• Superman (Clark Kent)
  • * Energy Matrix: The radical mutation that had taken over Superman had turned him into an energy based life form that didn't normally exist wholly within this plane of reality. ** Energy Form: Superman loses his traditional powers and transforms into a being of electromagnetic energy. In order to maintain physical cohesion in this form, he needs to wear a containment suit. ** : ability to travel as a bolt of lightning landing with a jolt when ever he landed. ** : In this form, he can become intangible allowing him to phase through solid objects or down to the point where he is a normal human, but in this state he possessed no powers and was no more powerful that the average human male. ** : allows him the ability to influence all forms of energy allowing him to control magnetism, gravitational forces, radiation and electricity. ** : see in vastly expanded and different radiation spectra frequencies of energy. ** : draw power from electrical sources. ** ** 'Solid Field': ability to produce a solid field that allowed him to physically interact with objects, he was also able to control the shape and size of his field. ** : ability to link with electronic systems such as computers ** Electronic Teleportation: travel through systems much like electric current.
  • Former Powers