• Jon Spencer
  • Jon Spencer
  • Jon lives in Hoenn. He is an average height 16 year old. He wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer when he was 10 but his parents wouldn't allow it, but they let their oldest child, Jon's Brother, travel when he was 10. Jon now travels around Johto with his friend Tyler. The Picture was made on HERE
  • 1965
  • Jon Spencer
  • 16
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  • Jon Spencer
  • bug
  • dark
  • dragon
  • electric
  • fighting
  • fire
  • flying
  • ghost
  • grass
  • ground
  • normal
  • poison
  • psychic
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  • water
Hair Color
  • Blonde
  • Hoenn
Trainer Class
  • Trainer
  • 12.0
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  • 6
  • Pichu was given to Jon in Violet Poacher by Nate. In Pokemon Camp Catastrophe!, Pichu evolved into Pikachu.
  • Solosis was living in Reflection Cave and saw Jon getting attacked by Carbink, and wanted to help. Solosis helped Jon and stayed with Jon until he reunited with his friends. Soon afterwards, Solosis wanted to travel with Jon. In The Psychic Evolution!, Solosis evolved into Duosion.
  • Jon received an egg for saving the Pokemon at the Cherrygrove Cup. Wooper hatched from the egg in Violet Poacher. In On The Camp Path, Wooper evolved into Quagsire.
  • Salandit was seen on the ground and injuired Jon tried to help but the others stopped him but then a boulder comes to them only then can Jon help it. after healing it Salandit jumps on to Jon's Shoulder and stays there for a while after the boulder problem, Jon tries to get Salandit of his shoulder but it wont leave so it asks if it wants to join him it accepts.
  • Chikorita was seen getting beaten up by her old trainers Murkrow for not being able to learn Leaf Storm, which later got her released. Later, Jon helped Chikorita learn Leaf Storm and Chikorita decided to travel with Jon. In Hunter M Returns, Chikorita evolved into Bayleef. During her fight against Ryan in the Johto League, Bayleef evolved into Meganium in Ryan VS Jon. The Beginning To The Battle!
  • Heracross was the leader of its herd, but after seeing what Jon did and how much he cares about Pokemon, Heracross decided to travel with him in Mega Herd.
  • Weedle was part of a group with Beedrill but was disowned when it couldn't break free by itself from the Ursaring. When this happened, Jon offered Weedle to travel with him. to which Weedle excepted. Weedle evolved into Kakuna then quickly into Beedrill in Stampede Wonders.
  • Skiddo was on a breeding center ranch but got into trouble when she went near a tree which belonged to a few Ursaring. Jon was able to stop the Ursaring and Skiddo decided she wanted to travel with Jon.
  • Froakie decided to travel along with Jon after helping out with Professor Sycamore. Froakie was also used in the capture of Fletchling, Jon's second Kalos Pokemon. In Electrifying Match!, Froakie evolved into Frogadier after battling Heliolisk. While battling against Lysandre, Frogadier evolved into Greninja to stop the machine trying to control Jon and Typhlosion in A Big Old Flare Up
  • Spearow attacked Pichu and Wooper when it was in a flock of Spearow. After Jon protected it from a Rock Wrecker from a wild Rhyperior, Spearow decided to go with Jon. However, Spearow doesn't obey Jon at all. In Spearow And The Beast!, Spearow evolves into Fearow while fighting golem, Onix and some Geodude
  • Bonsly was given to Jon by his father, Michael, in Onto Olivine. In Time To Shine Bonsly!, Bonsly evolved into Sudowoodo.
  • Vaporeon is a Pokemon Jon caught and befriended in Hoenn years before he started his Pokemon Journey. Vaporeon is part of the Hoenn Pokemon Fire Squad and is under the current ownership of Dillon, but belongs to Jon Spencer. Vaporeon can be called upon to battle alongside Jon if Vaporeon is available. Dillon tries his best to make sure Jon can use Vaporeon when he needs. Vaporeon made its debut in Semi-Final Preperation.
  • Litten was first seen running away from some Hunters and found Jon and his friends Mary, Drake and April on the beach and Jon helped Litten out. Litten wanted to travel with Jon after this in The Litten Came Out To Play. Duringhte battle competition at Grand Hano Resort, Jon used Liten to battle Nate's Dugtrio. Litten evolved while battling Dugtrio in Fight For The Final Round.
  • Mudbray was first seen in Paniola Ranch and wanted to travel with Jon so she left the ranch in pursuit of him. However, Jon didn't see Mudbray again till Separated In The Storm, where she saved Jon and then wanted to travel with him, to which he accepts. During a battle with Team Rocket in Next Stop, Akala Island Grand Trial!, Mudbray evolved into Mudsdale.
  • Phantump attacked Jon, Maria and Kyle along with some other Phantump and Pumkaboo. After the misunderstanding that Jon, Maria and Kyle didn't attack the shrine they became friends. Jon saved Phantump from being hit from Pangoro and Phantump wanted to join Jon on his travels afterwards. After arriving at the evolution festival in Evolution Exchange!, Jon and Kyle traded their Pokemon and traded back, where Phantump evolved into Trevenant.
  • Fletchling was caught in Santalune Forest, during the episode Checking Out The Bug Forest. Soon after, Fletchling battled against a Geodude and Furfrou with Kyle's newly caught Panpour. While flying above the sea with Jon and Ryan, Team Rocket caught them along with all the Lapras. Fletchling battled hard and eventually evolved into Fletchinder, in Finding A Lapras! A Sea Evolution!. In Snowbelle City In Danger!, Fletchinder evolved into Talonflame to help save Snowbelle City from an avalanche.
  • Bounsweet was helping Jon out in a water trial when Popplio called out for help. She battled alongside Popplio to defeat Alolamola and the Totem Pokemon, Wishiwashi. After this was complete, Bounsweet wanted to join Jon's team, to which Jon agreed in The Water Trial!, she evolved into Steenee in Enter Olivia, The Rock Type Kahuna!, and later evolved again into Tsareena in The Lovely Garden Of Malie City but is temporarily staying a Malie Garden until it gets repaired. She returned to Jon's team in Back At Malie Gardens and was revealed to have learned High Jump Kick.
  • Rhyhorn was caught by poachers along with Tyrogue and placed in a cage. Later on, Jon and Tyler came along and saved the Pokemon. Rhyhorn decided to travel with Jon, in Trouble In The Mountain. During Rhyhorn, Protector Of The Group, Rhyhorn evolved into Rhydon. When traded to Tyler and then back to Jon while holding the Protector, Rhydon evolved into Rhyperior in Trade Evolution Festival! Goodbye Haunter and Rhydon!
  • Popplio was part of three Pokemon that Proffessor Kukui gave to Drake, Mary and April. In The One That Goes, April gave Jon her Popplio as Popplio liked how Jon battles. She eventually evolved into Brionne.
  • Noibat was getting chased and attacked by some Swellow and a Taillow. With the help of Jon and his friends, they drove the Swellow and Taillow away. Noibat decideed it would be best to travel with Jon. Noibat evolved into Noivern in The Psychic Evolution!.
  • This Egg was given to Jon by Charlie and Roxy in the episode Looking After The Eggs! After a while the egg hatched into Jangmo-o in Headbutting Jangmo-o. While heading towards the observatory, Jangmo-o became very aggressive and it was unknown why until everyone reached the observatory, and found out that Jangmo-o was almost ready to evolve. Jangmo-o evolved into Hakamo-o in Let's Lycanroc By The Observatory.
  • Minior crashed into the ground near Jon and the others. Team Rocket showed up and tried to capture Minior,but Minior was scared of them. Jon, along with his newly evolved Mudsdale, dealt with Team Rocket, sending them packing. Afterwards, Minior wanted to join Jon's team. Next Stop, Akala Island Grand Trial!
  • Torchic was in Professor Birch's lab, but wanted to be with Jon so Jon took him. Torchic now resides on the ranch. Torchic was first seen in Assisting And Preventing
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  • Oldale Town
  • Jon
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  • Jonathan Spencer
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  • Jon lives in Hoenn. He is an average height 16 year old. He wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer when he was 10 but his parents wouldn't allow it, but they let their oldest child, Jon's Brother, travel when he was 10. Jon now travels around Johto with his friend Tyler. The Picture was made on HERE
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