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  • * This episode is a continuation of "Foreign Affairs". * Brian and Meg have no lines in this episode. * The Wilhelm Scream is heard during the chicken fight when a cowboy falls off of a wagon. * It is stated that Bonnie never had an affair in "Foreign Affairs", but in "Go, Stewie, Go!" she told Lois that she had a affair once. * Bonnie's "diarrhea date" is an allusion in the Cleveland steamer gag. * Stewie returns from a trip in time to see former President Woodrow Wilson naked. * The song that plays in the strip club is "Africa" by Toto. center|500px * According to the DVD commentary for "The Simpsons Guy", Seth intended to have this fight result in Ernie The Giant Chicken's death, but Peter Shin convinced him to keep the character for inclusion in the planned Family Guy movie.
  • Internal Affairs