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  • Cynthia is a big Scäb contributor. Choreographer for Dwayne’s band on whom Brendon has a crush. Brendon takes her on a date to Jason's country club in "Impressions," but she invites Dwayne and his band members along. He eventually confesses his feelings in a disastrously public way at a battle of the bands in her last appearance in the second season episode "Pizza Club".
  • Cynthia is a woman who'd had a stroke and was at a risk for another.
  • Cynthia was Claymore No. 14 of the 132nd generation in the Organization and one of the 7 survivors of the Northern Campaign (see Seven Ghosts)
  • Cynthia je mladou, krásnou Nilfgaardskou čarodějkou, která je v učení samotné Filippy Eilhart se kterou má mimo jiné i milostný poměr. Později však vyjde najevo, že se ve skutečnosti jedná o Nilfgaardskou špionku, která má prsty v únosu Triss Ranuncul.
  • Cynthia is the Sanctuary's main healer and a proud lesbian.
  • Cynthia can use the following spells: * Aura Level 1 - acquires at Level 16 Level 2 - acquires at Level 20 Level 3 - acquires at Level 26 Level 4 - acquires at level 30 * Muddle Level 1 - acquires at Level 9 Level 2 - acquires at Level 18 * Blast Level 1 - acquires at Level 6 Level 2 - acquires at Level 14 Level 3 - acquires at Level 24 Level 4 - acquires at Level 28 * Heal Level 1 - already learned Level 2 - acquires at Level 4 Level 3 - acquires at Level 12 Level 4 - acquires at Level 22
  • A modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Glendale California, and named after its owner, Cynthia Webster. (The company is actually named Cyndustries, but Cynthia is the brand name that appears on the products.) Cynthia got its start designing specialized modules that filled in gaps in the Modcan-A module lineup, many of them based on circuit boards from Catgirl Synth. Over the past few years, as Modcan has expanded its model line, Cynthia has turned to offering a smaller lineup of specialized modules which are available in all five of the most popular formats -- Dotcom, Eurorack, Frac, Modcan-A, and MOTM. One notable and popular product is the Zeroscillator, a VCO with through-zero modulation capability.
  • Cynthia worked in Polygraph in the basement of Parker Center. She needed homes for three kittens.
  • In “The Fix-Up”, Cynthia is a friend of Elaine Benes, who is set up with George Costanza. George and Elaine vow that they will tell each other everything that happens over the course of the fix-up, including Cynthia’s testimonies to Elaine.
  • Cynthia was the director of the legal aid office at South Bay Social Services.
  • Cynthia is a girl who falls in love from Dennis.
  • Cynthia ist der Champ der Sinnoh-Pokémon Liga und gleichzeitig der erste weibliche Champ. Sie wurde in Elyses, wo ihre Großmutter und ihre Kleine Schwester noch immer leben, geboren. Wie der Protagonist in Pokémon Diamant & Perl hat auch sie den Pokédex von Professor Eibe bekommen und von ihm die Aufgabe aufgetragen bekommen, diesen zu vervollständigen. Außerdem studiert sie die Mythologie Sinnohs, die sie so sehr fasziniert. Sie verabscheut Team Galaktik, da sie findet, dass es ein starkes Band zwischen Trainer und Pokémon geben muss, wobei Team Galaktik Pokémon ausnutzt. Sie hat mehrere Auftritte im Anime.
  • Cynthia is a fictional character of the Hey Arnold! TV Series. She works at the Civic Auditorium shown in "Pre-Teen Scream" where she met Helga and Phoebe to see Ronnie Matthews.
  • Cynthia pode se referir a: Categoria:Páginas de Desambiguamento * Cynthia Watros, intepreta Libby; * Cynthia Merrill, editora de som;
  • Cynthia is a character exclusive to the Blue Dragon anime.
  • Cynthia is uchi, and is like a big sister to the player.
  • Cynthia (Japans: シロナ Shirona) is de Champion van de Sinnoh League. Categorie:Karakters Categorie:Game Karakters Categorie:Karakters uit Sinnoh Categorie:Champion Categorie:Pokémon trainers
  • Su verdadero nombre es Amy Elizabeth Thorpe. Espía británica en activo durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.Utilizó su encanto y gracia para sonsacar muchisimos secretos. Incluso los códigos navales del gobierno francés de Vichi.
  • Cynthia, ROE (Rose of England), a breathy nymphomaniac femme fatale from Earl's Court. Neddie's occasional love interest, with a jealous lover called Raoul (played by Ray Ellington with a George Sanders patina). Jilted for an elephant. In "The Scarlet Capsule", the local residents need to be evacuated, for fear of an unexploded bomb. Seagoon knocks on Cynthia's door, and when she answers, he says "I'm sorry to knock you up so late...." (pause for the double-entendre to sink in), to which she replies: "They all say that..."
  • Cynthia (シンシア, Shinshia) (also know as Sincere in the Japanese version) Measurements: 78-57-82 Owner of the weapon shop in Pastalia. She doesn't hide her affectionate feelings for Croix, which sometimes embarrasses him, and gets jealous when another girl (except Cocona) is around him.
  • In Eterna City, Cynthia is very impressed after witnessing the simultaneous evolutions of Platinum's Piplup, Diamond's Turtwig, and Pearl's Chimchar. She has her Pokémon use Psychic to control Grotle's Razor Leaf, accidentally leading Rad Rickshaw to believe that Diamond and his friends are the ones who saved him from Team Galactic instead of Cynthia.
  • Cynthia is the manager of Los Pollos Hermanos, Albuquerque.
  • Cynthia was a Rogue Telepath. Part of a colony of Telepaths on Babylon 5 in 2262.
  • First appears in episode 1, Tinsel City Rhapsody. She is a small girl. Who the police need saved for unknown reasons. She is accompanied by a bunch of other Bombers. However she is more than what she seems.
  • Cynthia, labeled The Sociopath, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. She is a member of the The Molting Eagles.
  • A KAOS assassin posing as Cynthia shoots Whitaker after he is lured to Washington airport by a message saying that Cynthia is eloping. [The real Cynthia is not seen; the assassin is seen but uncredited, Episode #54: "The Expendable Agent".]
  • Cynthia is the Drill Instructor from Metal Slug 7 / Metal Slug XX . She is a very typical tsundere, and inevitably falls in love with the player as he/she succeeds in the missions with high marks. After you complete the final mission with an "S" mark, you will have the choice to marry her or become her drill instructor, either way, it will say "Mission Complete!".
  • Cynthia was a synthoid created by Louie for Howard Groote.
  • Cynthia (not to be confused with the Pokemon Champion) is a Pegasus Knight from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and presumes Chrom married Sumia, although she remained unpaired herself. She has been played by Recette from September 2014 onward, who is the only person to do so.
  • Cynthia (シンシア Shinshia) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening and the daughter of Sumia from the future. If Chrom marries Sumia then Cynthia will be the sister of Lucina, if Sumia marries the Avatar then she will be Morgan's sister. Otherwise she will be an only child. In the Japanese version, she's voiced by Ayano Yamamoto, while her English voice is provided by Stacy Okada.
  • Cynthia is the supporting protagonist of Brendam, the supporting dueteragonist of Brendam 2 and a recurring character in Brendam: Bernard's Magical World
  • Es una humana con un carácter algo extraño, de joven edad, su pelo es castaño. Cynthia hace su única aparición en Dragon Ball Z. Trabaja en una autoescula junto a su compañero Yuzukar. Ella parece una chica amable y tranquila, pero en cuanto se sube a un coche su personalidad cambia completamente yendo a gran velocidad.
  • Cynthia und Vertvern sind die Titelfiguren eines berühmten Duetts, das Rittersporn mit Essi Daven singt. Ein Liebeslied, das mit den Worten "Hab schon mehr als eine Träne…" beginnt. Essi und Rittersporn singen dieses Duett als sie mit Geralt im Dol Adalatte Tal unterwegs sind und eine Rast eingelegt haben. Selbst Geralt, der nicht so das Gespür für Muse und Poesie hat, ist von der Darbietung den beiden angetan. Die Ballade wird in der in der Kurzgeschichte "Ein kleines Opfer" vorgetragen.
  • Cynthia is always portrayed as a completely perfect character, unable to lose or be wrong. While Ash Ketchum is busy advertising merchandise, Cynthia will "help" him with battles and try to lure him into her "training room". As of now, she is unaware that someone else has taken our hero. Cynthia is very fond of Cyrus, a multi millionaire criminal who is totally not a deranged fanatic that wants to become god. She wants to marry him so she can get his money, but unfortunately, she has some competition.
  • Barbara (clone sister) Diana (clone sister) Alicia (clone sister) Clone Diclonii (clone sisters) Kurama (genetic father) Hiromi Kurama (genetic mother) Occupation Living weapon Chapter 80 Chapter 83 No information No information Cynthia was one of four wholly viable clones of Mariko bred by Nousou at the Diclonius Research Institute and controlled with a device that rendered her docile and childlike.
  • Cynthia era una synthoid creada por Louie para Howard Groote.
  • Cynthia were a visual kei band, formed in August 1996. Their concept was "psychological stimulation", and were a fairly popular band in the indies scene. Cynthia disbanded after their live on December 6, 2000, and later reformed for one day in 2014 to perform at the memorial event of MIRAGE drummer AYAME, who had just passed away.
  • When Howard came with Terry to the robot factory, he met a shady man who makes robots that look like humans but are illegal. Using a credit card he got from his parents, Cynthia was created to be Howard's girlfriend. Howard became popular because of this, however Chelsea flirted with Howard which made Cynthia jealous. She tried to kill Chelsea by dropping a sign on her but Terry interfered.
  • Cynthia is a cat NPC toon working at Photo Cynthia's Camera Store on Maple Street, Daisy Gardens.
  • Cynthia is a human child found at the shed[[:File:|[, ]]] on the Hammond Farmstead in Gilneas.
  • Cynthia e Vertvern sono i due protagonisti citati in un famoso duetto tra Ranucolo ed Essi Daven, che i due cantano accanto al fuoco nella valle di Dol Adalatte, dove trascorsero la notte con Geralt. La ballata viene menzionata nel racconto "Una Piccola Dedica", della raccolta La Spada del Destino.
  • Cynthia is a powerful Pokémon trainer and the Champion of the Sinnoh region. Her grandmother Professor Carolina runs the Pokémon Research Lab in Celestic Town. She enjoys visiting the Solaceon Town Ruins. Later, in Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles, she helps fight Team Galactic as well. She has a villa in east Unova in the anime but in the Pokémon Black and White games she borrows Caitlin's villa (from the Elite Four).
  • Cynthia was one of the Zigerions who appeared in the episode M. Night Shaym-Aliens! She is the secretary of Prince Nebulon and she kept constantly appearing multiple times in front of him, to inform him about the discoloration of the skin on his butthole-flaps really loudly, humiliating him in front of everyone.
  • Die Asiatische Elefantenkuh Cynthia wurde 1995 im Zoo Bogor, Indonesien geboren. Ihre Eltern sind der Bulle Taru im Zoo Bogor und die Kuh Mawar, die ihr Kalb nicht annahm und wenige Tage nach der Geburt starb. Am 12.10.2016 hat Nova in Madrid das erste echte in Europa geborene Sumatra-Kalb (Vater ist Valentino) zur Welt gebracht, sie wurde dabei von Cynthia unterstützt. Ekol heißt die am 18.1.2017 in Rostov am Don geborene zweite Enkeltochter von Cynthia. Cinta brachte sie komplikationslos im Familienverband mit ihrer älteren Tochter Sitara zur Welt.
  • Cynthia is a large city built in the Atlas Mountains within the provence of Cydonia. It is one of the largest cities of the Dragon Confederation, second in size only to Warfang. It is built on a large mesa, and sorrounded on all sides by steep gorges. It's defensive walls are 30 feet thick, reinforced with both exterior and interior towers. Like Warfang, it is devided into seperate districts, including both an upper and lower city districts, with a central citadel in the center. The Citadel contains a small palace and a Great Dragon Temple. Like it's larger cusin, Cynthia also possess tall, hexigonical towers with domed roofs, topped with spires that serve as lightening rods. The city is meant as an alternate capital for the Dragon Confederation should Warfang fall to the enemy. the main a
  • Cynthia was Stanley Hudson's mistress on NBC's hit show, The Office. She was at first, Stanley's nurse, however, a relationship budded between them. With Terri out of town, Stanley and Cynthia went to a club called Tinks, where they were seen by the summer interns Megan, Eric, and as Michael refers to him, 'Jet Li.' Michael learns that Stanley is having an affair, and accidentally tells Terri over the phone. Terri and Stanley stay together however. Cynthia was Stanley's guest at Jim and Pam's wedding. Cynthia and Stanley both danced during the JK Wedding Dance parody.
  • Cythia is administrator of the Royal Mint in Ultima VII. Cythia was a studious young woman who was more than happy to shares the details of her job with the Avatar. She explained how the Britannian Tax Council helped levy funds from the people and used it to fund various projects throughout Britannia. These projects included funding new roads, digging wells, paying for healthcare, maintenance of Castle Britannia, and training guards. Cythia was even willing to help the Avatar by supplying a copy of income tax forms. She also explained how the Britannian Tax Council helped maintain stable prices through the exchange of gold bars and nuggets, exchanging 100 gold coins for gold bars and 10 gold coins for gold nuggets.
  • cynthia is the sinnoh champion. the champions are in the 'battle trainers' section and between the gym leaders/elite fours and the teams (magma/aqua/rocket) she has a very varied team. her team is spiritomb = lvl 61 (ghost/dark) roserade = lvl 60 (grass/poison) gastrodon = lvl 60 (ground/water) lucario = lvl 63 (fighting/steel) milotic = lvl 63 (water) garchomp = lvl 66 (dragon/ground) as you can see these are very varied.
  • Cynthia, affectionately known as Cindy, was once the babysitter of Abel Rewanz before his family moved to Zinvth. Cindy was the only person in that town who was not prejudiced towards Abel's wings, largely due to the fact she shared similar deformities. While Cindy was ostensibly a Being, she was born with a third eye on the palm of her hand - an anomaly that Cid Rewanz claimed was the result of working with volatile magic. Cid also used this explanation to dismiss Abel's winged appearance, but since he was later revealed to be an Incubus in disguise the validity of his statement is probably questionable. Therefore, it might be possible that one of Cindy's parents had some degree of Creature heritage. Both of Cindy's parents appeared in Abel's Story #33.
  • Cynthia - Reich * Herrscherin: Chaerlitt Naherned (Regierungszeit: 4888 – 4793 v. P.) * Hauptstadt: Coriella * Sonstige Städte und Burgen: Galandria; Tillvion, 1, 1, 1, 1 * Tempel: (Parana-Tempel); (Grewia-Tempel); (Dondra-Tempel) * Staatsreligionen: Grewia, Parana, daneben noch Dondra, Chnum und Jaffna
  • Cynthia is a character mentioned in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. She was the lover of Darla during her teenage years and was four years older than her as well. Like her, she was a closet lesbian. Darla was happy with Cynthia, because she finally found someone who accepted her for who she was, unlike her mother. Unfortunately, one night, Darla's mom found both of them in bed, naked. Her mother refused for her to see Cynthia again and even though she said she'd run away with her, her mother threatened to put Cynthia in jail for statutory rape if Darla saw her again.
  • Cynthia es un personaje de Harvest Moon: My Little Shop. Ella va a ser uno de tus primeros clientes. Cynthia vive en la ciudad Trébol y trabaja en la tienda de herramientas con su hermano Daniel. Mientras que Daniel hace más de inventor, Cynthia maneja más de la parte comercial, cosas para la tienda. A pesar de ser más joven que Daniel, Cynthia es más fiable que su hermano torpe y distraído. Ella es una mujer tranquila y joven y ayuda a mantener a raya a su hermano de causar desastres.
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  • All other available female classes.*
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