• Putin-P Series (Part 2)
  • Part 2 of the Putin-P series is the end of the first half of the series, with 8 songs and 1 extra. * See Part 1 * See Part 3 * See Part 4 * See Putin-P Series
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  • まほうはじゃどう [Mahou wa Jadou] - Magic is Heresy
  • けっせんとうじつ! [Kessen Toujitsu] - The Day of the Decisive Battle!
  • またあえたら☆ [Mata Aetara☆] - If We Meet Again☆
  • いっしょじゃない [Issho Janai] - Not Together
  • もんどうむようっ! ["Mondou Muyou!"] - End of Discussion!
  • みえないよるに。 [Mienai Yoru ni.] - In the Night that Can't Be Seen.
  • なやみむようっ!! [Nayami Muyouu!!] - No Need to Worry!!
  • きえないひとみ。 [Kienai Hitomi.] - The Unvanishing Eyes.
  • ぬすみはげどう? [Nusumi wa Gedou?] - Stealing is Wrong?
  • The song starts off with Miku and Rin in the same junior high school. Hatsune Miku exposits that she is an idol and meets with several reporters and, indicated by his sound effects, Ronald McDonald. It's also shown that Miku eats lots of food to cope with being held back in school. On the other hand, Rin complains about how she's always "number two" compared to Miku and how she hopes to get Len's affection; she receives some "magic words" from her teacher, a real life figure named Tashiro, that should get him to like her.
  • This is when the flashback from the Russian Era is shown. During Rin and Len's 'past lives', Len is a dog, and Rin is his owner. It's mentioned how Len the dog loves his master very much, and said Rin is the first person he had ever loved. Len then 'committed a crime' because he wanted to be with Rin. He saw her in his sight, but unfortunately, Rin's comrade came and shot Len the dog.
  • Miku sang on the radio and Len listened to her in front of a train terminal, having once listened to this song "with you," i.e Rin. Len had a way to restore Rin's memories . Len already remembered everything in his "past life" and wanted her to remember too, but bemoaned that Rin was having fun now, even participating in the school council. Len thought they were growing apart and, as a last resort, intended even still to give her her memories back. Len suddenly embraced Rin, and inserted a USB into her headphones.
  • This is the continuation of the If We Meet Again, Is Stealing so Wrong, and No Need to Worry flashbacks. Following the flashbacks of Stealing is Wrong? and No Need to Worryy!!, Len is shown still hugging Rin from the end of If We Meet Again☆. After being released, Rin muses on her memories coming back and her relationship with Len; with Ronald gone and no more obstacles in their way, Rin urges Len to be with her. Len, meanwhile, said that Rin would sing a song that would destroy this world with her memories back, and that he was deceived. He deprecated himself while Sazae and Fune call him a loser and idiot. Trying to get Len's attention again, Rin finally insults him to snap him out of his self-deprecation. Afterwards, they join hands at last and share a happy moment. Elsewhere, however, a miserable Miku mourns her loss of Ronald and then sends herself into a drug-fueled hallucination to be with him again.
  • This takes place on Miku's first date with her boyfriend, Ronald McDonald. Everything went perfectly; they rode on the Ferris wheel together and ate some fries, until Miku realized Ronald was going to disappear. Miku started talking about Len and how Ronald was able to deceive him. Miku knew about Rin and Len's "past lives" and conflict with Ronald, and mentions that Rin wasn't the world's most pure machine gun which Ronald wished to fight. Upset by his approaching disappearance, Miku said she wouldn't give up, and she'll be searching, and hoping for them to meet again, because Miku truly loved Ronald McDonald.
  • A bonus song in the series, about Rin and Len critiquing all of Shiuka's drawings in part 2. Len, high, decides to pick which he thinks is the cutest; to Rin's anger, he picks pictures of Miku and she immediately shuts him up.
  • Rin, making plans to impress Len, explains how she'll show him that she can also be a Vocaloid Idol like Miku, even if it's annoying. Excited, she invites Len to meet her in the back of the school so he can see all the ways she's changed. Although he's late, Len finally arrives and Rin asks him what his answer is. Len replies it's bad, and Rin freaks out.
  • Rin's memories came back, and she "remembered" the days when she was still human and not a Vocaloid. Rin "remembers" when she found Len , and sang about how work was hard. Fighting alone felt lonely for her, but since Len was there she didn't feel that lonely anymore. Irina even wished that Len would be a human. Irina left Len in someone else's hands because she had to work for Putin, but before leaving she soon witnessed that her comrade shot Len . Distressed, Rin began shooting her colleagues, killing them and finally, committed suicide herself. Afterwards, both Rin and Len were "reborn" as 'Vocaloids' and they met again.
  • Rin is frustrated because Len didn't like her change and seemed to reject her. Miku tries to comfort her, offering her french fries. She then starts talking about how sweet her boyfriend is and about other foods. After that, Rin rebukes Miku's kindness before also talking about her past and food. Later, Len lay on the floor after a tryst with Abe-san, upset that Rin had tried to change herself for him. Len mentions why he couldn't love Rin back; he was shot by a child in Russia and Rin went on a rampage because of it. Len continuously said then that everything was all his fault.
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  • Part 2 of the Putin-P series is the end of the first half of the series, with 8 songs and 1 extra. * See Part 1 * See Part 3 * See Part 4 * See Putin-P Series