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Flint is Brock's father and the former leader of the Pewter Gym.

  • Flint (Kanto)
  • Flint is Brock's father and the former leader of the Pewter Gym.
  • Pokémon: Indigo League
  • IL005
  • ムノー Munoo
  • Flint
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  • Kanto
  • Showdown in Pewter City
  • Flint mentions that he had a Rhydon in the past. In the special episode of Diamond and Pearl series, it was later revealed that he gives his Rhydon to his younger son, Forrest by the time Brock was travelling to Sinnoh. It evolved into Rhyperior which is its final evolutionary stage while in Forrest's care and it was used to fight Nurse Joy from the PIA and her Latias to prove his worth as the Gym Leader of Pewter City but lost the battle and Nurse Joy still gives the official title as Gym Leader to Forrest due to his battle experience.
  • Flint gives this Onix to Brock on his 10th birthday. It is also makes its debut in Showdown in Pewter City during Ash's first Gym battle with Brock until it was defeated in their rematch due to its water sprinklers affected on it. Brock also lent his Onix and his Pokemon to his younger brother Forrest before he left to Hoenn. In Grating Spaces!, Onix had evolved into Steelix before Brock returns in Pewter City.
  • Flint's Golem appeared in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together. It is also mentioned when it was a Graveler during Flint's battle against Lola before their marriage and Lola manages to defeat him. In this episode, it was seen in its final evolutionary stage to fight Lola's Marill but it was still defeated due to drowning in water from its Surf attack before Brock fixes it.
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  • Flint is Brock's father and the former leader of the Pewter Gym.
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