• Putin-P Series (Part 3)
  • Part 3 of the Putin-P series, is the beginning of the second half of the series and also the longest part, with 13 songs. * See Part 1 * See Part 2 * See Part 4 * See Putin-P Series
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  • またあえたね☆ [Mata Aeta ne☆] - We Met Again, eh?☆
  • ゆめにさよなら☆ [Yume ni Sayonara☆] - Farewell to the Dream☆
  • こころにこえを。 [Kokoro ni Koe wo.] - The Voice in My Heart.
  • かがみのむこう> [Kagami no Mukou>] - The Other Side of the Mirror>
  • こころにこえを ○ [Kokoro ni Koe wo ○] - The Voice in My Heart ○
  • うそつきはだれ? [Usotsuki wa Dare?] - Who's the Liar?
  • たびにでよう! [Tabi ni Deyou!] - Let's Take a Trip!
  • 幻覚カタストロフィー [Genkaku Katasuterofi] - Illusion Catastrophe
  • じゃましないでね☆ [Jama Shinaide ne☆] - Don't Interfere☆
  • きみに、わたしに。 [Kimi ni, Watashi ni.] - To You, to Me.
  • なにもないもの。 [Nanimonaimono.] - The One Who's Nothing.
  • あんさつしゃ! [Ansatsusha!] - Assassin!
  • ねむりたいのに! [Nemuritai no ni!] - Although I Want to Sleep!
  • In this song, a mirror perspective of the previous one, Teppannov sang about the "data" uploaded by Elena and putting a virus inside of it, originally "living like a machine" before deciding to stop. He then sang about his past with Elena, the two of them separating before reuniting after Teppannov, a killer, was sent to kill Elena. Tepannov plans to run away with Elena, not knowing she's killed herself.
  • Miku was miserable after she gave up being an idol, Len even said that he had to go looking for Miku when her disappearance grew serious . When they saw Rin on TV singing "Assassin", Miku said that Rin was finally free and must be happy. She then spoke cryptically about her past in Russia. Len said he was disappointed at seeing his favorite singer give up on singing and tried to cheer her up, only to be rebuked. Later Rin is seen having left the concert making a phone call.
  • On Christmas eve, Rin sung at a concert which aired on TV. She sang about how she wanted Len to say "I love you" because to Rin, on Christmas night, Len is the only Santa for her. She wore a pretty costume and thought Len must be astonished at seeing her performance on TV. Rin couldn't wait for Christmas. In the end of the video, it shows Miku and Len watching TV and Miku getting a nosebleed over Rin. This song has entered the Hall of Fame.
  • Elena fled from Teppannov in "Although I Want to Sleep!" and went to the beach. She changed her image entirely. Then, she noticed that someone was stalking her. Elena ran, and went as far as pulling out her gun, the man who was stalking her ran to catch up with her as well. Unfortunately, the video ends with a cliffhanger as the man points a gun directly at Elena's face.
  • Putin-P Series Wiki On the Wiki Wiki Activity Random page Videos Photos Chat Forum Songs Characters Misc Post Contribute Watchlist Random page Recent changes Illusion Catastrophe 75PAGES ON THIS WIKI Edit Comments0 A Place to Chat Song title Original title:【初音ミク・鏡音レン】幻覚カタストロフィー【オリジナルPV】 Romaji: Genkaku Katasuterofi English: Illusion Catastrophe Also known as: しゃべりば! Romaji: Shaberiba! English: A Place to Chat! Singer Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len Producer numtack05 Shiuka NND / YT Links Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast Contents[hide] Summary Lyrics Keywords Illustration Analysis Sound Effect Analysis Trivia Notes Curiosities SummaryEdit Illusion Catastrophe, a video created by the Uploader , is interrupted by Miku for A Place to Chat!, instead. Having finished seeing Elena and Teppannov's respective stories, Miku and Len discuss Rin's current state and the story Len just witnessed while inside a manufactured data world. While "the viewers" watch, Len and Miku communicate at hyper speed as the latter explains to Len how Elena constructed the memories of Irina, the dog, and Irina's comrade as data files that entered in Rin, Len, and Camui, respectively, as well as noting how Len retained his current appearance due to Rin's own wish for him. She explains how they came from this to their present circumstances, Rin in particular with the help of the uploader, until Len disrupted everything by giving Rin back the memories she'd intentionally erased. Noting that Rin would destroy herself soon, the two discuss that, while Len can't help her, he could show her a final happiness instead. As Miku plans to link herself, Len, and Camui together in Rin's interior, she encourages the reluctant Len to go to Rin while she plans to look for the fragment of Ronald. The two bid each other farewell and Miku shoots the USB into her headphones.
  • After Rin ran away from Camui, she passed out. When she woke up she was in her interior, and encountered Red!Rin who was wearing Rin's Vocaloid clothes and Ronald's shoes, while Rin was wearing her Russian clothes. Rin said she was Kagamine Rin and for the "impostor" to disappear. Red!Rin told her that she was Irina, not 'Kagamine Rin'. Irina is supposed to be a virus, and that she has overstayed her visit and she will now leave to finish her work. Irina called Red!Rin a liar because she didn't want to go, before conceding she would and remembered the times she spent with Len. Feeling tired, Irina made up her mind and decided to say "Farewell" to this world. In the end of the video, Rin disappeared, leaving only her clothes on the floor. Then there was a Skype chat between Miku and Len, where Len explains Rin left. Miku said she had to go to where Ronald's fragment was, and Len decided he wanted to join her, hoping Miku could explain a few things for him. Before doing so, Miku made Len promise her that he wouldn't "interfere".
  • This is where Elena appears in the series. Elena seemed to know a few things about Rin, including her memories in the Russian Era. She's attempting to stir the people and make up for serving Putin's regime by broadcasting the story of Irina's death. She's unable to sleep because she needs to upload and transmit the data. Eventually she falls asleep, but keeps typing.
  • Two songs before, Camui was about to shoot Rin with his gun. Fortunately, Len came just in time and saved Rin. While Len, dealt with Camui, Rin ran away. She sings of being shocked and touched by Len coming to save her, even though worried over his facing Camui and the fact that she herself was damaged. Wanting Len to say he loved her, Rin acknowledged that her time was coming to an end but hoped that they could make at least a last memory together soon.
  • At the beginning of the video, it was shown that what Miku shot at Len in Don't Interfere, Okay? was a USB. After that, Elena is shown on a train preparing to escape with Teppannov and wearing her usual uniform, reminiscing about her history in Russia and the "children" working there. She talked about the past, and felt nostalgic about how she was an orphan. Elena then said goodbye, dying of a drug overdose as she sung "LaLaLaLa Happy". Putin then came out and said his only line in the entire series; "I don't care ☆".
  • Miku's hair was cut short and she sounded outgoing and energetic. Miku sing of wanting to act quickly and show Len and Rin what she had learned in To You, To Me. Later Len is seen running towards Rin but gets shot by Miku , and he immediately collapses before he can reach her. Miku then spots Rin and speaks about a "last song" while also musing she would sing the words of her former owner like she used to in the past. Rin stood in her Vocaloid uniform, smiling and had one red eye, while pointing a gun to her head, a second gunshot is fired.
  • Camui and Len start to fight. They talk for a while, Camui monologuing on his programmed "past" as Irina's former comrade and how he had lost his heart, with Len understanding little of it as he fights with just a pike. Camui soon after realized that Len was the "dog" in the story and took a swing at him with his katana. Len then then knocked out Camui and stole his wallet. He said he could run faster than anyone else and would accept the wallet as his "trophy" while he was at it. In the end of the video, Miku came in and took Camui.
  • In the beginning of the song, Rin listened to the final song Miku sang on her iPod. After that, Camui Gackpo was introduced. He met Rin and said she was the only one happy. He knew Rin had her memories, but said this wouldn't help her. He called Rin a "liar" but said that excited him and that he wanted to erase her. He then pointed a gun directly at Rin. For a split second Miku sings: "If we meet again, surely we'd be happy" and then somebody is heard running while two gunshots are fired.
  • Miku sits at her laptop, reflecting her relationship with Ronald and her empty role as a Vocaloid. She then moves on to how she's found a fragment of Ronald on a USB port. As this is her last chance to see him again, Miku wishes to act for herself alone. Miku also plans to look over Rin's own past as "Irina". She begins to research, looking over Elena's files and using Tashiro's information, and learns the full story of Elena and the data files she distributed. Gathering her resolve, she makes a cryptic comment on how the uploader doesn't know her previous owner's feelings and returns to work. Behind her, Camui regains consciousness.
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  • Part 3 of the Putin-P series, is the beginning of the second half of the series and also the longest part, with 13 songs. * See Part 1 * See Part 2 * See Part 4 * See Putin-P Series
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