• The Fairly OddParents: Season 7 DVD
  • The Fairly OddParents, Season 7 is a DVD that contains episodes from Season 7. It was released on June 10, 2011.
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  • Teacher's Pet
  • Balance of Flour
  • Food Fight
  • Please Don't Feed The Turners
  • Crocker Shocker
  • Super Zero
  • Temporary Fairy
  • Anti-Poof
  • Chicken Poofs
  • He Poofs He Scores
  • One Man Banned
  • Operation Dinkleberg
  • Playdate of Doom
  • Poltergeeks
  • Cosmo Rules
  • Fly Boy
  • Lights Out
  • Take and Fake
  • Beach Blanket Bozos
  • Dad Overboard
  • Farm Pit
  • Frenemy Mine
  • Timmy Turnip
  • Crock Talk
  • Crocker of Gold
  • Dadbra-Cadabra
  • Manic Mom-Day
  • Double-Oh Schnozmo!
  • Stupid Cupid
  • Planet Poof
  • The Boss Of Me
  • Add-a-Dad
  • Mice Capades
  • Squirrely Puffs
  • Spellementary School
  • Bad Heir Day
  • Freaks & Greeks
  • Formula For Disaster
  • The Fairly OddParents, Season 7
  • Old Man And The C-
  • Season 7 DVD
  • Cosmo and Wanda are too busy taking care of Poof to tend to an overly adventurous Timmy, so he wishes up a “temporary fairy”. Timmy's temporary fairy, who is Jorgen von Strangle is more than happy to fulfill Timmy’s wishes, especially the more dangerous ones.
  • Foop escapes from Abracatraz and, using a recording of Jorgen's voice, tricks Wanda into thinking that Jorgen has rehabilitated Foop and that the Anti-Fairy baby is ready for a play date with Poof. While Foop seems to have good intentions at first, as soon as Cosmo and Wanda turn their backs, Foop terrorizes Poof and then cries and blames Poof when his parents return. Only Timmy can warn Cosmo and Wanda of Foop's true intentions, but his pesky parents keep pulling Timmy away before he can speak, and if Poof keeps getting in trouble then he will get a time out.... In Foop's inter-dimensional play pen of doom.
  • After Timmy Turner is rejected from the school band, he wishes everyone would love his music. Soon, when Timmy gets his first taste of acclaim, he begins to shut out his friends, family, and even his fairies. Wanda has to stop him before he becomes completely fame crazed.
  • After Timmy tells Poof a scary story, the baby's' crying keeps him up all night, so Timmy wishes for no light for twelve hours of day. Little does Timmy know, that when his godparents are kept in the dark for longer than eight hours, they become "Scary Fairies" and turn on their godchild. Timmy must make his way through a pitch black Dimmsdale, avoiding his usual enemies until the twelve hours are up!
  • Timmy Turner is trying out for the local soccer team, the Dimmsdale Victims, which are coached by his father, who wants to beat Dinkleberg's team, The Dinkle Ducks. However, Timmy costs his team the game and his father benches him. While eating his breakfast, Timmy accidentally swallows Poof who enters Timmy's brain and uses magic to enhance Timmy's skills, turning him into an all-star soccer player. Because his newfound powers are considered cheating by Da Rules, Timmy must keep his fairies distracted long enough so that he can win the championship for his father's team!
  • Cosmo's brother, Schnozmo, comes to visit, claiming to be a secret agent. Wanda does not like Schnozmo, suspecting him to be a con man, and soon her suspicions are proven correct when she tricks Cosmo into handing over his wand so that he could spend time relaxing on an island. Wanda tracks him down and makes him take part in a real spy adventure to spare Cosmo's feelings.
  • When Jorgen von Strangle gets the trickups he isn't able to enforce Da Rules, so he must pass it on to his closest available relative until he gets better. After a magic lever designed to transport him to his nearest available relative poofs him to the Turner's house, Jorgen consults his aunt, Nana Boom Boom, who reveals that a very distant relative of Jorgen's is in the room: Cosmo!
  • When Poof watches too much of the violent classic "cat and mouse" cartoon, "Sleazy and Cheezy", he turns Timmy and Vicky into the characters from the show after noticing they perform mindless acts of violence on each other exactly the same way. Timmy must run for his life from Vicky and use his smaller size to his advantage to outwit his foe until Cosmo and Wanda can figure out a way to understand his squeaky mouse talk and unwish the wish.
  • After Mr. Turner gets lost while looking for their hotel and land on a deserted island, he struggles to make a boat to save his family, and to prove his masculinity he doesn't let anyone help him. Meanwhile, Poof finds a nuclear bomb in the sand and Cosmo activates it, putting the Turners' life at risk unless Timmy convinces his father to help him get them off the island!
  • Mr. Turner is sick of commuting to his job every morning, so he quits and starts up a farm around his house. This is not helped any by the fact that anything Mr. Turner touches instantly dies, so Timmy decides to help his father out by wishing for the best farm ever. Cosmo and Wanda plant super seeds which "superceded" all magic, and when Mr. Turner starts making Timmy harvest the humongous crops all by his self, he cannot unwish them easily, especially not when Cosmo and Wanda managed to get blown away to Cleveland!
  • After hearing from his mother and Wanda about how hard a mother's life is, Timmy contests that his life of being bullied and failed at school is much harder, so Wanda swaps Timmy and his mother's brains for a day after making a bet with him to prove that a mother's life isn't easy.
  • With Poof's first day in Spellementary School, he and Foop compete to be the most popular student there, but Foop takes it to extremes when his classmates don't accept him, and its up to Poof to stop his anti-fairy counterpart from tearing apart the school!
  • After Dad doing bad magic acts in front of the school, Timmy wishes his dad had a magic hat and becomes very successful at magic and starts to go on tours. But Mr. Crocker, disguising as the one who does the tours, suspects that Mr. Turner is a fairy!
  • Poof winds up in Yugopotamia where the unappreciated Queen Jipjorrulac uses his cuteness to scare her unappreciative family and subjects into giving her whatever she wants. Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo journey to the planet to get Poof back, but the Queen is not giving up her newfound Emperor without a fight!
  • The Squirrel Scouts; led by Mr. Turner; are planning a hike to the top of Mount Doomsdale, when their manhood is challenged by the presence of the Cream Puffs; lead by Mrs. Turner; who challenge the Squirrel Scouts to a race to the top of the mountain. Although Timmy is confident that Tootie and the other girls stand no chance against him, even with Da Rules preventing him for using magic in a competition, he quickly finds out that nature is not as easy to conquer as he thought, and soon he and his friends are fighting for their lives in the wilderness when Mr. Turner gets separated from them. Mrs. Turner and the girls are having better luck with the help of them being women in harmony with nature, but their non-stop singing is driving her crazy!
  • After Timmy almost had to eat his mom's stinky food, Timmy wishes that his mom was the best cook in the world, but when she enters to a cooking competition on a television show called "Extreme Food Fight" against the greatest chefs in the world, the magic wears off and she has to face the challenge alone!
  • After a near death experience, Mr. Crocker decides to forget about fairies and starts to hunt leprechauns, but when a leprechaun disguised Cosmo gives him the pot of gold from the the McPunchies clan, Wanda and Poof are taken hostage and Timmy and Cosmo must get it back.
  • After failing miserably on a television program called "Are You Brighter Than a 6th Grader? by answering "Sea Cucumber" to nearly all the questions, Mr. Turner reveals he dropped off school at 5th grade when a kid named Melvin said he was "too cool for school". Fearing that this will possibly rub off on his son, Mrs. Turner forces her husband to go back to school, and Mr. Turner ends up and Mr. Crocker's class with Timmy! At first he works hard to graduate from Dimmsdale Elementary School and make his son proud, but after he meets Melvin and he tells him he's still "too cool for school", Mr. Turner's attendance starts to slip, and Timmy must convince his father to finish school and make his family proud!
  • Mr. Crocker gets a hold of Poof and decides to groom him to be the heir to his "fame and fortune."
  • When Timmy visits his dad's company, the Pencil Nexus, he wishes a pencil that will last forever so that his father will get in better standings with his mean boss, Mr. Ed Leadly, but when Mr. Leadly finds out that it was Timmy came up with the everlasting pencil, he makes Timmy the new boss and his first task is to fire his dad.
  • Poof has a fairy disease called Chicken Poofs which turns him into a catch, it's contagious, so anyone he sneezes on turns into a chicken! Dr. Rip Studwell has the cure, but Poof becomes afraid of the needle and runs away. Can Timmy and Cosmo catch him before he turns the whole of Dimmsdale into chickens? Meanwhile, due to an accident involving all the medicine being dropped, Dr. Rip Studwell and Wanda have to travel to a temple in Fairy World in search for more.
  • Mr. Crocker is hypnotized into no longer believing in fairies. Unfortunately, it was his belief that powered Fairy World's magic. It's up to Timmy and his godparents to find a way to make Crocker believe again, or else Fairy World will lose magic and plummet out of the sky!
  • Doug Dimmadome selects the Turners to go on a space mission, but it turns out it was really Dark Laser in disguise with an elaborate plan to take revenge on Timmy and trap the Turners in a space zoo on his Death Ball.
  • When Cosmo is expelled from the house because of being an annoyance to everyone, and he suddenly deemed a superhero by the citizens of Dimmsdale after he is seen flying and saving Poof.
  • After noticing that his parents are bored all the time, Timmy has Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof pose as ghosts so that his parents can re-live their glory days as ghostbusters. However, Chet Ubetcha, who has always doubt their abilities, vows to expose them for frauds. To make matters worse, Mr. Crocker discovers Timmy's plans again, and throws a wrench in them by providing Timmy's parents with real "ghost" catching/shredding equipment!
  • After being rejected yet again by Trixie, Timmy Turner seeks help from Cupid, only to find he's left on holiday. So Timmy takes Cupid's bows and arrows and entrusts Cosmo into the temporary role of Cupid so he can make Trixie fall in love with him. Unfortunately, Cosmo messes everything up again by missing his shots and hitting the wrong targets, and soon Cosmo, Wanda, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Turner, and Mr. Crocker are head over heels in love for all sorts of things! Timmy must decide whether to spend the moment with Trixie, or break up the blossoming romance between his mother and Mr. Crocker!
  • Timmy and Poof want to watch a horror movie, but are forbidden by their parents to watch the movie. They soon get poofed to fly size and a fly's head gets stuck on Timmy's body.
  • Centuries ago, the Anti-Fairies and Fairies started an annual bake-off to determine which species gets godchildren. This year Jorgen von Strangle's aunt Nana Boom Boom's recipe is at risk, and Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are determined to make sure they make Timmy their godchild by stealing the recipe and getting cheating the fairies out of the competition. To make matters worse, Poof has developed a bottomless craving for these brownies, and the fairies must quickly find the recipe so they can bake up another batch after Poof eats them all!
  • Since all Fairies have an Anti-Fairy counterpart, it was only a matter of time until Poof's was born. Anti-Wanda gave birth to a square-shaped Anti-Fairy baby named Foop! From the moment he was born Foop is already even more intelligent and evil than his father, Anti-Cosmo, and turns on the Anti-Fairies by turning Anti-Fairy World into a colorful place. Soon after, Foop learns about the lack of fanfare surrounding his birth, and learns that his Fairy counterpart Poof was already born before him, stealing the title of first magic baby born in thousands of years. Foop now sets his sights on getting rid of Poof so that he will get all the attention!
  • Timmy wishes to be at a "real" toga party and ends up on Mount Olympus with real gods, but when he accidentally destroys their home, they decide to party at Timmy's house instead.
  • Timmy meets his grandparents, Grandpa Vlad and Grandma Gladys, who host a long and disgusting Yak-filled holiday at his house called "Yaksgiving". After a week of torment, Timmy foolishly wishes they never came to America. He finds himself back in Ustinkistan, his grandparents' native country, with no money or magic to get back home.
  • After Timmy Turner saves Vicky's life after her attempt to torment him backfires, she is shunned by her fellow evil babysitters, and loses all of her friends. After Timmy suggests to her that she try being friendly, Vicky begins to smother Timmy with friendliness, and he must find a way to change her back to her mean self, since she won't let anyone else near him!
  • Tired of A.J. being a suck-up to Mr. Crocker and getting good grades for it, Timmy Turner wishes that he was the teacher's pet, and Poof turns him into Mr. Crocker's guinea pig. Worse, Mr. Crocker is going to use guinea pig Timmy for his experiment: a genetic hybrid of different animals creating the ultimate Fairy-catching monster!
  • Poof's refusal to take his medicine and Mr. Crocker's visit to the Turner residence to complain about Timmy's bad grades leads to chaos in the Turner household when Mr. and Mrs. Turner accidentally drink Poof's formula, causing them to fall into a deep sleep, but not before they sign Timmy's life away into Crocker's military school! Cosmo and Timmy must now use his parents like string puppets to serve Mr. Crocker a dinner, and get Timmy's military school application back!
  • After mysterious monster appearences of monsters on Dimmsdale, Crocker starts a webshow called "Crock Talk" to comment it, and asks for viewers to call if they see a monster. Since the monsters were all wished for by Timmy, and were sneaking out of his closet where they were usually stored, his father soon spots one and calls Crock Talk, but Mr. Crocker only wants to use it as an opportunity to film Timmy's fairies!
  • Mr. Turner is very busy working, so busy in fact that whenever he and Timmy are doing something fun, Mr. Turner will be called off, abandoning his son. So Timmy finds a solution, to wish up many Dads, so that every time one of them has to leave he will have a replacement, but when the Dads keep leaving, soon there are too many dads, and they all want Timmy!
  • Mr. Turner becomes obssesed with proving Dinkleberg is evil, and drags Timmy into a 24/7 spying mission, which means no more school.... or wishes. Tired of his father's tirade, Timmy decides to go along and eventually try to convince his father that Mr. Dinkleberg isn't really evil. However, when Mr. Turner sneaks into Dinkleberg's House and is discovered, Mr. Dinkleberg reveals himself to be a member of the Ministry of Evil and Abusive Neighbors and that he really was making the Turner's life as miserable as possible!
  • During a trip to Hawaii, Timmy wishes his parents were the best surfers ever to impress the locals, but that wish starts a wish limbo, in which they won't stop fighting until only one prevails as best surfer ever in Hawaii.
  • Timmy borrows Mark Chang's "iFake" disguising device in order to attend Trixie Tang's costume party, unfortunately his lack of knowledge about Yugopotamian technology puts him in a tight spot when he accidentally puts the device in shuffle mode, turning him into different monsters whenever he gets close to Trixie!
  • NTSC
  • TV-G PG
  • 2011-06-10
  • 28020.0
  • The Fairly OddParents, Season 7 is a DVD that contains episodes from Season 7. It was released on June 10, 2011.
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