations the chance to upload a flag of their very own.
  • Generally, you would have to carry the flag in your hands back to the base, preventing you from using tools. Exceptions include Underground War, where you can carry the flag on your back, letting you use your tools. Flags can most easily be added to a game in ROBLOX by selecting them under game stuff in the ROBLOX Toolbox. Flags come in default colors such as Dark green, Bright blue, Bright yellow, and Bright red. They can be changed to custom colors though.
  • The flag is used in PvP to mark which team posseses a feature of the map: * In GvG this is the flag stand at the center of the map, which gives the controlling guild a Morale Boost every 2 minutes. * In the Global Tournament, Codex Arena, and Random Arena teams use the flag to control Obelisks, which automatically attack opposing players. * Holding a flag will slow down your movement speed. It also tends to make you a primary target, so speed boosts are almost vital when carrying flags for any extended length of time. * It is estimated that the flag will slow a holder down by 20%.
  • Director Wimple had a small American flag on his desk at the Seismological Bureau building. It was briefly stolen by Ben, but he brought it back.
  • The flag was first just a generic flag that resembled Germany's flag. After the faction started to grow, the Founding Fathers decided to come up with an original flag that would represent the members better. The Technocracy of Driv stepped up to the challenge and Visionary Adam Peterson, with the approval of Shogun Gerrit Nykamp (Executive of the faction at the time), made a customized flag and donated it to the 23rd Legion.
  • The Flag represents the finish line in any level in Kid Chameleon.
  • The flag is a tool that allows the creator to view their track from a certain point without having to view the entire track. This article is a stub. You can help the My English Wiki by [ expanding it].
  • This page is intended to define the INTERSLAVIC word form for the ENGLISH word at the top of the column to the right. If the INTERSLAVC box is "blank", then a word form has not yet been selected. Immediately below the INTERSLAVIC box is a link entitled "discussion about this word" - which will link you to a "Discussion" page specifically for the WORD at point. Below the Discussion Page link, under "PRIRODNE JEZYKI" ("Natural Languages") are listed the various modern Slavic natural languages - in their respective native language forms (NOTE: some natural language may be missing)
  • The first 10 flags are given free. Additional flags cost 500 coins or 50 points each up to a total inventory of 10 flags. Players leaving Vinesweeper with their flags are able to retrieve them from Farmer Blinkin for free, without being reimbursed for them. Flags can be retrieved when returning later to play the minigame. Flags within this minigame are used to mark locations in which a player believes seeds may be buried, and where one of the gnome farmers will then go to dig at the location and check for seeds.
  • Flags are hidden collectibles found on nearly all LEGO Universe worlds. The usual number of flags per world is 10, though some worlds have 5 or none at all. Crux Prime has 16 Flags. Upon collecting every flag in a world, the player unlocks an achievement that rewards a boost of either Health or Backpack space. There are also 10 flags on every race track, collecting all in a track unlocks an achievement that gives the player a car part. They could be spawned by a Mythran via Macro Code, although this was extremely uncommon and only happened during Mod Parties.
  • Flags are used in the Vinesweeper minigame. During the minigame, if one would find a supposed location of a seed, they would place a flag in the hole. A gnome would then come over, and deem if the player was correct or not. If he was correct, he would receive points and be able to retrieve the flag from Blinkin. If he was incorrect, the gnome would take the flag, and the player would not be able to retrieve it. Beware, when one places a flag, rabbits will be attracted to the hole you placed it in.
  • Players may pick up and carry any Flag by walking into it. The Flag can be placed back onto the ground with the Y button. As a result, any player who uses a special ability while carrying a Flag will set that Flag down. In the case of Jet Bomber, the Flag will be destroyed by the attack. Bombs cannot be placed on top of Flags.
  • The Flag are the prized items in the CTF Game Mode. They can be picked up by any enemy Unit Class, where it can be their weapon (unless it is a Heavy Armor unit and a commander class, for they would take out their pistol). The Flag is powerful; it can kill any unit in one hit, but heavy armor units and the commander class cannot use the flag, but instead have their pistols out, allowing them to do ranged attacks. Capturing a flag gives you points is equal of taking down 10 enemies.
  • Jim Courtney was found as an infant on the doorstep of John Courtney, a crippled war veteran and flag maker. John discovered that Jim had an American flag birthmark. On his 21st birthday, Jim was visited by the spirits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and told that he had "the speed of the wind and the strength of a 100 men" as well as invulnerability to all weapons. He left a star-spangled trail behind him whenever he ran. His birthmark glowed whenever somebody called the Flag for help. Jim now uses these powers to fight the enemies of America. If another person touches his birthmark, they can gain his powers.
  • The flag of the United Kingdom was the Union Flag. When at sea, the flag was the similar Union Jack. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern) Plain white flags were normally used in the event of a surrender. The Tenth Doctor, holding a sheet of A4 paper on a stick, met a group of Cybermen, jokingly apologising for not having an actual white flag. (TV: Doomsday)
  • A flag is a piece of fabric (most often rectangular) with a distinctive design that is used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or as decoration. The term flag is also used to refer to the graphic design employed by a flag, or to its depiction in another medium.
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